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We are temporarily closed for renovations

We will come back by the end of May with lots of new services

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Electric Car Inspection

Ultimate Electric Car Inspection

Most Complete Pre Purchase Inspection on all Electric Vehicles

Price:  $379 Including GST

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Electric cars are the new generation of vehicles that are getting more and more popular across the globe. Zero emission, smoothness of drive and the best road safety are some of the features that make electric vehicles more popular every day.

Electric Vehicles will populate all the roads in a short time and will replace the conventional cars by most of the manufacturers between 2030 and 2050. For example, Toyota is set to be fully electric by 2040 and most European Car manufacturers such as Mercedes Benz will switch much earlier.

Operating Electric Vehicles however is different from normal gas engine cars. EVs are like a computer on wheels with lots of new technologies and features and probably you have a few things to learn before you can drive one.

Most Electric Cars do not have engine start buttons and activating them needs software integration with your mobile phone. Although all electric cars have a key, even working with the key requires special training and basic knowledge since you will never see a conventional key on electric cars.

As most people are new to the EV market, pre-purchase inspection is one of the best things that can be done before buying a used electric car.

Inspection Of Electric Car Pre Purchase

Used Ev Car Interior Inspection Before Purchase

Electric Car Battery Inspection Before Purchase

Electric Caar-test-drive-before-purchase


The cost of Electric Car Repairs is much higher than gas-powered cars. Since the entire system is different, even a normal AC Repair cost can be much higher than just a normal car.

All body and chassis works are also a lot higher than normal vehicles since the battery sits above the chassis and needs to be removed in order to perform any chassis repair. This is a very big job and needs to be done only by a licenced EV mechanic or the manufacturer.

Buying an accidental EV can be a very big mistake. If the chassis or battery pack has been affected, not only it makes it very dangerous to drive as it can catch fire and can be very costly to repair.

Finding the right mechanic to fix electric cars is also a very big challenge and normally people take the EVs to the manufacturers that charge more than normal to repair.

This makes Pre Purchase Inspection essential before purchasing a second-hand electric car

At the same time, apart from the lights and electric windows which anyone can check, even the air conditioning must be checked by someone completely familiar with electric cars.

Most electric cars such as Tesla come with long term warranties which is very good having said that it is always best to purchase a healthy electric vehicle to avoid the time-consuming diagnosis and part sourcing.

Eropean EV Inspection Before Purchase

Ev Bmw Interior Inspection Before Purchase

Electric Bmw Tyre Safety Inspection


Prepurchase Inspection of electric cars is totally different from normal used cars. Normal gas-powered cars have an onboard computer that gives us all the information about the powertrain faults, electronic, emission and safety and can be scanned with an OBD2 computer scanner.

Electric cars however are real computers on wheels and have no additional onboard computer to communicate with OBD2 Reader. There are a series of tests that only the manufacturer can do using their very own computerised systems which can be done remotely or by visiting their own service stations.

At the same time, there are other tests that they can not provide such as the structural side of the vehicle etc.

For example, the manufacturer can not find whether the vehicle has been involved in a crash in the past, how many aftermarket paint jobs it has had, how much-hidden rust the car has under the paint and lots of other mechanical things that need to be done on the road.

It makes pre purchase EV inspections a joint operation between your own inspector and the manufacturer to ensure the used EV is good to buy.

Tesla Model S Pre Purchase Inspection

Onsite Ev Inspection In Sydney

Tesla Model S Interior Inspection

Tesla Model S Electronic Inspection Before Purchase


As all electric cars are different from each other, it is very hard to know all the options and functionalities of each car.

For example, the computer and the way that the car is operated are different across all Tesla models although they are all made by the same manufacturer. Even opening the door is different for instance on Tesla Model X and Tesla Model S.

It makes each vehicle a different computer on wheels with different operating systems such as Windows, Mac and Linux on personal computers. Electric vehicles also just like computers and mobile phones have constant software updates with newly introduced functionalities and it is near impossible to keep track of them all.

Our prepurchase electric car inspection is done just like every other car but with some limitations. We offer a hands-on onsite inspection at the convenience of your own home or the seller’s preferred location and follow a similar but different checklist to finish the inspection.

Pre Purchase Electric Car Inspection On Tesla Model-3

Electric Car Underbody Inspection

Electric Car Brake Fluid Inspection

Electric Car Suspension Inspection

The internal health check such as battery status, internal electric motor issues etc, needs to be done by the manufacturer itself and can be done by just booking a normal check-up.

We highly recommend a joint inspection between us and the manufacturer especially if the vehicle is out of warranty as there will be more things that only the manufacturer is able to do such as scanning the EV internally and checking the battery status.

The external part is our job however, we jack the vehicle up and inspect the chassis, suspension and safety points, we assess the vehicle for a previous accident, paint or hidden rust under the paint which is common in Australia.

We then do a complete check of the interior and electronics of the vehicle and minus the small options and functionalities, we check all normal electronics such as air conditioning, lights, windows and many more just like a normal car.

We do a complete test drive on the electric vehicle to ensure it acts as it should on the road and we will check all driving safety points such as steering, braking, cornering etc.

We then produce several hundreds of pictures of every part we have inspected so that you can see everything with your own eyes and keep them as evidence for future and resale purposes.

After the inspection, you will receive a different report from the normal cars since EVs do not have all the parts that gas-powered cars do. Your report will pinpoint all the problems found and you will get a good idea of whether you should buy the vehicle or stay away without regret.

