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Electric Car Inspection

Electric Car Inspection

By Specialised Electric Car Mechanics

Price: 329 & 349 Including GST

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This Pre-purchase Car Inspection plan suits all makes and models of Electric Cars including Sedan, Hatchback, SUV, Ute, Van, Station wagon, Coupe, Convertible, Electric 4WD, Electric AWD & All Other Shapes. We provide 100% Specialised Vehicle Inspection and only appoint a specialised electric car inspector to inspect the electric cars.

Based on the make and model of the electric car you want to purchase, your inspector still might be different to ensure we can give you the best pre purchase report you can rely on. Just choose the electric car you want to purchase and leave the hard work to our specialised electric car inspectors.


Electric cars are the new generation of vehicles that are getting more and more popular across the globe. Zero emission, smoothness of drive and the best road safety are some of the features that make electric vehicles more popular every day.

Electric Vehicles will populate all the roads in a short time and will replace conventional cars by most manufacturers between 2030 and 2040. For example, Toyota is set to be fully electric by 2040 and most European car manufacturers such as Mercedes Benz will switch much earlier.

Operating Electric Vehicles, however, is different from normal gas-powered cars. EVs are like a computer on wheels with lots of new technologies and constant software updates and you probably have a few things to learn before you can drive one.

Most Electric Cars do not have engine start buttons and activating them requires software integration with your mobile phone or the key card. Although all electric cars have a key, even the key functionalities are different across the board.

As most people are new to the EV market, pre-purchase inspection is one of the best things that can be done before buying a used electric car to ensure you are not wasting your money on a lemon.

Inspection Of Electric Car Pre Purchase
Used Ev Car Interior Inspection Before Purchase
Electric Car Battery Inspection Before Purchase
Electric Caar-test-drive-before-purchase


The cost of Electric Car Repairs is much higher than gas-powered cars. Since the entire system is different, even a normal AC Repair cost can be much higher than just a normal car.

All body and chassis work costs are also a lot higher than normal cars since the battery sits right above the chassis and needs to be removed in order to perform any chassis repair. This is a very big job and needs to be done only by a licenced EV mechanic or the manufacturer itself.

Buying an EV that has been involved in a collision can be very risky and purchasing one that had a major accident is a big mistake. If chassis or the battery pack has been affected because of an accident, the car can catch fire and put everyone onboard at risk.

Most of these collisions are not recorded in car history since PPSR only collects data if the car has been written off and in most cases detecting a previous collision is near impossible especially if the repair has been done professionally.

Lastly, finding the right mechanic to fix electric cars can be a big challenge and normally people take their EVs to manufacturers that charge a lot for any simple repair, so it is always best to ensure that you are investing in a good used electric car and not inheriting someone else’s problems.

This makes Pre Purchase Inspection essential before purchasing a second-hand electric car

At the same time, apart from the lights and electric windows which anyone can check, even the air conditioning must be checked by someone completely familiar with electric cars.

Most electric cars such as Tesla come with long term warranties which is very good having said that it is always best to purchase a healthy electric vehicle to avoid the time-consuming diagnosis and part sourcing.

Eropean EV Inspection Before Purchase
Ev Bmw Interior Inspection Before Purchase
Electric Bmw Tyre Safety Inspection


Pre-purchase Inspection of electric cars is totally different from normal used cars. Normal gas-powered cars have an onboard computer that gives us all the information about powertrain faults, electronics, emissions and safety and can be scanned by an OBD2 computer scanner.

Electric cars, however, are real computers on wheels and have no additional onboard computers to communicate with the OBD2 scanner. There are a series of software tests that only the manufacturer can do using their very own interface such as the battery degradation which is around 2.3% of the maximum charging capacity per year more or less and can be done remotely or by visiting their workshops. At the same time, most manufacturers offer a long-term warranty on their batteries and no remote testing is required until the EV is under warranty.

Since electric cars like mobile phones run on software, the software itself can warn if anything is not normal and the remote testing is good if the EV is very old and is out of warranty.

The manufacturer’s test only covers the software part and cannot comment on the overall condition of the EV, chassis, interior, suspension, test drive and how it has been used by the previous owner, therefore a physical inspection is always needed to ensure the electric car presents well before purchase.

Tesla Model S Pre Purchase Inspection
Onsite Ev Inspection In Sydney
Tesla Model S Interior Inspection
Tesla Model S Electronic Inspection Before Purchase


As all electric cars are different from each other and just like windows, Linux, and mac, operate on different software. For example, the operating software is different across all Tesla models although they are all made by the same manufacturer. Even the way doors open is different in different Tesla cars.

