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Four Wheel Drive Car Inspection

4WD & AWD Car Inspection

330 to 500+ Point Check

Price: $279, $289 & 299 Including GST

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This Prepurchase Car Inspection Plan covers all 4WD and AWD cars available in Australia. Whether you have a 4WD Toyota Landcruiser, a 4WD Ford Ranger Pickup Truck, an AWD Lexus RX SUV, or an AWD Subaru Impreza Sedan, we have you all covered.

This plan is specially designed for 4WD and AWD cars and is done by our Specialised AWD & 4WD Car inspectors so that you have complete peace of mind that your job is handled only by an expert and not just a random mechanic.


We inspect all makes and models of 4WD and AWD cars ins Australia without any exception. We also inspect all imported AWD & 4WD vehicles, and each vehicle gets inspected only by its specialist.

From European to Asian 4WD Cars and Australian to American AWD Cars, we have your back. Just find the car you want to buy and leave the rest to us. To learn more about our pre purchase 4WD car inspections, please visit Vehicles We Inspect.

Toyota Landcruiser prado 4WD inspection Before Purchase
four wheel drive jeep cherokee inspection in sydney
pre purchase four wheel drive car inspection sydney


Pre purchase 4WD Car Inspection is well-engineered to include all parts of all Four-Wheel Drive Cars. This is no basic vehicle inspection and is completely different from the 2WD Car Inspection.

We offer 3 different plans for all 4WD Car inspections. Our Silver Plan gives you 330 point check, our Premium Plan 400 and our Platinum Plan gives you over 500 point check and all the plans include extra checkpoints compared to our Normal 2WD car inspection.

These extra points will cover all the Off-Road Gearbox, Front Differential, Rear Differential, Wheel Hub Locks, Transfer Case, Drive Shaft, 4WD Suspension & Chassis, Special Rust Depth Assessment & 4WD Exclusive Computer Diagnosis.

Computer Diagnosis of 4WD Cars will include the entire parts of the Powertrain and the Four-Wheel Drive Gearbox. The vehicle inspector performing the four-wheel-drive vehicle inspection will be a Fully Qualified 4WD Car Mechanic with complete expertise in all the aspects.

Your inspector will also perform a complete 4x4 Test Drive after the normal road test to ensure the Four-Wheel Drive System is intact and has no worrying signs since the repair cost on these types of cars is pricier than the normal cars and not every mechanic is capable of repairing Transfer case & 4WD Gearbox.

four wheel drive car inspection before purchase
inspecting a 4wd car chassis before purchase
engine fault diagnosis of a 4wd vehicle


Pre-purchase ALL Wheel Drive Car Inspection is designed to include all parts of any AWD Vehicle. Just like the 4WD Inspection, we offer 3 different plans for AWD cars.

Our Silver Plan gives you 330 point check, our Premium Plan 400 and our Platinum Plan gives you over 500 point check and all the plans include extra checkpoints compared to our Normal 2WD car inspection.

These extra points will cover the entire AWD Transaxle, Differentials, Drive Line and the entire All-Wheel Drive System. Computer Diagnosis is also different on All Wheel Drive Cars and includes all AWD related modules.

Since the repair cost on all-wheel-drive cars is much higher than in normal cars, and the slightest problems within the AWD Transmission can be very costly to repair, these extra tests are necessary to ensure the vehicle is fine before purchase.

The Vehicle Inspector conducting the AWD Car Inspection is a Fully Qualified AWD Car Mechanic with complete expertise in the field. Our Senior AWD Vehicle Inspectors will find the smallest problems of the vehicle even if they are not visible with naked eyes.

All AWD Car Inspections also come with a Special AWD test Drive to ensure your vehicle has no issues with the power distribution to all 4 wheels and avoid big repair costs after the purchase.

awd audi q5 2018 inspection before purchase
pre purchase awd mazda cx9 inspection in sydney
all wheel drive subaru forester 2018 pre purchase inspection
inspecting 4x4 car electronics before purchase


There is no Random Inspection at Last Check. We never send a Normal Mechanic to inspect 4WD and AWD cars. We want the Inspector to have complete knowledge to give you a solid report and be able to answer all your Mechanical Questions after the Inspection.

This type of Inspection is done only by our Fully Qualified Senior 4WD and AWD Car Inspectors specialising in these types of Vehicles.

Your Vehicle Inspector not only has the full knowledge of the inspection, but they are actual 4WD and AWD Car Repairers with complete knowledge of repairing these types of vehicles. Just select the used car you want to buy and leave the hard work to us.

Be 100% reassured that you will know all you need to know about the car, and you will never lose money on a lemon.

last check vehicle inspector inspecting a AWD hyundai santafe
car inspector inspecting awd car in sydney
pre purchase inspection of an all wheel drive hyundai santafe


Our main goal is to exceed our valuable clients’ expectations by providing a Vehicle Inspection Service unlike any other along with the best possible customer service.

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority, and we take this very seriously. Our Licenced Inspectors do not look at any client as a number, they look at each car as if they want to buy it for themselves. This is how they have been trained before joining our force.

Our premium inspection plans include more checks which makes a big difference however our basic packages are still very comprehensive.

For each inspection, your inspector will get a different checklist and the vehicle inspection will not end until the list is completed. The checklist intensity and inclusions are based on the inspection package you have chosen, and different plans have different inclusions.

After the inspection, your inspector will call you and give you a complete verbal report over the phone. You will then have the chance to ask all mechanical questions from the same mechanic who has inspected your vehicle.

Within 24 hours of the inspection, you will receive a 25 to 30+ Page Report along with Hundreds of Pictures, Vehicle History Report (Official PPSR Report), your payment receipt and all other associated documents. To see what the report looks like, please visit the Sample Report page.

If your plan includes Urgent SMS Report that can be added to your service before checkout, you will get the report normally on the same day via SMS. If you are making a phone booking, you can ask us to upgrade your report to urgent. To learn more about us, please visit Why Last Check & Only @ Last Check.






4wd police car inspection in sydney
pre purchase inspection of a 4wd volvo xc90 2019
pre purchase inspection of awd lexus rx 350 2020
4x4 toyota landcruiser inspection before purchase
toyota fj cruiser 4wd inspection before purchase


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Choose Your Inspection Package

Standard Package

One Inspector

Standard 4WD & AWD Car Inspection

330 Point Check

View Benefits

Price: $279 Incl. GST

Premium Package

One Inspector

Premium 4WD & AWD Car Inspection

400 Point Check

View Benefits

Price: $289 Incl. GST

Platinum Package

Two Inspectors

Platinum 4WD & AWD Car Inspection

500+ Point Check

View Benefits

Price: $299 Incl. GST

Report Inclusions

  • Complete Vehicle Inspection
  • Instant Verbal Report
  • Large Picture Album
  • PPSR Vehicle History Report
  • Your Payment Receipt


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