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Is Pre Purchase Inspection Worth it?

Is Pre Purchase Inspection Really Worth it?


Pre purchase inspection is the best decision before purchasing any used cars in Australia. We cannot emphasise enough how important it really is to get your used vehicle inspected before purchase.

Let's put it this way, before becoming professional vehicle inspectors, we did not really know how people can easily fall into traps and inherit someone else’s problem although we are all professional mechanics and auto engineers. Only once you get on board you will know how many scammers are out there with no remorse and the only thing they think of is ripping someone else off.

Not limited to selling lemons with lots of problems but some even have a criminal mind and defraud people as a full-time job. People roll back odometers, wipe fresh engine fluid leaks, wipe critical transmission and differential leaks costing thousands of dollars to fix and much more sinister things you can’t even think of.

Some people also literally buy rubbish, clean it up, exchange a few parts with stock items and resell it to the unsuspected buyers so it is very important to cover yourself as much as possible and do not become a victim.



It is very simple, pre purchase inspection is only a win-win situation for anyone. Either you will get the confidence that the used car you are buying is healthy and will serve you well so you can buy it with peace of mind or you will find out it is someone else’s problem where you can stay away without any regrets.

For just a few hundred dollars you can also find all the problems of the car even if the vehicle is still buyable and get a discount from the seller to cover the repair costs.

Our experience shows that you will make 3 times or more than the cost of inspection on discounts and free repairs when an independent finds problems on the used car. This amount is much more when you are buying from a reputable dealer as they will fix all the reported issues free of charge before the customer picks up the car.



Let's see how pre purchase inspection can save you money. Imagine you have found yourself an Audi A3 2020 model from Audi Sydney which seems really good overall but it has a small oil leak and nothing else.

You have spent a few hundred dollars on the inspection report that ended up finding the problem for you and at the same time, you have received the confidence you wanted that the car is not a bad choice.

The cost of fixing even a small leak can be several thousand especially in European cars, but by law, the dealer can not sell you a car that is faulty and the issue needs to be fixed. Even if they do not fix the issue right away, your mandatory statutory warranty is always there to claim within 3 months of purchase which eventually makes the dealer responsible for the fixtures so they are better off doing it before anything.

The dealer can not argue with the independent assessor especially when there is picture evidence involved. Just to give you an idea, we have never seen any reputable dealer rejecting to fix the problems we have identified which means big times saving for the client.

Now imagine the car has multiple issues. Still, all of them will be fixed by the dealer which brings the client even more savings when they have only spent a few hundred on the inspection.

The same scenario happens on private sales. People can not argue with independent inspection reports so you will definitely get a discount or just walk away with no regret knowing how much the car is going to cost you on top of what you need to pay to buy it.

So do not underestimate pre purchase inspections, you will always win and there are no other scenarios.



If you have a technical mind and have the knowledge, why not inspect the car yourself and save some money. Your inspection might never be like a professional who has a set checklist and knows how to check those little details or find out if the car is accidental but at least you have saved yourself a few bucks and covered many of the main points.

We have put together a guide to help people inspect their vehicles themselves. To see the checklist and inspection instructions, please visit our Free Used Car Inspection Checklist.



If you do not have a technical mind or if the vehicle you are buying is valuable, just order a professional vehicle inspection without hesitation. Professionals have the right tools such as sophisticated computers to find hidden faults and know what to look at when it comes to inspecting used cars.

They do this every day and their view will be different from yours. Especially if you are buying a new car that you have never owned before for a long time consider involving a professional to inspect it.

Professional vehicle inspectors can even tell you how your make and model car should sound, how it should accelerate and much more since no two cars perform the same even if they are very similar.

We can always assist you if you are buying a used vehicle within our coverage area. To learn more about Last Check’s coverage area, please visit our Locations Page.

To find out more about our vehicle inspections please visit our Services Page.

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