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Australia's Most Rated Vehicle Inspection

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TWO Inspectors Instead of One Only @ Last Check

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We Teach Mechanics to Become Inspectors

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Specialised Inspection on All Models Only @ Last Check

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Super Advanced Computer Diagnosis

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100% Independent Vehicle Inspection

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Last Check is the Most Rated Vehicle Inspection Company in Australia based on public votes with the head office based in Sydney NSW. After years of experience and inspecting thousands of cars, trucks & buses, you can be reassured that there is no way that you buy a lemon when you have our fully qualified inspectors by your side.

We provide the most comprehensive vehicle inspections Australia wide with between 300 to 700 checkpoints along with the most advanced & original computer fault diagnosis for each make and model that enables us to find all hidden problems of the vehicle even if they have been deliberately erased from the vehicle’s ECU before the sale, so just have no worries!

Unlike the market trend, we hand select our inspectors and only appoint the specialist inspector for each job to ensure 100% accuracy. To learn more, please visit About Us page.



At Last Check, we are committed to providing the most premium vehicle inspection service in Australia by taking the inspection and customer service to a completely different level.

We do not take any chances when it comes to the excellence of service and constantly improve our services so that you always have a surprise when you try us again.

Our services are 100% specialised which means we only appoint a specialist inspector to inspect each make and model, unlike the common trend where one mechanic inspects all vehicles across the board.

Last Check is the only vehicle inspection company in Australia that offers vehicle inspection by TWO inspectors which means even if the vehicle has some hidden faults, we will be able to find them even if they have been deliberately deleted from the ECU. to learn more, please go to Vehicle Inspection by TWO Qualified Inspectors.

We use state of the art computers to diagnose vehicle faults and we offer additional scans that are not commonly practiced.

Our reports are also unique in the market or perhaps worldwide. You will receive a verbal report from your inspector first explaining all pros and cons of the vehicle and then you will receive 20 to 30+ pages of written report loaded with valuable information from the vehicle condition all the way to scam alerts and vehicle reliability advice.

Not only that, our reports come with an additional picture album of up to 400 pictures based on your chosen plan to help you see all the faults we have reported with your own eyes as well as all the body panels so in case you can not attend the inspection.

Just give us a try and be 100% reassured that you will be back again. There is much more to mention. To learn more, please go to the Why Last Check Page.


The booking process is very simple at Last Check. We want you to be able to easily make a booking online very easily and have the confidence that your job will be managed as soon as we receive your booking.

Please note, that we go by the sequence of bookings. When you make a booking online you go right in the queue and your inspection will be done as soon as possible when it is your turn, so just

  • Make a Booking

  • Inform the Seller to Expect Our Call

  • Leave the Rest to Us




We provide the Most Complete Pre Purchase Vehicle Inspection not only in Sydney but Globally. Up to 700 Points of Check means reassurance that each and every inspectable part of the vehicle will be fully inspected.

Our range of Car Inspections covers all types of cars with no exclusion and our Heavy Vehicle Inspections cover all types of Heavy Vehicles including Trucks, Prime Movers, Industrial Vehicles & Buses.

Just leave the hard work to us and be reassured that you will never lose money on a lemon.



At Last Check, our main mission is to ensure that you never lose money on a lemon and we do it really well after years of experience.

We want you to have the full confidence that when you involve us to inspect your next used vehicle before purchase, we will bring up all the faults to your attention so that you can decide with open eyes.

Either we give you a certificate that your vehicle is perfect or we find faults in which opens your hands for price negotiations.

Generally, all of our clients save much more than what they have paid for inspection through discounts especially if they are purchasing the vehicle from a reputable dealer.

Manufacturers and reputable dealers do not argue with our vehicle inspection reports and will fix the issues for you free of charge before you pick up the vehicle. This happens every day!!

Sometimes also the vehicle is not worth the price even after the fixtures in which we will inform you to stay away.

Be 100% reassured that you never lose money on a lemon when you involve Last Check to inspect your next used vehicle.



At Last Check, we perform the Most Advanced Pre Purchase Vehicle Inspections on all makes and models including European Cars, Asian Cars, American Cars, Australian Cars& Import Cars.

We Inspect all types of cars including 4WD, AWD Cars, SUV, Van, Ute, Modified Cars, Performance Cars, Muscle Cars, Racing Cars, Supercars, Hypercars, Hybrid Cars, Electric Cars, Classic Cars, Etc.

Truck Inspection & Bus Inspection are our other services and they are all done by Fully Qualified Mechanics & Auto Engineers.

Our Mobile Vehicle Inspectors come to you wherever you are and carry out the inspection at the convenience of your preferred location.

After the inspection, your inspector will call you to provide an instant verbal report. You also can ask all your mechanical questions from your own inspector and seek advice.

We select the inspector based on your vehicle type and different vehicles are inspected by different inspectors therefore your inspector will have complete knowledge of your car and can answer all of your technical questions.

You will then receive a comprehensive written vehicle inspection report along with an extra large picture album and car history report (Official PPSR Report).

Just make your booking, inform your seller and leave the rest to us.

pre purchase Inspection Of Red Ferrari Gtb-in Sydney
Last Check Inspector Inspecting A Red Ferrari Pre Purchase
Ferrari Interior Inspection Before Purchase


At Last Check, we have gathered the best qualifiedmechanics in town as well as auto engineers who can find all problems of the car only by Visual Inspection without any disassembly.

There are No Random Inspections at Last Check. We perform a full experience match to ensure the inspection has been assigned to an inspector with the full knowledge of the vehicle.

