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At Last Check, we perform the Most Advanced Mobile Vehicle Inspections on all types of vehicles including European Cars, Asian Cars, American Cars, Australian Cars, Import Cars & Motorhomes.

Truck Inspection & Bus Inspection are our other services all done by Fully Qualified Vehicle Inspectors & Auto Engineers.

Our Mobile Vehicle Inspectors come to you wherever you are and carry out the inspection at your location for your convenience.

Just make your booking, inform your seller and leave the rest to us.



Our main mission is to exceed our valuable clients' expectations by providing a Pre Purchase Vehicle Inspection unlike any other and the best customer service.

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Our Qualified Vehicle Inspectors do not look at any client as just a number, they look at the car as if they want to buy it for themselves.

This is our full commitment and we take it very seriously. At the same time, our inspectors do not choose what to check on each vehicle. For each vehicle, they get a checklist of inspectable items and the inspection does not end until the list is completed.

Having had thousands of happy customers and inspected thousands of vehicles of all makes and models, Last Check is proudly the Most Rated Vehicle Inspection Company in Australia.

Just choose your vehicle and leave the hard work to us. Last Check’s Hybrid Vehicle Inspectors are here to assist you with all inspection purposes and can advise you of all pending repairs and services. Check Us on Google.

Supercar Inspection Last Check
Prepurchase Vehicle Inspection _ Last Check Inspection



At Last Check, we have gathered the best Mechanics in town as well as Auto Engineers which can find all problems of the car only by Visual Inspection and without opening any parts.

There are No Random Vehicle Inspections at Last Check. We perform a full experience match to ensure that the inspection has been assigned to an inspector with the full knowledge and competency of the vehicle.

For 100% Consistency, The Inspector also does not choose what to check on each Vehicle. Instead, they will receive a list of all inclusions for each vehicle and do not finish the job until the list is completed.

So be reassured that your vehicle inspection will always be done only by the right inspector.

European Cars get inspected only by a European Car Inspector, American Cars by American Car Inspectors, Australian & Asian Cars as well get inspected only by the right inspector.

Last Check Vehicle Inspection Checklist



Last Check Vehicle Inspection is completely unique in its kind. Last Check Inspections inclusions are also by far much more than every other generic service provider.

We provide the Most Complete Car Inspection not only in Sydney Australia but Globally. Up to 500+ Point of Check means reassurance that each and every part of each car including its additional options will be inspected.

Our range of Car Inspections covers all types of cars with no exclusion and our Heavy Vehicle Inspections cover all types of Heavy Vehicles including all types of Trucks, Prime Movers, Industrial Vehicles & Buses.

We want you to have complete peace of mind and leave the hard work to us and be reassured that you have no more to check after receiving your Car Inspection Report.


At Last Check, we perform the most advanced Computer Diagnosis on all vehicles.

No generic scanner, we use the Original Computer of each make and model and the faults we find, will be accepted across the board by all manufacturers and service centres in Australia.

This computer is exclusive to each make and model and is not similar in any two different cars.

It means no matter the engine warning light is on or off, our computers can get to the bottom of all hidden faults of each car so that you have absolutely no worries even if they have been cleared before purchase.

We can diagnose any internal faults with this system as well as Timing Belt Performance and advise you if the belt needs replacement.

Car computer Diagnosis Sydney- Last Check Vehicle Inspection
vehicle computer diagnosis Sydney_ Last Check Vehicle Inspection
Electric vehicle Inspection_ Last Check Vehicle Inspection



As an Australian Registered Company trusted by Australian Government Agencies and all vehicle manufacturers, Last Check Vehicle Inspection Reports are Valid across Australia by all Auto Service Providers and can be used for legal purposes.

Whether you want to use the inspection report for warranty purposes or get a repair quotation, you can count on us.

Our Car Inspection Reports are also valid in all Courts and Tribunals in Australia for any legal proceedings against a wrong purchase or a poor service you have received from a car repairer.

If you need the report for the Court or Tribunal, you can also call us first to get Free Advice before making the booking.

You can see our Post Purchase Car Inspection inclusions HERE.


