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Are all the vehicle inspection reports identical?

No, our reports might will vary based on the vehicle type you have, the inspection plan you have chosen and the condition of the inspection time. The number of pictures will be based on the vehicle’s inclusions and the report intensity you have chosen.

For example, an Audi Q8 will have many more pictures than a Mazda 3 because it has more items to inspect. As well if you have chosen a basic inspection plan, the number of pictures you will receive will be less.

The report form also will be sometimes different. For example, the report form you will receive for an EV will be different from a gas-powered vehicle, trucks and buses are different from cars and campervans are different from them all.

The report form will also be different based on the inspection plan you have chosen. The reports that serve a legal purpose such as independent assessment for courts and tribunals will also be different from normal plans.

At the same time, all reports serve pretty much the same purpose and give you the list of the identified issues found on the vehicle at the time of inspection.

Do you offer any warranty?

No, we only charge you for the inspection we conduct, report our findings and do not warrant any new or old vehicle. A vehicle is like any other mechanical or electrical object that can fail at any time without notice.

For example, the AC might work fine at the time of inspection and fail the next day and it is inevitable and no one can predict that. Even if someone offers a limited warranty, it is mostly to encourage customers to book but no one can really predict how the vehicle is going to perform the next day even if they say so as it is logically impossible.

We however perform the most comprehensive inspections and check all visible parts of the vehicle. We can also comment on the health of the engine and find hidden faults of the vehicle even if they have been deliberately deleted from the ECU, this means the best inspection money can buy!

We are the only vehicle inspection company that offers Vehicle Inspection by Two Qualified Inspectors and use the original computers belonging to the same make and model vehicle instead of generic scanners.

We do not offer ant random inspections only, each vehicle is inspected only by the right specialist. For more information, please visit Advanced Original Computer Fault Diagnosis .

For example, if you have a Mercedes Bens S Class, it only gets inspected by a Mercedes Benz mechanic instead of a general mechanic inspecting all vehicles across the board. Only @ Last Check

Our inspection reports include between 20 to 30+ loaded with information from scam alert to vehicle reliability advice and recommendations for you.

Our reports also include up to 400+ pictures taken at the time of inspection showing you everything that the inspector has seen so that you see every fault with your own eyes and leave nothing to guesswork. This is a unique service in Australia and only Last Check offers such extensive service. For more info, please look at our Sample Report page.

We also have free and tailored help materials that have helped many clients with their journey and saved them lots of money. If you need free assistance to choose a reliable vehicle, please visit our Reliable Car List page.

If you need tailored assistance to choose the most reliable car your money can buy, please visit Last Check’s Car Select.

After helping thousands of Australians with their journey and saving many from making hefty mistakes, Last Check is the Most Rated Vehicle Inspection in Australia by public votes .

For more info, please visit Why Last Check page.

Should I expect to see everything in the picture album?

Last Check’s vehicle inspection reports are unique and contain an additional picture album apart from the pictures on the report form itself. We take vehicle inspections to a different level, ensure you will receive the most comprehensive report possible and providing these many pictures is just one of the things that make us different.

At the same time, all the pictures are taken by the inspector at the time of inspection and no professional photography is involved. Before sending out the report we also delete most of the low quality pictures that might contain some identified issues and body parts. Taking pictures also vary based on the condition where the inspection has taken place and other factors.

Small defects such as minor hail damages, kerb rashes, small bodily scratches and things of this nature will not be visible in the pictures. Lighting and traffic conditions, wet weather and dust on the vehicle will also affect the pictures and hide many of the small defects so do not expect to see just everything in the pictures you have received.

Should I buy the vehicle only based on the report and the pictures received?

The answer is No. Our reports and pictures have only advisory value and concentrate on the technical faults of the vehicle only however we take more pictures for you to see things more clearly.

If you decide not to buy the vehicle after the inspection and you cannot visit the vehicle in person, the pictures should be enough for you however if you decide to purchase the vehicle, you must see the vehicle in person to ensure you are happy with the cosmetic shape of it.

If you are interstate and cannot see the vehicle in person and for any reason want to purchase the vehicle remotely, you should know that it comes with a great risk especially if your vehicle is expensive or you are worried about small cosmetic imperfections.

What should I do if I am interstate or buying the vehicle remotely?

Just leave the job to us to give you feedback first. If the vehicle is not a good option, we will save you a trip and you can stay away from the vehicle with no regret. If we give you positive feedback, we highly advise you to come to where the vehicle is and see it for yourself in case you are not happy with the small cosmetics and other things such as interior smell.

If you are not fussed and do not care about the cosmetics much, you can save yourself a trip however we always recommend seeing the vehicle in person before sealing a deal.

It is also not wise to pay someone remotely even if they look to be legit on the phone or the papers. We have had some cases that scammers have ripped people off remotely and disappeared after the transaction so it is always best to be careful when it comes to paying anyone.