For maximumconsistency, our Inspectors does not choose what to check on each vehicle. Instead, they receive a list of all inclusions for each vehicle and do not finish the job until the list is completed.

This checklist varies based on each make and model and not two inspections have the same inclusions.

So be reassured that your pre purchase inspection will always be done by the right inspector with complete expertise on the vehicle type.

European Cars are inspected only by European Car Mechanics, American Cars by American Car Mechanics, Australian & Asian Cars also get inspected only by the right inspector. For more info, please visit our About Us Page.

Last Check's Qualified Inspector Inspecting Black Hsv
Last Check Qualified Inspector Jacking A Hsv TO Inspect
Last Check Qualified Inspector Inspecting Holden Hsv


Our main mission is to exceed our valuable clients' expectations by providing a Pre Purchase Vehicle Inspection unlike any other and the best customer service.

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Our Qualified Vehicle Inspectors do not look at any client as just a number, they look at each vehicle as if they want to buy it for themselves.

This is our full Guarantee and we take it very seriously.

Having had thousands of happy customers and inspected thousands of vehicles of all makes and models, Last Check is proudly the Most Rated Vehicle Inspection Company in Australia.

Just choose your vehicle and leave the hard work to us. Last Check Vehicle Inspectors are here to assist you with all inspection purposes and can advise you of all pending repairs and services. Check Us on Google.

Last Check Fleet Car Inside A Car Dealership IN Sydney
Pre Purchase Inspection OF White Bentley Continental IN Sydney Nsw
White Bentley Continental Inspection Before Buying


At Last Check, all of our vehicle inspection reports are fully independent. This means we never take into account anyone’s needs, recommendations or influence so that you can completely rely on us when it comes to inspecting your car.

No guesswork will ever be included in our inspection reports and everything reported is purely from our own personal observation.

This means even if we are inspecting your own vehicle and you are not purchasing from anyone, still our report will be completely based on our own assessment.

Even if the seller recommends us to you, have peace of mind that every identified fault of the vehicle from A to Z will be reported and the report will be completely independent.

This is our full Guarantee and will never change.

If anyone at any time offers a bribe or wants to influence the inspection in any way, we will terminate the inspection immediately and inform the client.

This is the reason that you can use our reports as an independent assessment for legal purposes in the courts and tribunals. for more info, please visit our Why Last Check Page.

Inspection OF Police Vehicles IN Sydney NSW Last Check Vehicle Inspection
Performance Car Inspection Sydney Last Check Vehicle Inspection
Pre Purchase Inspection OF Lexus NX Hybrid


Last Check is the only vehicle inspection company in Australia that offers pre purchase inspections by two inspectors. This means even if the first inspector misses something, there will be another senior inspector to fix it up.

We use state of the art computers to scan the ECU of the vehicle and apart from the normal diagnosis, we offer Engine Performance Live Data & Powertrain Component Tests.

This way not only we can find all the faults, but we can also find all hidden problems of the vehicle even if they have been deliberately erased from the system.

One inspector physically inspects the vehicle and another senior inspector will analyse tens of pages of computer data in the office which will take between 4 to 6 hours based on the vehicle type.

As small as a spark plug for one of the cylinders or a single faulty oxygen sensor, count on us to inform you of all issues without opening the engine or disassembling any parts.

This service is unique and no other company offers such a level of service. Just choose any of our premium plans and leave the rest to us.

For more info, please visit our Premium Car Inspection - 500+ Points.

Mercedes Benz Interior Inspection Before Purchase
Computer Fault Diagnosis Of A Used Car Before Purchase Last Check
Computer Fault Diagnosis OF Uudi Q8 Before Purchase
Vehicle Computer Fault Diagnosis


Last Check offers comprehensive pre purchase truck inspections in Australia.

All truck inspections are done by fully qualified truck mechanics so that you have peace of mind that your job is handled by an expert at all times.

Different trucks are done by different truck inspectors. We perform a complete experience match before appointing ting an inspector to inspect each truck.

European trucks are inspected by European diesel mechanics, American and Asian trucks the same, they are done only by the right inspector. For more info, please refer to our Truck Inspection Page.

We also offer bus inspection, motorhome inspection and RV inspection and they are all done only by the right inspector. To learn more about our bus inspections, please refer to our Bus Inspection Page.

To know more about RV inspections, please refer to our RV Inspection Page.

Inspection OF A Used Truck Before Purchase IN Sydney
Pre Purchase Truck Inspection IN Sydney
Pre Purchase Bas Inspection IN Sydney Nsw
Pre Purchase RV Inspection IN Sydney Nsw


When buying a used car there are certain things that you need to consider or you can easily make a mistake and take over someone else’s problems.

Pre-purchase Car Inspection should always be a must if you are buying a used car so that you know what you are paying for.

A professional used Car Inspector knows the game and knows what to look for when it comes to inspecting used cars. There are lots of little things that can cause major issues down the track that the car inspector needs to consider while checking the vehicle.

Pre purchase car inspection is always a win-win situation. Either the car is perfect which you can buy with peace of mind, or it needs some repairs which you can deduct from the agreed price of the car before the settlement.

Sometimes also the car is not buyable because of some major problems which you can stay away from without any regrets.

If you have some technical knowledge, you can save money and inspect the car yourself using our Used Car Inspection Checklist.

You can follow the chart below to minimise the risk of buying a second-hand car.


Australia's MOST RATED Vehicle Inspection
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