All Last Check Vehicle Inspection Reports come with a full vehicle history report. We provide you with the original PPSR report directly from government sources.

Car History Report will reveal the legality of the car as well as Rego Expiry Date, Write Off History, Previous Accident, Finance and Money Owing & Stolen Vehicle Data.

It brings you peace of mind and informs you of all legal aspects you need to know before purchasing the car.

Vehicle History Report is also known as Car History, Revs Check & PPSR Report.

McLaren Inspection in Sydney- Last Check Supercar Inspection



Around 95% of our clients do not attend the Inspection in person and around half are interstate which means they want to buy the car remotely.

If you are far away and cannot attend the inspection, we have made it easy for you. You will first receive a phone call from your inspector and receive a full verbal report.

You will then receive a 25 Pages Written Report which contains all information you need before purchasing the car.

Your report also comes with the largest possible Picture Album containing between 200 to 400+ HD Pictures as well as a Full Car History Report.

The pictures show you all parts of the vehicle inside out including the Body, Tyres, Interior, Underbody and all Reported Faults.

You will technically see every part of the vehicle as well as all reported defects with your own eyes and no need to leave anything to guesswork.
Check Our Sample Vehicle Inspection Report Here.


At Last Check, we perform Specialised Car Inspections on all types of cars.

Whether you have a Supercar, a Luxury Car, Everyday Car, a Four-Wheel Drive Car or a Modified Car, they all get inspected only by the right Car Inspector who is specialised in the car type.

Since we have no random checks in Last Check and we perform a complete experience match before assigning the job to the inspector, be reassured that your inspector will know the car inside out and you can seek any mechanical advice from the inspector who has inspected your car.

Pre Purchase Car Inspection Sydney- last Check Inspection
Prepurchase Vehicle Inspection Sydney- Last Check Vehicle Inspection



Last Check is the only Car Inspection Company that performs Car Inspections 100% Similar to the Manufacturers themselves.

This type of inspection is Exclusive to Last Check and no other Company Globally offers this type of service.

Whether you have a Mercedes Benz S Class with more than 500 Modules or have a Mazda 6 with over 350, this type of Car Inspection Guarantees that every single module gets checked with Absolutely No Exclusion.

Premium Original Car Inspection is 100% Guaranteed to be EXACTLY THE SAME as what the Manufacturers themselves do on each vehicle and the Report is Completely Unique for each different Make & Model Car based on their Inclusions.

Premium Original Car Inspection also acts as Fault Preventative as well as Fault Diagnosis. It means we can predict what will go wrong in the near future if there is a sign in the ECU. It brings complete reassurance before buying a used car.

On the side of the Mechanical Inspections, this inspection comes with a complete Paint Check & Accident Assessment.

Even if the car has a 10-year-old accident, we can find the exact point of hit and advice you on the repair. This is a service that manufacturers themselves are no able to do!

See the inclusions of Premium Original Car Inspection HERE.

Car Inspection Sydney- Last Check Inspection
Most Comprehensive Car Inspection_ Last Check Vehicle Inspection


At Last Check, we have Specialised Supercar Inspectors on board. When you book this type of service only these inspectors will be appointed to perform the inspection, not any ordinary mechanic.

As these types of cars are completely different, not any ordinary mechanic knows about working on them.

When you book this type of service a Performance Car Inspector will be appointed to perform the inspection.

Our Supercar Inspectors are especially experienced in these types of vehicles and get to the bottom of the vehicle condition.

No matter what brand of Supercar you have, be reassured that you will know everything that you need to know before purchase and you will never buy a lemon.

You can also ask any technical questions from our senior inspectors regarding the supercar, repairs and servicing.

See the inclusions of Last Check’s Supercar Inspection HERE.

Luxury car Inspection Sydney_  Last Check vehicle Inspection
Supercar Inspection Sydney NSW- Last Check Vehicle Inspection
Performance car inspection in Sydney_ Last Check Supercar Inspection


At Last Check, we have Specialised Modified Car Inspectors with years of experience in Vehicle Modifications and Dyno Tuning.