If you are buying the vehicle remotely from a reputable dealer, the transaction should be safe but still, it is up to you to make that decision.

Do you jack up all the vehicles at the time of inspection?

No, although 95 percent of the cars get jacked up for underbody inspection, it does not happen on just every vehicle. The point of jacking the vehicle is to enable the inspector to check the underbody but if the vehicle has raised suspension or it is naturally high enough, we do not jack them up.

Low riders and all cars with a side kit that might be damaged while jacking up, will never be jacked up to prevent any potential damages to the third-party vehicle. Heavy vehicles also will not be jacked up on the roadside and they do not need lifting up either as they are mostly high enough for us to see.

As much as possible we try to avoid jacking up the cars since jacking up the vehicle raises it from one corner and we are not able to see the suspension under force. When the vehicle is on the ground more bush cracks and suspension imperfections will be obvious and we try not to do so as much as possible.

If the vehicle you are buying is too low or has side kits, we recommend arranging a garage so that we can borrow their hoist and go under the vehicle as suspension and chassis inspection is one of the main elements we check on every vehicle.

How long does the inspection take?

It varies based on lots of factors such as the vehicle type, location, seller’s restrictions, weather and much more. It also varies based on the plan you have chosen. The more premium the plan is, the more it takes to finish.

At the same time, the hands-on inspection takes around an hour more or less but in more complicated vehicles it might take up to two hours or more to finish.

After the hands-on inspection, the inspector needs around another 45 minutes to an hour and a half to put things together and fill in the checklist which will happen inside his vehicle and away from the seller’s location.

So, do not expect a phone report less than an hour after the inspection. In some cases, the verbal report can take much longer if the inspector needs more collaboration with the senior service supervisor.

If you have ordered a premium plan, we need around another 4 hours in the office to diagnose the computer data in order to find the hidden faults and engine health. This will be done by another inspector specialised in computer diagnosis. For more info, please visit, Vehicle Inspection by TWO Qualified Inspectors.

We do specialised inspections which means the inspection checklist for two vehicles is not the same. For each vehicle, the inspector receives a tailored checklist and the inspection will not end until all the items have been inspected so be reassured that nothing on your report will be the result of any guesswork.

For example, inspecting a Mazda 3 will end quicker than an Audi Q8 since Mazda 3 is simpler and has much fewer modules.

We understand that the sellers especially dealers might feel uncomfortable if we take up too much of their time but we cannot rush things so please inform the seller to count on at least an hour for the hands-on inspection. We however try our very best to be as efficient as possible and leave in a timely manner.

Can I buy the vehicle only based on the verbal report?

No, it can be potentially a big mistake. The verbal report is only based on limited data we have and this might change on the written report as it needs to be approved and endorsed by the senior service supervisor and there are lots more that need to be done.

We analyse the pictures taken at the time of inspection to find more issues, check the vehicle history online and analyse the computer scanning data so never rush things as it can result in disappointment.

The only report you should rely on is the endorsed written report issued by Last Check Pty Ltd and not the inspectors themselves.

When do I expect my written report?

Within 24 hours of the inspection time and not earlier than 10.30 AM on the following day. For a complete explanation, please visit the Reports Within 24 Hours page.

If you are in a rush or the seller pushes you for the final answer, you can request an urgent report. Please note that some premium plans include urgent reports at no cost. Please note that urgent reports might not be possible at all times if there are no spots left.

For more information, please visit our Urgent SMS Reports page.

If the report comes positive, does it mean that the vehicle will serve me well down the track?

No, the vehicle condition is not related to vehicle reliability. The inspection report only tells you the condition of the vehicle at the time of inspection but this can change at any time.

For example, the vehicle is running ok at the time of inspection and we have reported no issues but it might have a weak timing belt and it snaps the following day and it is inevitable. The same thing can apply to all electronics and powertrain parts.

A vehicle has thousands of components and it can fail at any time with no notice just like your PC or washing machine. It might be working fine and stops working the next minute.

If you make the right decision and choose a more reliable vehicle, you certainly can save lots of money. If you need free assistance to choose a reliable vehicle, please visit our Reliable Car List page.

If you need tailored assistance to choose the most reliable car your money can buy, please visit Last Check’s Car Select.

Do you jumpstart vehicles with a dead battery?

No, but the seller can do it and we can observe the process. Jumpstarting can affect the vehicle ECU and electronics, especially on modern vehicles and we are committed not to touch the seller’s vehicle in any way.

If we have the jump starter with us and the seller insists, we might do it only if we deem it is safe however not all inspectors carry jump starters.

Please note that jumpstarting is not a service we provide and the vehicle which is not running cannot be inspected completely as we have no information about the powertrain performance, computer faults and electronics.

We encourage all to check with the seller if the vehicle is working fine and book the inspection when you know everything is good.