It makes each EV like a different computer with a different operating system. Electric vehicles also just like computers and mobile phones have constant software updates with newly introduced functionalities and it is near impossible to keep track of them all, however the main functionalities remain the same even if the software has been updated just like IOS and Android phones.

We have specialised electric car inspectors onboard to take up this task and never just a random mechanic will be appointed to inspect electric cars because they simply cannot understand anything. We offer physical onsite inspection at the convenience of your own home or the seller’s preferred location so that you do not need to take the EV anywhere.

Pre Purchase Electric Car Inspection On Tesla Model-3
Electric Car Underbody Inspection
Electric Car Brake Fluid Inspection
Electric Car Suspension Inspection

We do not take any chances when it comes to inspecting electric cars before purchase. All EVs will be jacked up and the entire chassis, suspension and brake system will be inspected by our specialised electric car inspectors. We then move on to the body and paint and detect if the EV has been involved in a crash in the past and how severe the crash might have been.

Next is the interior, electronics and software inspection to ensure everything is how it should be and there are no imperfections or abnormalities. Then comes the test drive which is very important and enables us to check how the battery is operating, how the electric motor is running and how the regen braking is working.

We however cannot comment on the numeric battery degradation since no inspectors have the manufacturer’s software interface and the battery is located under the seats which we do not remove from the third party’s vehicle. The operating software however normally warns if the battery has gone bad and most software updates include that.

If any critical matter is detected, some manufacturers can remotely check that by connecting to the software remotely and checking the battery health which is not generally needed if the car is still under warranty.

Just count on the most comprehensive inspection that can be done visually before purchase, an expert verbal advice along with a written report and several hundreds of pictures so that you can see everything with your own eyes and say goodbye to guesswork. For more information, please take a look at our Sample Report.

Pre Purchase Electric Car Inspection In Sydney Nsw
Electric Car Interior Inspection
Pic (254)
Tesla Model 3 Functionality Test


Tesla is by far the most common electric car we inspect. Tesla is safe, quick, comfortable and packed with the most modern technologies. Owning a Tesla can be a big difference to new EV buyers and the experience of driving a Tesla is much better than most other EVs in the market.

We inspect all models of Tesla including Tesla Model 3, Tesla Model S, Tesla Model X and Tesla Roadster. Our Tesla inspectors will get to the bottom of its condition before purchase so that you can buy a good one that is going to serve you well down the track.

Just choose the used Tesla you want to purchase and do not be concerned about anything else. Simply leave the job to us to tell you whether the car is a good choice or a bad one that you should stay away from and have complete confidence that you will never lose money on a lemon when you have Last Check by your side.

tesla-electric-car-inspection-in sydney-nsw


Our main goal is to exceed our valuable clients’ expectations by providing a Vehicle Inspection Service unlike any other along with the best possible customer service.

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority, and we take this very seriously. Our Licenced Inspectors do not look at any client as a number, they look at each car as if they want to buy it for themselves. This is how they have been trained before joining our force.

Our premium inspection plans include more checks which makes a big difference however our basic packages are still very comprehensive.

For each inspection, your inspector will get a different checklist and the vehicle inspection will not end until the list is completed. The checklist intensity and inclusions are based on the inspection package you have chosen, and different plans have different inclusions.

After the inspection, your inspector will call you and give you a complete verbal report over the phone. You will then have the chance to ask all mechanical questions from the same mechanic who has inspected your vehicle.

Within 24 hours of the inspection, you will receive a 25 to 30+ Page Report along with Hundreds of Pictures, Vehicle History Report (Official PPSR Report), your payment receipt and all other associated documents. To see what the report looks like, please visit the Sample Report page.

If your plan includes Urgent SMS Report that can be added to your service before checkout, you will get the report normally on the same day via SMS. If you are making a phone booking, you can ask us to upgrade your report to urgent. To learn more about us, please visit Why Last Check & Only @ Last Check.






Prepurchase Electric Vehicle Inspection
Bmw Ev Car Inspection In Sydney
Pre Purchase Inspection Of Tesla Ev
Pre Purchase Inspection Of Tesla Ev


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Please Note: The sample report we have on the website is for gas powered cars and the report you receive for EV inspection will be slightly different and is exclusive to electric cars.



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