We also have Vehicle Engineers & Modified Car Certifiers on board who not only Inspect the Modifications but are capable of Modifying Cars & Issue Engineering Certificates.

All types of modifications including Mechanical Modifications & Structural Modifications will be fully inspected by someone who is an expert in the field nor a normal mechanic.

Modified Cars also come with a special Computer Diagnosis which gets to the bottom of all Engine Modifications and Assesses the Dyno Tuning to ensure they are all right.

You can see the inclusions of Last Check Modified Car Inspection HERE.

Modified vehicle Inspection- Last Check Inspection
Modified Car Inspection_ Last Check Inspection Sydney


The cost of Electric Car Repairs is much higher than gasoline cars. Since the entire system is different, even a normal AC Repair cost can be much higher than just a normal car.

All body and chassis works are also a lot higher than normal vehicles since the battery sits above the chassis and needs to be removed in order to perform any chassis repair.

Our EV Inspection gets done only by our Specialised Electric Car Mechanics with complete experience on all Electric Vehicle Models.

Last Check Electric Vehicle Inspection brings peace of mind for anyone wanting to purchase an Electric Car.

No random mechanic will be appointed to do this job which means complete peace of mind for our clients that the job gets done by an expert whom you can rely on.

During the EV Inspection, all parts of the Electric Car get fully inspected including The Electric Motor, Body, Paint, Chassis & Battery Health.

Have absolutely no worries that you will never lose money on your next Electric Vehicle Purchase.

You can see the inclusions of Last Check Electric Vehicle Inspection HERE.

Electric Car Inspection_ Last Check Inspection
Electric Vehicle Inspection in Sydney- Last Check EV Inspection
Electric car Battery Inspection _ Last Check Vehicle Inspection


Last Check also does Specialised Hybrid Car Inspection on all makes and models of Hybrid Cars.

Hybrid Car Inspection is one of our Special Vehicle Inspection plans which will be done only by a Senior Hybrid Car Mechanic.

Regardless of the make and model, your Hybrid Car Inspector will have the full knowledge of the car and its performance.

Not only Mechanical & Body Inspection but we perform full Hybrid Battery Assessment using Specialised Computers and inform you if the battery needs replacement with 100% Accuracy.

No one needs a hybrid car with poor battery or engine problems and we are here to facilitate that.

For all Hybrid Car Inspections, you will receive a full Inspection Report which is Valid across Australia and can be used for warranty and repair purposes.

You can view the inclusions of Last Check Hybrid Car Inspection HERE.

Hybrid Car Inspection Sydney- Last Check Inspection
Hybrid Car Inspection_ Last Check Hybrid Car Inspection


Whether you are buying an Import Car from America, Japan, Europe or any other parts of the world. At Last Check, we perform the Exact Similar Inspection as Global Vehicle Manufacturers do plus much more.

Last Check is the only Vehicle Inspection Company that offers such an Exclusive Service Globally and Proudly we are here in Australia to bring peace of mind to all local buyers.

Last Check Import Car Inspection is done only by Fully Qualified Import Car Inspectors Specialised in the Vehicle Type.

No matter which part of the world the Car is Imported from, they get done only by the Right Import Car Mechanic who knows the vehicle inside out and can answer all your mechanical questions after the inspection.

At the same time never worry about the import car maintenance before being shipped to Australia, even if there are no service records, our senior Import Car Inspectors will be able to pick up the smallest defects on the vehicle.

Be 100% Reassured that Every Inclusion of the Vehicle gets Fully Inspected According to the Manufacturer’s Instructions with no difference.

You can view the inclusions of Last Check Import Car Inspection HERE.

Import Car Inspection Sydney- Last Check Import Car Inspection
Japanese Import Car inspection_ Last check vehicle inspection


Whether you want your next Classic Car for restoration, to hit the road with or just want to invest in an older car, our highly Experienced Classic Car Inspectors are here to help and give you a clear state of the vehicle before you invest.

At Last Check, no ordinary mechanic will be appointed to inspect these types of cars. We have highly experienced Classic Car Inspectors with full knowledge in Vintage Car Mechanics and Restoration who will be appointed to inspect the car.

