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Check Vehicle History

Enter your VIN above to find out the truth instantly for only $9.50.

Last Check provides official Australian government PPSR and REVS check certificates on all sorts of vehicles registered in Australia. The report will instantly be sent to your nominated email address.

By searching the VIN you will be able to get the most up to date history of your vehicle saved in government database. The report will be in original PPSR certificate format and it would contain all the information you need to know before deciding to purchase your next vehicle.

The report is also valid in the court and tribunals in case it is required for any sort of dispute matter.

The report will cover all the following check points:


  • Finance / Money owing
  • Secured parties
  • Contact details

Written off records:

  • Collisions
  • Storm / flood damages
  • Inspections

Theft records:

  • Stolen VIN records
  • Number plate thefts
  • Engine thefts

Registration details:

  • State or territory
  • Number plate
  • Rego expiry date

Vehicle details:

  • Vehicle Identification Number
  • Manufacturer Year, Make, Model
  • Vehicle classification, Body type
  • Engine number
  • Compliance plate date
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Australia's MOST RATED Vehicle Inspection
We Check Everything

  • Full Engine
  • Computer Diagnosis
  • Interior
  • Exterior
  • Full 4x4 Gearbox
  • Under Body & Chassis
  • Tyres, Wheels & Brakes
  • Accident Assessment
  • Paint Recognition
  • Log Book & Services
  • Full Road Test
  • Large Photo Album
  • History Check/PPSR Check
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