If you request another inspection, the second inspection will start from scratch and the old inspection data might change. The cost for re-inspecting the same vehicle will be the same as the initial cost and no discounts can be granted.

Do you test drive unregistered vehicles?

No, anything against the law will not happen at Last Check but if the seller has a temporary permit or trade plate, we will drive the vehicle. It is best to check with the seller to ensure the vehicle is registered or they have an unregistered vehicle permit.

Getting the unregistered vehicle permit is fairly simple if the unregistered vehicle is not written off. The law however might be different in different states.

If the vehicle is in NSW and you need a temporary permit, click Here.

Do you speed over the limit during the road test?

The answer is no. we never break any road rules or do anything against the law. The safety of the vehicle occupants and our inspectors are our number one priority.

If the seller chooses to drive the vehicle themselves and wants to exceed the limit, we will end the inspection immediately and leave so please mention this fact to your seller if they choose to drive the vehicle themselves.

Do you test drive uninsured vehicles?

Yes, as long as we deem the vehicle safe and no safety issues have been found during the inspection. For example, if the vehicle has a big oil leak or has a brake or light issue and it is not insured, we will not drive it.

We are insured to drive the third parties’ vehicles only if they are roadworthy. Roadworthiness is not based on the vehicle registration but depends on the condition of the vehicle at the time of inspection.

For example, a vehicle might have been registered a few months back and the condition has changed at the time of inspection by having a brake issue, bold tyres and things of this nature. Legally we are not allowed to drive the vehicle and our insurance will not cover any potential damages like all other insurance companies in Australia that do not cover unroadworthy vehicles.

Do you drive a vehicle that has safety issues?

No, legally no one is allowed to do such a thing in Australia and it is a federal law. If we find out that the vehicle has unroadworthy tyres, unsafe brakes, the engine is smoky and issues like this, we should not drive the vehicle.

We do not company the seller either if they decide to drive the vehicle themselves by risking our inspectors’ safety. Please note, nothing against the law will happen at any time at Last Check.

What happens if the seller wants to bribe the inspector?

We stop the inspection immediately and inform the buyer right away. Please note that no refunds will be issued if such a thing happens and the vehicle will be an instant failure anyway as no one will try to bribe the inspector if the vehicle is healthy.

People only offer a bribe in return for hiding things so the buyer should not even think twice. We only follow the booking request done by the buyer and do not know the seller or the buyer. We encourage you to choose the right seller and ensure that you are dealing with an honest person before making any booking.

Do the inspection report be used for passing registration?

No, Last Check’s inspection is like every other roadside inspection and has no legal value. Issuing E-safety or a pink slip for vehicle registration needs to be done at an authorised service centre or a mobile inspector linked to a fixed workshop otherwise it cannot be legally done.

Is roadside inspection like inspecting the vehicle at a workshop?

No. A Roadside inspection is done without any tools or authority to work on the vehicle or move parts. It also does not include hoisting the vehicle which is essential to check the underbody, especially the suspension which needs all wheels lifted.

Bear in mind that we get paid from the buyer and work on someone else’s vehicle with no authority to touch the vehicle or even undo a screw on the vehicle. Roadside inspection is however more convenient as not many sellers agree to take the vehicle to a workshop for the sake of selling it and no dealers will agree to do so either.

Comparing a roadside inspection to an inspection at a service centre with a professional setup, tools, hoist and authority to work on the vehicle is like comparing a bird with tied wings with a flying bird. No matter how comprehensive the roadside inspection is, there is always a chance that you can find more things at a workshop so if you need a more accurate report, we highly recommend arranging a service workshop with the seller.

We however have a plan and a professional checklist compared to mechanics who randomly check things on the vehicle. Inevitably our reports will be much more comprehensive than normal mechanics.

Finding issues on previously inspected vehicles even at reputable dealers and manufacturers is an everyday occurrence for us. For example, the dealer declares the vehicle perfect with no issues and we still find hidden engine issues, accidental and rusted bodies and even basic issues such as faulty lights or faulty shock absorbers.

For more information, please visit Why Last Check page.

How long do you archive the reports for?

It is the responsibility of the client to download the report if they want to keep it for future references. We however keep all the reports in our database for a maximum of 6 months after the inspection so that in case you lose your report we can assist. After this 6 months period, the reports will automatically be deleted from our system and there will be no way to recover them at a later stage.

Do you perform engine compression test on pre purchase inspections?

No, engine compression test requires parts disassembly such as removing the spark plugs and coils from the engine as is against our policy. We only offer visual inspection and we are 100% committed to returning the vehicle back to the seller untouched. For more information please visit our Sellers’ Guarantee in our Terms & Conditions.

Engine compression is also not really needed in modern cars especially if there are no signs to suggest the car is significantly lacking power. These days we can pick up most faults of the car only by performing an Advanced Computer Diagnosis.

To learn more about engine compression test and to know more about the signs of low engine compression, please visit What is Engine Compression Test.


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