Be reassured that your inspector will be having the full knowledge of the classic car and can guide you in the right direction both on the price and condition.

Classic Car Inspection also comes with special Paint & Rust Assessment as well as overall Engine Compression which get to the bottom of the powertrain health & body condition.

You can list down all your questions and ask any technical questions directly from the Vintage Car Inspector who has inspected your car.

You can see the inclusions of Last Check Classic Car Inspection HERE.

Classic Car Inspection Sydney- Last Check Classic Car Inspection
Vintage car Inspection- Last Check Classic Car Inspection


Last Check provides Car Inspection Reports for finance purposes. This report is Valid Across Australia and is not limited to any particular state.

At the same time, it is more than just a random report needed for the finance company but it also is a proper Mechanical & Body Inspection of the Car.

Last Check’s Pre-Finance Inspection Report not only indicates the condition of the car for finance approval but also finds any mechanical or structural problems of the car and advises you of the potential repairs that might be needed.

This Inspection Report will be exclusive to each make and model and is done only by the right inspector who is specialised in the type of car you want to inspect.

So be reassured that you never get finance on any car which is not worthy of the agreed amount.

You can see the inclusions of Last Check’s Pre-Finance Car Inspection HERE.

Finance Car Inspection Report_ Last Check Vehicle Inspection
Car Finance Approval Inspection_ Last Check Vehicle Inspection



At Last Check, we perform End of Warranty Car Inspections on all makes and models. Our End of Warranty Inspection is 100% similar to what the car manufacturer does with no difference.

It means not two cars will be the same since their inclusions are different. Since this report is exactly the same as the manufacturer’s inspection, the End of Warranty Inspection Report you will receive will inform the manufacturer which parts need repair or replacement.

All the problems found on the vehicle also come with multiple pictures for a better understanding of the faults.

Last Check is the only Vehicle Inspection Company in Australia that offers such an Extensive End of Warranty Inspection Service with non-arguable reports.

Last Check’s End of Warranty Inspection Reports are valid across Australia no matter which state you have purchased the car from.

Just hand in the report to the manufacturer and as long as the vehicle is still under warranty, all the repairs will be done free of charge.

You can see the inclusions of Last Check End of Warranty Car Inspection HERE.

end of warranty vehicle inspection_ Last Check Vehicle Inspection
Last Check Vehicle Inspection Picture


Last Check provides Specialised 4WD Car Inspection & AWD Car Inspections for complete peace of mind before purchase.

This type of Inspection is only done by Fully Qualified Four-Wheel Drive Inspectors who know the entire system and can pick up the smallest problems of the Vehicle.

Never mind if the car has no service history and disregard what the owner claims, our 4WD Car Inspectors will be able to advise you of all you need to know before purchasing any 4WD Car.

These types of vehicles, especially the ones who have been off-road naturally come with more problems than normal cars. As well the Gearbox setup is different since these cars have both front and rear differential and a transfer case that control the off-road ability of the gearbox.

Our Fully Qualified 4WD Car Inspectors are familiar with the entire system and not only can inspect the car in full but they can also repair them.

Although repairing is not a service we offer on Pre Purchase Inspections, it gives you a complete reassurance that you can count on us and have full confidence before purchase.

Similar Inspection is done on All Wheel Drive Cars since the powertrain is different from normal cars and have a Transaxle instead of a normal Transmission.

Our Specialised AWD Car Inspectors can find the smallest defect in the system and inform you before purchasing the car.

You can see the inclusions of Last Check AWD & 4WD Car Inspection HERE.

Four Wheel Drive Car Inspection Sydney- Last Check Vehicle Inspection
4WD Car Inspection Sydney- Last Check Inspection


Buying a Motorhome or Caravan is not as simple as buying cars. There are lots to inspected to ensure the money has not been spent on a lemon which will go bad before reaching the destination.

This not only ruins the trip but can be costly to tow from the middle of nowhere and repair.

Last Check provides RV Inspection on all Motorhomes & Caravans. We offer Specialised RV Inspection done by Fully Qualified Motorhome Mechanics specialised on all Trailers, RV Converted Buses & Vans, Caravans and all registerable Motorhomes.

