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Bus Inspection

Bus Inspection

The Most Complete Bus Inspection in Australia

Price: $429, $489 & $589 Plus Gst

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Working on buses is technically the most complex and time-consuming type of mechanical repair amongst all types of heavy vehicles.

Because of the compact structure of buses and the position of the Powertrain which is technically under the vehicle or in a small space at the rear, only the labour cost of any repair can potentially be more than 2 times higher than other heavy vehicles.

Buses also have more parts than others, especially when it comes to Coach Buses and Double Deckers which means there are lots more to check.

The safety check on the buses is also much more complex than trucks and because of the nature of their use which is for carrying people, the strictest checks must be done on the buses to ensure the safety has not been jeopardised.

This is when pre purchase bus inspection comes in handy to ensure the bus you are buying will serve you well and it is not someone else’s problem.

Coach Bus Pre Purchase Inspection
Public Transport Bus Inspection
Pre Purchase Small Bus Inspection


At Last Check, we have Fully Qualified Bus Mechanics and Auto Engineers onboard who are specialised in Bus and Passenger Safety.

Our Qualified Bus Inspectors with complete knowledge of Bus Inspection & Bus Repair will get to the bottom of all Mechanical & Structural Problems of the bus before purchase.

There is no random inspection at Last Check, only the right qualified bus inspector will be appointed to inspect the bus. Based on the bus make and model still, the inspector will be different.

European buses are inspected by a European bus mechanic and Asian buses by Asian bus mechanics to ensure the inspector is fully familiar with the make and model and gives you a fully specialised bus inspection report.

Never mind if the bus does not have any service history and disregard what the seller claims, we will inform you of any pending repairs and service requirements which can open your hands for negotiations before purchase.

Small Bus Inspection Before Purchase
Small Bus Interior Inspection Pre Purchase
Small Bus Test Drive Before Purchase
Bus Electronics Inspection Before Purchase
Bus Engine Light Diagnosis Before Purchase
Small Bus Interior Inspection Before Purchase
Small Bus Underbody Inspection


At Last Check, we perform the Most Comprehensive Bus inspection in Australia or perhaps Worldwide.

At the time of inspection, every inspectable part of the bus will be fully inspected and nothing is left behind. Starting from the Body and the Structure all the way to the Engine and Gearbox.

The inspector also goes under the bus and checks all the suspension and chassis as well as all engine fluid leaks to ensure nothing has been left behind.

It does not matter whether you have a Small Bus, a Full-Size Bus, a Coach Bus or a Double Decker, every part of the Vehicle will be inspected by our Specialised Bus Inspectors.

The inspection also includes a complete Test Drive of the Bus to ensure the performance is good on the road.

Coach Bus Inspection Before Purchase
Bus Road Test Before Purchase
Bus Interior Inspection Before Purchase
Bus Chassis Inspection Before Purchase
Bus Engine Inspection


At Last Check, we inspect all types of buses available in Australia. Whether you are planning to purchase a used bus for your personal use or to work with, we have you fully covered.

Some people also purchase buses for the purpose of motorhome conversion in which we can assist as well and help you in making your final decision before the purchase.

Here are the types of buses we inspect:

  • Minibus
  • Small Bus
  • Large Bus
  • Coach Bus
  • Mini Coach
  • School Bus
  • Shuttle Bus
  • Double Decker Bus
  • Low Floor Bus
  • Public Transport Bus

Double Decker Bus Inspection Before Purchase
Motorhome Bus Inspection
Large Bus Inspection


We inspect all buses before the end of warranty and it is one of our most popular bus inspection services. It is only wise to claim all repairable faults of the bus for free before the warranty goes expired and we have helped hundreds of individuals and schools in this journey.

End of warranty bus inspection is just like pre purchase bus inspection but the report form we issue might be different so please inform us at the time of your booking that you need the bus inspection for end of warranty purposes.

You can choose any of the bus inspection plans below based on your bus type and leave the rest to us.


We perform bus finance inspections as well and help you on getting the finance easily. Our finance approval bus inspection serves two purposes and it is not limited to getting the finance only.

Instead, it is a complete condition report of the bus and if the finance you are getting is a waste of money, you will be informed beforehand to look for another bus.

Before booking your finance inspection, just show our sample report available on this page and everywhere on our website to your finance company to see if they accept our report.

As an Australian authorised vehicle inspection company, our report is accepted by all of the finance companies, but we have had rare cases that the finance provider has had a separate form to fill which should still be ok with us. We can fill in any report form at a small additional cost but we need to be notified first.

If your finance provider wants their own form filled, just send us their form before making any booking to ensure we can fill it in first so that you do not waste your money on the inspection.

You can choose any of the bus inspection plans below based on the type of your bus but you need to inform us on the online form or on the phone that the inspection is to be used for finance approval purposes.


Our main mission is to exceed our valuable clients’ expectations by providing a Vehicle Inspection unlike any other along with the best customer service.

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Our Fully Qualified Inspectors do not look at any client as a number, they look at each car as if they want to buy it for themselves.

For each inspection, they get a different checklist of inspectable items and the Vehicle Inspection does not end until the list is completed.

Your inspector will then call you after the inspection and give you a complete verbal report over the phone. you then have the chance to ask any mechanical questions from the same mechanic who has inspected your vehicle.

In less than 24 hours you will receive 25 pages written report certificate along with an exceptionally large HD picture album, Vehicle history Check (Official PPSR report), your tax invoice and all other associated documents.


  1. Entire Engine & Power Train (Full Inspection)
  2. Automatic transmission
  3. Manual Shifter Assessment
  4. Radiator & Cooling System
  5. Full DPF Assessment
  6. Clutch Health & Performance
  7. Clutch Disc Remaining
  8. Body & Paint Assessment (Reveals Defects & Paint Jobs)
  9. Specialised Rust Assessment (Reveals the Rust Severity)
  10. Previous Accident Assessment (Reveals if the Truck is Accidental)
  11. All Fluids & Oil Leaks
  12. Turbocharger Assessment
  13. Intercooler Assessment
  14. Computer Diagnosis on Some
  15. Battery Health Assessment
  16. All Tyres & Rims
  17. Interior & All Options
  18. All Hydraulics
  19. All Electronics & Their Functionality
  20. Major Cosmetics Minus Wear & Tear
  21. Chassis Assessment (In-depth Report)
  22. Suspension Assessment (In-depth Report)
  23. All Equipment
  24. Front Differential & Diff Lock
  25. Middle & Rear Differentials
  26. Differential Fluid Leak
  27. Air Reservoir Leak
  28. Air Suspension Leak
  29. Low Air Alarms
  30. Engine Brake Check
  31. Safety Check
  32. Brake System & Lights
  33. Trailer Hydraulics if Connected
  34. Service Logbook
  35. Service Requirements
  36. Registration Paper (If Presented)
  37. Compliance
  38. Test Drive (Full Test)
  39. Vehicle History Report (Original PPSR Report)





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Small Bus Inspection
Price: $429 Plus GST

Large Bus Inspection
Price: $489 Plus GST

Double Decker Inspection
Price: $589 Plus GST

Report Inclusions

  • Complete Vehicle Inspection
  • Instant Verbal Report
  • Large Picture Album
  • PPSR Vehicle History Report
  • Your Tax Invoice


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