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Reports Within 24 Hours

20+ Page Report Within 24 Hours of the Inspection

Last Check is committed to sending all valuable clients the most comprehensive vehicle inspection report in Australia or perhaps worldwide. We take the inspection to a completely new level and provide as much information as we deem helpful to the clients in order to help them choose the best used vehicle their money can buy.

Our reports are somewhere between 20 to 30+ pages of information including the identified issues, recommendations, scam alert, vehicle history check, vehicle reliability advice and much more.

All our reports also include a very large picture album containing hundreds of pictures so that you see all the identified issues and body condition with your own eyes in case you were not present at the time of inspection. You can use the pictures as evidence of the vehicle condition as well in case you want to get a discount from the buyer.




Within 24 hours of the inspection and not earlier than 10.30 AM of the next day. Reports will come in the right order, the earlier the inspection has been done, the earlier the report will be received.

10.30 AM is the rough time that the first inspection of the day has been fully completed.

Please Note: the inspection does not end when the inspector leaves the location. All normal and premium inspections will continue around an hour or more after the inspection.

Not to disturb the vehicle owner, our inspectors leave and prepare the draft notes in their vehicles which we turn into the written report for you later on.

Normal reports will be sent out within 24 hours after the inspection. For example, if your inspection has commenced on Monday at 3 PM and finished at 4.30 PM, you should expect the report in your inbox before 4.30 PM on Tuesday.

Now, if you have chosen a premium plan that must be done by TWO inspectors, add another 4 hours to your inspection time which makes the expected time before 8.30 PM.

For premium plans, another senior inspector in the office will go through the sensitive computer data extracted from the ECU to ensure the vehicle does not have any hidden faults which take around 4 hours after the inspection. To learn more, please visit Vehicle Inspection by TWO Qualified Inspectors.

The normal reports however will be sent by the latest 24 hours of the inspection time which means you might get the report before the due time but not earlier than 10.30 AM the of the next day.

Please note that the reports come in the order the inspection has been done. The earlier the inspection has finished the earlier the report will be out.

Also, all normal and premium reports need to be checked by our service supervisors to rectify all possible mistakes before they can be issued.


Suppose you have ordered a Performance Car Inspection which is one of our premium packages and the inspection has started at 11.30 AM on Wednesday.

The rough time for the end of inspection is around 1 PM done by the hands-on inspector. Your inspection will take another 4 hours in the office by the second inspector for advanced computer diagnosis to find the hidden faults which make the inspection done by around 5.30 PM on Wednesday.

1. You should Expect your premium report before 5.30 PM on Thursday and not earlier than 10.30 AM.

2. Now if you have ordered a normal package that is done by one inspector, you should expect your normal report before 1 PM on Thursday.


If you are in a hurry and can not wait for 24 hours to receive your written report for any reason such as the seller pushing you or someone else is going to buy the vehicle before you get your report, we can assist you with that.

We will dedicate extra staff for the evening and night shifts so that you can receive your written report between 9.30 PM on the inspection day and not later than 6 AM the next day before the start of business hours.

There will be a small fee for that however it normally does not cover the cost of extra resources for us. Knowing that sometimes your condition does not allow you to wait, it is just some extra help from us for all of our valuable clients. To learn more, please visit our Urgent Reports Page.


Urgent reports are offered as a part of the package on our platinum car inspection plan which is Performance Car Inspection. It means if you have chosen the right package, you do not need to pay any more to get the report urgently.

Our platinum package always has priority and their reports will be issued before all others. To learn more, please visit our 600 Point Performance Car Inspection.


We keep all the reports in our database for a maximum of 6 months after the inspection so that in case you lose your report we can assist. After this 6 months period, the reports will automatically be deleted from our system and there will be no way to recover them at a later stage.






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