This is not an ordinary Inspection like normal car inspections. Our highly experienced Motorhome Inspectors not only check all the Mechanical & Safety aspects of the vehicle but they check the entire system including all modifications, connections, pumps and electronics.

Last Check Caravan Inspection also comes with special Paint and Rust Assessment since these types of vehicles naturally develop rust because of the usage type.

We can indicate precisely how deep the rust is and what repair costs are pending on the RV.

Be 100% Reassured that you will never lose money on an RV and you will know all you need to know before purchase.

You can see the inclusions of Last Check Motorhome Inspection HERE.

Motorhome Inspection Sydney- Last Check RV Inspection
Caravan Inspection Sydney_ Last Check Caravan Inspection


Proudly trusted by NSW Police, Ambulance & Australian Army, Last Check performs Complete Vehicle Inspection on all sorts of government vehicles.

Whether it is a Police Car with all modifications or an Army Truck, our Fully Qualified Vehicle Inspectors are the ones you can trust.

Arranging this inspection is only through the contracts we have with government bodies however individual inspections can also be done as per request.

Safety Inspections is a service that we regularly perform on al Government Vehicles as well we offer all other services such as Post Repair Inspection, Post Accident Inspection etc as per request.

This service can advise when the best time is to replace the vehicle with a new one and can pick up all pending repairs.

Government heavy vehicle inspections also will be conducted as per request however it is not limited to government-owned vehicles. Any contractor company wanting to work in government projects can apply for this type of service.

This type of Inspection is exclusive to government agencies and contractors and is not offered to the public.

You can see the inclusions of Last Check Government Car Inspection HERE.

Police Car Inspection Sydney- Last Check Vehicle Inspection
Police Car Inspection _ Last Check vehicle Inspection
Government Vehicle Inspection_ Last Check Vehicle Inspection



Last Check Truck Inspection offers exclusive 500+ Points inspections of all kind of Trucks including Prime Movers, Crane Trucks, Refrigerator Trucks, Towing Trucks, Garbage Trucks, Concreter Trucks, Trailers & Plant Machinery.

Each truck gets inspected only by a Fully Qualified Diesel Mechanic specialised in the truck type.

During the inspection, all parts of the truck get inspected including Engine, Gearbox, Body, Suspension, Chassis, Onboard Computer, All hydraulics and everything else.

All Truck Modifications also will be inspected to ensure they are all in the right working order.

Be reassured that your Truck Inspector will know everything about the truck and you can ask any technical questions directly from your inspector when the Truck Inspection is completed.

All below Truck Related Services can be done at Last Check Truck Inspection.

Pre-Purchase Truck Inspection, End of Warranty Truck Inspection, Pre-Finance Truck Inspection, Specialised Truck Trailer Inspection & Government Truck & Army Truck Inspection.

You can see the inclusions of Last Check Truck Inspection HERE.

Truck Inspection Sydney- Last Check Diesel Vehicle Inspection
truck inspection picture- Last Check Truck Inspection- Sydney Australia


At Last Check, we perform the Most Comprehensive Bus Inspection in Australia or perhaps Worldwide. 500 to 550+ Point of Inspection which means no exclusion of any inspectable part.

At the time of inspection, every inspectable part of the bus will be fully inspected and nothing is left behind. Starting from the Body and the Structure all the way to the Engine and Transmission.

It does not matter whether you have a Small Bus, a Full-Size Bus, a Coach Bus or a Double Decker, every part of the bus will be inspected by our Specialist Bus Inspectors.

Only Fully Qualified Diesel Mechanics with complete experience in buses and bus safety will be appointed to inspect the vehicle.

Last Check Bus Inspection also comes with an extensive test drive to ensure the bus is 100% safe for commuters and on the road.

As well all of Last Check Bus Inspection comes with a complete safety inspection to ensure all parts specially Suspension & Brakes are working fine.

We inspect all types of Sydney Buses as well for Transport NSW as per direct request.

You can see the inclusions of Last Check Bus Inspection HERE.

