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How Inspection Checkpoints Work?

How Do Inspection Checkpoints Work?

The number of vehicle inspection checkpoints determines the intensity and accuracy of the inspection report and makes a big difference especially if the vehicle is European or luxury. The more checkpoints an inspection has, the more items will be inspected and the more accurate the report will be.

For example, an inspection with up to 500 checkpoints has at least 200 extra points compared to a 300 point check therefore inevitably it is more solid and can inform you of more faults that the 300 point inspection cannot.


1. Inspection Inclusions: The first factor is the inspection inclusions. For example, a 4WD Car Inspection has more checkpoints than a 2WD Car Inspection because a 4WD car has more components to inspect such as 4WD gearbox, transfer case, front and rear differentials, diff locks, hub locks and much more.

2. Computer Diagnosis: The second factor is the computer fault diagnosis that has the biggest effect. Computer fault diagnosis has pretty much no limits and many things can be checked using only the computer. It really depends on how you want to use the computer and what internal systems you want to check.

For example, with a computer scan tool, we can only check the OBD2 which is very basic and only finds limited current faults. Alternatively, we can enter the ECU in-depth and check each cylinder individually for things like spark plugs, injectors’ performance, airflow, piston rings, coolant temperature and much more.

3. Additional Computer Tests: Other tests can be done with a computer to see how things are performing regardless of the faults. For instance, two fuel injectors might be functional but the performance of one is not as good as the other indicating that the injector might need a repair shortly.

This is a huge benefit to know that and be more careful in making our final decision.

Additional tests such as Engine Live Data & Engine Component Test, give us the performance of each and every part of the engine including the cooling system and electronics. This information varies across different makes and models and the vehicle ECU determines what the computer can check. The more advanced the vehicle is, the more tests it can support. For example, e Mercedes Benz inevitably has lots of extra items that can be checked compared to a Toyota, this is the reason that we always recommend choosing between our premium packages if you have a luxury or European car.

4. Number of Inspectors: The more inspectors are involved in an inspection, the more items can be checked. For example, our premium packages are all done by TWO inspectors. One inspector physically inspects the vehicle and the second one will review the work and uploaded data, search the pictures to find more faults and diagnose the additional computer fault diagnosis data provided by the first inspector. Without a doubt, this fact can add much more to the checkpoints and also if there has been a mistake or human error by the first inspector, they will be all reviewed and rectified before the report is sent out.

5. More Factors: There are many more factors that affect the checkpoints directly. For example, we perform paint check and rust assistance in pretty much all our plans but a rust and paint assessment on a classic car is completely different. We use different tools for classic cars to find rust and imperfections hidden under the paint, check more vulnerable parts for rust therefore we can find if the classic car has been involved in an accident even 50 years back, where it was hit from, how much paint is on the body panels and much more.

Last Check Car Inspector Inspecting A Black Holden Hsv
Audi Advanced Computer Fault Diagnosis
Advanced Vehicle Diagnostic Scan


The more valuable the vehicle is, the more comprehensive the chosen plan better be. For example, in luxury cars, European cars, American cars, Etc, the cost of both parts and labour is much higher than in normal family cars and each extra discovered fault can cost hundreds if not thousands to fix.

Premium plans are just a bit more expensive than the normal plans but what they give you in return is huge. Imagine a Mercedes Benz E Class has a hidden transmission fault that can cost a few thousand dollars to fix. If a normal plan is chosen which uses a normal OBD2 scanner, we cannot find that hidden fault especially if it has been deliberately erased by the seller before purchase which unfortunately is not uncommon.

At the same time, a premium plan that includes advanced original computer diagnosis can find all those hidden faults even if they have been deliberately erased from the system. This is a huge bonus and can result in dodging the bullet even if someone wants to scam you.

Premium Car Inspection 500 Point, Performance Car Inspection 600 Point & Supercar 700 Point are our top plans which you can choose between depending on your vehicle type and the intensity of the report you want. For more information please visit our Services.


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