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At Last Check, we are committed to providing the best and most comprehensive vehicle inspection service not only in Australia but globally.

Seems like a big ambition but this is what we do. We are setting new benchmarks in the global industry, collaborating with the most reputable overseas partners including several well-known insurance companies, major vehicle inspection companies and specialised service centres in several European countries such as the UK, France, Italy and Germany, North American countries such as US and Canada and our business relations in Japan and South Korea.

We import the best and most up to date tools and devices such as sophisticated vehicle diagnostic tools and much more into Australia and export our own technologies overseas.

Our main focus is the quality of the service we provide and we pride ourselves on helping thousands of Australians in their journey and saving them from making hefty mistakes when it comes to purchasing a used vehicle.

We are proudly offering our direct service to Australian people however several overseas vehicle inspection and insurance estimator companies are using our technologies and methods to operate.

We want every valuable client to have complete confidence that their job is being handled by the highest grade specialists and receive an inspection report unique in the industry in every way.

Last Check's Senior Vehicle Inspector

1. Only Specialised Inspections, No Random Inspection

No Mercedes Benz owner wants their car to be repaired or inspected by a Toyota mechanic and no Toyota Mechanic wants their Toyota to go to VW for repair purposes either. Unlike the common market trend that one inspector inspects all makes and models, we only appoint the right specialist to inspect each make and model.

This is a very big deal since the inspector will know what is normal and what is abnormal on the vehicle and will have the right tools and expertise to advise you on the correct information. To learn more please visit Only Specialised Vehicle Inspections.

Last Check Ferrari Specialist Inspecting A Red Ferrari

2. We Train Mechanics to Become Inspectors

Becoming a vehicle inspector happens after being a mechanic for a number of years and having the full knowledge of repairs, part replacements and services. Inspectors must be able to pick up the smallest defects only using their eyes and expertise and without any permission to do any part disassembly which requires lots of skills and accuracy.

This is when Last Check Academy comes in handy. We train qualified mechanics through a system of online and hands-on training courses and qualify them as inspectors. We have a dedicated team of auto engineers and mechanic trainers to take up this meticulous task which not everyone can qualify for.

Each mechanic needs to pass several knowledge tests, computer diagnosis quizzes and many more tasks in order to qualify as an inspector. We have trained many Australians over years and now each has entered the industry taking up specialised tasks and helping the Australian community. For more information, please visit Last Check’s Vehicle Inspector Training Course.

Last Check Vehicle Inspection Training Course

3. Vehicle Inspection by TWO Qualified Inspectors

Last Check is the only vehicle inspection company to offer such a service. All our premium plans are done by two qualified inspectors. It doubles the report accuracy and is a service unique in the market.

A third person which will be a report specialist will put the written report together and interact with our clients which in total makes the number of people involved in the process to 3 people. To learn more, please visit Vehicle Inspection by TWO Qualified Inspectors.

4. 100% Original Vehicle Inspection for all Makes and Models

Last Check has the technology and inspection checklist of each make and model vehicle in the big Australian market. It means we can perform the exact same inspection that the vehicle manufacturer does on its vehicles with no difference. For example, if you have a BMW to inspect, we do the same inspection that BMW Australia does, use the exact same computers to diagnose exclusive problems and much more.

We however go many steps further by doing things that the manufacturers do not do such as accident assessment, paint recognition, rust severity test and revealing hidden faults. To learn more please visit our Premium Car Inspection & 600 Point Performance Car Inspection

5. Up to 700+ Point Inspection

The normal checkpoints of the vehicle manufacturers such as Mercedes Benz & BMW for pre-sale inspection are between 100 to 150 points.

The maximum checkpoints of independent inspectors are between 250 and 290 points. At Last Check, our most basic plan which is Normal Car inspection starts from 300 Points and our biggest sellers are Premium Car Inspection & 600 Point Performance Car Inspection which is unique not only in Australia but globally.

You cannot find any other vehicle inspection company anywhere in the world offering such a comprehensive service. Like many more premium Australian products and services, Last Check is proud to provide such a service only to Australian people. To learn more, please visit How Inspection Checkpoints Work?

Last Check's Car Inspector Inspecting Engine Oil Leak

6. Up to 400+ Additional Pictures

Last Check provides an additional extra-large picture album containing up to 400+ pictures of the vehicle. You will see all parts of the vehicle with your own eyes as well as all reported defects such as oil leaks, body damage, computer fault codes and lots more.

You can also use the images as evidence of the condition at the time of inspection and get remote repair quotes or get discounts from the seller to cover the outstanding repair costs before purchase. For more details, please click check out our Sample Car Inspection Picture Album & Sample Truck Inspection Picture Album

Audi Computer Fault Diagnosis In Sydney Australia
Used Car Paint Assessment Before Purchase
Inspection Of Car Underbody In Sydney Australia

7. 20 to 30+ Pages Written Report

Our written report gives you between 20 and 30+ pages packed with informative materials from the vehicle condition to identified issues and recommendations as well as spam alert and vehicle reliability advice so that you be able to make the best decision and purchase a used car that will serve you well down the track.



8. Supercar, Hypercar & Classic Car Specialists

At Last Check, we have specialised supercar and classic car specialists to assist you with all high-value vehicles. The inspectors doing these types of work are 100% specialists in what they do and can give you the most solid advice you can ever get.

Supercars and hypercars are inspected only by a supercar specialist with complete expertise in engine dry sump technology and powertrain G-force. The classic car inspectors will have the full knowledge to repair, restore and inspect classic cars. They know many things that you might not and can tell you if the car is worth restoration or purchasing.

To know more about supercar inspections, please visit Supercar Inspection Page & to know more about classic car inspections, please visit our Classic Car Inspection Page.

Pre Purchase Inspection Of A Bently In Sydney Australia
Classic Porsche Inspection Before Purchase


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