Pre Purchase Electric Car Inspection In Sydney Nsw

Electric Car Interior Inspection

Pic (254)

Tesla Model 3 Functionality Test


Inspection of EVs is done by our electric vehicle specialists and not just a normal mechanic. They will be having experience with different European EVs such as BMW six, Audi e-tron and Porsche Taycan, Japanese EVs such as Nissan Leaf & American Electric Cars such as Chevrolet Bolt EV Crossover, Ford F150 EV & Tesla Models.

They will be having full knowledge of electric cars and inspect everything possible on a roadside pre purchase inspection. At the same time and as mentioned above, they will not know all the specific features of each car, new software releases and other options of the electric car.

Probably if you watch a YouTube video about the electric car you want to purchase, you will know the options and hidden features of your EV model better as no two EVs are the same across the board.

Electric vehicles also come with features that can not be checked safely at the time of roadside visual inspection. For example the automatic drive mode, collision alert, emergency braking, mobile phone integrations etc.

If the vehicle is still under warranty such as an 8-year unlimited warranty for Tesla Model X, you should be good with just a roadside inspection since you will be automatically covered if anything has gone bad internally.

If the vehicle is out of warranty, a percentage of the job will be remaining which is good to involve the manufacturer to do either remotely or by booking a normal computer diagnosis service which is exclusive to them and has to be done by their own software and technologies.

Tesla Model X Inspection IN Sydney

Tesla Modeinterior Inspection Before Purchase

Tesla Model-3 Interior


Tesla is by far the most common electric car we inspect. Tesla is safe, quick, comfortable and packed with the most modern technologies. Owning a Tesla can be a big difference to new EV buyers and the experience of driving a Tesla is much better than other EVs in the market.

We inspect all models of Tesla including Tesla Model 3, Tesla Model S, Tesla Model X and Tesla Roadster. Our Tesla inspectors will get to the bottom of its health before purchase so that you can buy a good one that is going to serve you well down the track.

We also check the battery performance of all Tesla cars both when the car is stationary and when it is driving on the road to ensure the battery is performing well but we cannot find out the exact battery life left accurately.

Tesla is a real computer on wheels and some of its features must be checked by Tesla itself which is not possible on the roadside inspection.

If you receive positive feedback about your used Tesla before purchase and it passes our inspection, we highly suggest booking a remote or on-site inspection with Tesla itself to check the battery life for you as the technology is theirs and unlike gas powered cars we can not scan the EV battery using our OBD2 compatible computers.

They can remotely login to your Tesla car using their own exclusive interface and scan the battery and other hidden things for you and in some cases, they ask you to bring the car in.

At the same time, Tesla batteries are built to last a long time and they do normally depreciate more than five percent annually but failure can always happen and it is best to be safe especially if buying an expensive one like S and X model.

Tesla Model 3  Inspection Before Buying

Used Tesla Inspection Before Purchase


Our main mission is to exceed our valuable clients’ expectations by providing a Vehicle Inspection unlike any other along with the best customer service.

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Our Fully Qualified Inspectors do not look at any client as a number, they look at each car as if they want to buy it for themselves.

For each inspection, they get a different checklist of inspectable items and the Vehicle Inspection does not end until the list is completed.

Your inspector will then call you after the inspection and give you a complete verbal report over the phone. you then have the chance to ask any mechanical questions from the same mechanic who has inspected your vehicle.

In less than 24 hours you will receive 25 pages written report certificate along with an exceptionally large HD picture album, Vehicle history Check (Official PPSR report), your tax invoice and all other associated documents.


  1. Electric Motor Performance
  2. Vehicle Dashboard Computer (Minus Model Specific Options)
  3. Electronics & Functionalities
  4. Regen Braking
  5. Regen EV Battery Charging
  6. Complete Interior
  7. Chassis & Underbody
  8. Special Rust Assessment (100% Accuracy)
  9. Past Accident Assessment (Detects if the Car is Accidental)
  10. Electronic Paint Assessment (Reveals the Rust Severity)
  11. Suspension & All Parts
  12. Moonroof
  13. All Heavy Duty Hoses
  14. All Heavy-Duty Connections
  15. Major Cosmetics Minus Wear & Tear
  16. All Bushes
  17. Tyres & Brakes
  18. Brake Assist
  19. Auto Hold
  20. Suspensions Add-on
  21. Road Safety Check
  22. Steering Cornering
  23. All Fluids Conditions
  24. Service Requirements
  25. Service Logbook
  26. Papers (If Presented)
  27. Compliance
  28. Complete EV Test Drive
  29. The Largest Picture Album (200 to 500 HD Pictures)
  30. Vehicle History Check (Original PPSR Report)





Prepurchase Electric Vehicle Inspection
Bmw Ev Car Inspection In Sydney
Electric Car Inspection IN Sydney
Tesla Car Inspection Pre Purchase
Pre Purchase Inspection Of Tesla Ev


Please Note: The sample report FORM we have on our website is for a gas powered car and the report you receive for EV inspection will be different although they serve the same purpose and both pinpoint all the faults found on the vehicle. Except for having a different report form, everything else will be like the sample report including the pictures and car history report.




Normal Electric Car Inspection
Suits All Family EVs
Price: 379 Incl. GST
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Electric Performance Car Inspection
For EVs Between 300 to 600 HP Motor
Done by 2 Inspectors!

Price: 419 Incl. GST
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Electric Supercar Inspection
For EVs Over 600 HP Motor
Done by 2 Inspectors!

Price: 449 Incl. GST
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Report Inclusions

  • Complete Vehicle Inspection
  • Instant Verbal Report
  • Large Picture Album
  • PPSR Vehicle History Report
  • Your Tax Invoice


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  • Rust Assessment
  • Log Book & Services
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