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Vehicle Inspection By Two Qualified Inspectors

Last Check Vehicle Inspection By Two Qualified Inspectors

Vehicle Inspection by TWO Qualified Inspectors!

At Last Check, we take the inspection to a completely different level. We offer pre purchase vehicle inspections by TWO fully qualified inspectors instead of one on all our premium packages.

Our premium car inspection package and above give you the same sophisticated and original computer fault scanning data which needs two people to diagnose at the same time.

This is not a normal OBD2 scan. Instead, using state of the art computers belonging to each make and model car we can check absolutely each and every module of the vehicle without any exclusion.

This enables us to find the smallest defects of the car even if you do not have any engine warning light on or the previous owner has deleted the fault codes from the vehicle ECU for any reason.

One inspector physically inspects the vehicle and uploads the complex computer fault diagnosis data and another senior inspector will analyse the uploaded data in the office after the physical inspection.

Another thing that the second inspector will do is to review the entire report from A to Z, checks hundreds of pictures taken at the time of inspection for finding more issues, moderates the first inspector's notes, make corrections and find more faults which will be added to the final report before it is sent out.


Normal computer diagnosis only reveals if the vehicle has any current fault codes and that’s it. Now, the vehicle might have some hidden problems buried inside the engine, transmission, cooling system or any of the electronics which the normal computer diagnosis cannot find them.

As well, some scammers deliberately delete the fault codes from the system using basic devices as cheap as 20-dollar OBD2 scanners so that the engine light disappears and no fault codes could be found using a normal scanner.

People also always make mistakes including mechanics and inspectors. Reviewing someone else’s work from the beginning inevitable find more issues and makes the report twice as accurate.

We are however here to protect you!

Let the scammers try their best, we will have your back. Here are some of the benefits of this service.

1. Uses the Original Computer, exclusive to the make & model

2. Reveals all hidden and deliberately deleted fault codes

3. Not only finding the faults, but it also reveals if anything is about to go bad soon

4. Diagnoses Engine Live Data which shows how good the engine is running

5. Diagnoses All Engine Components individually. It will reveal things as small as a spark plug for one of the cylinders or a single faulty fuel injector with 100% accuracy!

6. Get into SRS and ABS systems and checks all safety concerns

7. Reveals if the engine is abused but it has no fault codes yet

8. A second inspector analyses the pictures and finds more issues if the first inspector has missed them

9. Finding even a small hidden fault can potentially save you hundreds to thousands based on the vehicle and the detected fault

10. It is at least twice more accurate than the normal reports as two people have been involved in the process

Australian Couple Bought A Used Car After Prepurchase Inspection


The more points the plan has, the more time needs to be spent and the more faults we will find.

  1. Premium Car Inspection 500 Point: Finds Hidden Faults, Plus Engine Live Data, Maximum 500 Points

  2. Performance Car Inspection 600 Point: Finds More Hidden Faults, Plus Engine Live Data, Plus Individual Engine Components Test (Big Difference), Maximum 600 Points

  3. Supercar Inspection 700 Point: Finds All Hidden Faults, Plus Engine Live Data, Plus Individual Engine Components Test, Plus Every Other Internal Modules the Car Has with No Limits, Can Go Over 700 Points

Last Check Inspector Preparing Car Inspection Report


Advanced computer data analysis will take around 4 hours in the office after the inspection but this process might take much longer in supercar and hypercar inspections.

Not two vehicles are the same and have the same modules. In less sophisticated vehicles it might take less than 4 hours and in more sophisticated ones such as supercars, performance cars and luxury cars it might take more.

This means when the inspector calls you and gives you a verbal report, you still need to wait for the written report to reach you as it might contain warnings and reveal things that might go bad.

Used Car Computer Fault Diagnosis


There will be no prediction or guesswork in this process, everything that we report will be based on our pure observation and the results we have received from the computer scanning.

It means in no form or shape we can predict the vehicle will be a good choice down the track but if it has a concerning hidden fault at the time of inspection, we can find it with the highest accuracy.

This is the whole point of this service. Instead of making the client hopeful or hopeless based on non-valid predictions, it makes our reports valid and accepted Australia wide as a specialised independent assessment of the vehicle.

The moment we add predictions in our, reports, they lose their validity and this will never happen at Last Check.

Porsche Computer Fault Diagnosis


The answer is No. inspection by two inspectors does not warrant the vehicle after inspection and does not include any prediction. It only means we do a more solid check before purchase and if there have been any hidden issues we find them before you pay.

Think of it this way, you have got Sydney BMW versus a local mechanic to inspect your used BMW. You will definitely go with BMW as they have the right tools and expertise and inevitably BMW can give you more information before purchase so you can make a better decision.

At the same time, non can firmly say the car will not go bad after they have checked it because they can not foresee what will happen next.

Any new or used car can go bad after purchase no matter how immaculate they have been but you can well minimise your risk by choosing a more reliable car. We can assist you in doing that, for more information, please visit List of reliable Car Brands in Australia .

If you need tailored help in choosing the best car your money can buy, please visit Last Check’s Car Select.


We offer this service under several premium car inspection packages excluding classic car inspection. This service is not offered for heavy vehicle inspections either as they do not require such a service.

Some of the most popular inspection plans offering this service are Premium Car Inspection Page, Performance Car Inspection & Supercar Inspection.


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