Sydney Bus Inspection- Last Check Bus Inspection Sydney
Bus inspection in Sydney Australia- Last Check BUS INSPECTION





    Your Report Will Look Like This - Inclusions Might

    Vary Based On The Inspection Type, Make & Model




Your Inspector will call you right after the Inspection and gives you a Full Verbal Report so that you know the results right away. He will also inform you of any repairs or services that the vehicle might require.

You then have the chance to ask any Mechanical Questions directly from the Inspector who has Inspected your Vehicle.

You can completely rely on our Fully Qualified Inspectors’ knowledge and leave nothing to guesswork.

So, List Down all your Technical Questions and ask us anything after the Inspection.


You do not need to have any mechanical knowledge. We will make it easy for you.

Most used cars have small or big problems but we never leave you confused. Unlike many others, Last Check Vehicle Inspection Report comes with a full Recommendation Page.

Apart from all the faults which will be listed down, you will receive a personal recommendation specially made for you which guides you in the right direction.

Your Vehicle Inspector is also only one phone call away, feel free to contact us again and seek any Mechanical Advice.

Be Reassured that you will never feel alone with Last Check’s Service.

Check out our Sample Report HERE.

Import Car Inspection - Last Check
Last Check Vehicle Inspection Picture- Car Inspection
Best Car Inspection in Sydney NSW_ Last Check Vehicle Inspection



At Last Check, we are committed to providing the best customer service. All our prices include GST and there are no hidden fees so that you can book with total confidence 24/7.

To ensure maximum security, we only use secure payment methods by PayPal. Whether you want to use your credit card or pay directly from your PayPal account, your information remains private.

Some cities such as Sydney are very large in area. Although we cover 95 percent of the whole area at no extra charge, some places require long travel or heavy toll fees.

If the chosen service area requires an additional fee for travel or is outside our coverage area, you will be informed upfront.

For phone bookings, we will inform you right away or call you shortly after you make the booking. For after-hours or online bookings also, we will contact you and inform you of the additional travel fee before we conduct the service.

We are committed to 100% service transparency and we will never send you a surprise bill after conducting the service.

Bentley Inspection Sydney- Last Check Supercar Inspection

MOST RATED Vehicle Inspection in Australia
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Australia's MOST RATED Vehicle Inspection

We Check Everything

  • Full Engine
  • Computer Diagnosis
  • Interior
  • Exterior
  • Full 4x4 Gearbox
  • Under Body & Chassis
  • Tyres, Wheels & Brakes
  • Accident Assessment
  • Paint Recognition
  • Rust Assessment
  • Log Book & Services
  • Safety Check
  • Full Road Test
  • Large Photo Album
  • History Check/PPSR Check

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How To Inspect A Used Vehicle Yourself?
Used Car Inspection Checklist

When buying a used car there are certain things that we need to consider or you can easily fall into a trap and take over someone else’s problems. Pre-purchase Car Inspection (pre-sale car inspection) should always be a must if you are buying a used car so that you know what you are paying for.

A professional used Car Inspector knows the game and knows what to look for when it comes to inspecting used cars. There are tons of little things that can cause major issues down the track which the car inspector needs to consider while checking the vehicle.

Buying an accidental car or a car with mechanical problems can lead to regret and losing money which no one wants to happen.

If you do not have any mechanical knowledge or cannot figure out if the vehicle was hit and repainted in the past, it is best to involve a professional car inspector to inform you of them all.

It is a win-win situation. Either the car is perfect which you can buy with peace of mind or it needs some repairs in which you can get a discount on before purchase to cover the cost.

Sometimes the car is not buyable because of major problems or costly repairs in which you can stay away and not wasting your money.

Alternatively, if you have some technical knowledge you can save money and inspect the car yourself using our Car Inspection Checklist.

If you do not have a Professional Computer Scanner, it is a must to buy at least a cheap OBD2 scanner and scan the ECU.

The onboard computer informs you if the car has an internal fault that cannot be physically seen.

You can follow the chart below to minimise the risk of buying a second-hand car.

Australia's MOST RATED Vehicle Inspection
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