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Hybrid Car Inspection

Hybrid Car Inspection

330 to 500+ Point Check

Price: $269, 289 & 299 Including GST

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This Pre-purchase Car Inspection plan suits all makes and models of Hybrid Cars including Sedan, Hatchback, SUV, Ute, Van, Station wagon, Coupe, Convertibles, Hybrid 4WD, Hybrid AWD & All other shapes. We provide 100% Specialised Vehicle Inspection and only appoint the right inspector to inspect each type of car.

Just choose your next used hybrid car and leave the hard work to our specialised hybrid car inspectors.


Hybrid cars are one of the most popular types of cars globally. They are loved by many people because of their fuel efficiency, quietness of the engine and smooth drive.

Hybrid cars were a technological novelty when they first appeared in the late 1990s, though in recent years have become increasingly widespread as manufacturers seek to build cars capable of meeting ever-stricter emissions regulations.

Unlike electric cars with limitations on charging stations and reasonably long charging times, they are more accessible and do not come with those challenges. At the same time, they are much more economic than normal gas-powered cars and this is the reason that most taxis and driving school cars are hybrid.

Hybrid cars are however more expensive than gas-powered cars to purchase. They are approximately around 20 percent more expensive than similar makes and models. At the same time in the long term, they become much cheaper than both petrol & diesel cars.

Pre Purchase Hybrid Car Inspection
Hybrid Car Mechanical Inspection Before Purchase
Hybrid Car Interior Inspection Before Purchase
Pre Purchase Hybrid Car Chassis Inspection


At Last Check, we have Specialised Hybrid Car Inspectors capable of assessing all makes and models of hybrid cars so that you can purchase your next used hybrid vehicle with complete peace of mind.

During the inspection, all parts of the hybrid car get fully inspected and you will receive a full list of the faults you need to address before purchase.

Hybrid cars have all the parts that normal cars have plus an electric motor and hybrid battery system. The Hybrid Electric Control Unit distributes the power between the electric motor and the combustion engine to give the vehicle a smooth ride and superior fuel efficiency.

At the same time, because of the extra electric powertrain system, there are more items to be inspected such as the electric battery, electric motor, electric wirings, and the control unit itself.

We use state of the art computers and technologies to assess the entire electric system of the hybrid car as well as all other mechanical and structural parts so that you know all you need to know before making your final decision so be confident that your inspection is done only by an expert who knows all about the vehicle and can give you a comprehensive inspection report that you can rely on.

Hybrid Lexus Inspection pre Purchase
Hybrid Lexus Gs Inspection Before Buying
Hybrid Car Computer Fault Diagnosis


Hybrid batteries are just like every other normal battery. They have similar cells and structure to the other batteries however they are made to be more heat resistant so that they do not cause any hazard on the road when they get hot.

Just like your mobile phone battery, hybrid batteries deteriorate over time, and this is inevitable. On average, hybrid batteries lose 5 percent of their charge holding capacity each year, however, it is directly linked to the way the vehicle has been used and taken care of.

For example, a Toyota Prius hybrid battery will need replacement after around 10 to 15 years or around 180k driving. At the same time, you might see a 15-year-old Prius with a battery that is just as responsive as it should be with no issues and it is very common.

We have had ex Lexus IS taxis and Toyota Priuses with over 500K odometers still running on their original battery without any issues.

Hybrid cars have a battery indicator that shows how many cells are full and as the vehicle gets older you will see that not all the lines will be full even after a long drive and it is completely normal.

We use special computers that detect if the hybrid battery needs replacement with 100% accuracy however it does not indicate numeric battery charging capacity since we cannot access the battery itself which is normally located under the rear seats and the seats need to be removed to access the battery.

Also, working with high voltage hybrid batteries is extremely risky for the public and the inspector himself and needs to be done in an equipped workshop using special anti-surge gear.

At the same time, the dash battery indicator can give us enough information as to how the battery is charging and using its charge. We perform the most complete test possible on a hybrid car during roadside inspection and the inspection is always done by a hybrid car mechanic instead of just a random inspector.

We have proudly assisted hundreds of Australian hybrid car buyers with 100% success rate so be completely confident that you will receive the most solid advice before purchasing any used hybrid car.

Hybrid Battery Health Inspection
Hybrid Battery Charging Test
Hybrid Car Battery Charging Test
Hybrid Car Battery Health Assessment


Pre Purchase inspection is the wisest decision before purchasing a hybrid car since a wrong purchase can have hefty consequences. For example, a normal Hybrid Battery of a Toyota Prius can cost around 3000 dollars, more or less.

It is best to choose a used hybrid car that is in good condition and can serve you in long term rather than getting something that causes issues and costs money to run since repairing hybrid cars is normally more pricey than normal cars.

Just choose your next used hybrid car knowing that Last Check’s Hybrid Car Specialists are here to support you all the way through so just leave the hard work to us and have complete peace of mind that there is no way you lose money on a lemon when you have Last Check by your side.

Hybrid Toyota Yarris Cross Inspection In Sydney Nsw
Hybrid Volvo SuvM Inspection Before Purchase
Toyota Prius Hybrid Inspection Sydney
Used Hybrid Lexus Inspection Before Purchase


Our main goal is to exceed our valuable clients’ expectations by providing a Vehicle Inspection Service unlike any other along with the best possible customer service.

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority, and we take this very seriously. Our Licenced Inspectors do not look at any client as a number, they look at each car as if they want to buy it for themselves. This is how they have been trained before joining our force.

Our premium inspection plans include more checks which makes a big difference however our basic packages are still very comprehensive.

For each inspection, your inspector will get a different checklist and the vehicle inspection will not end until the list is completed. The checklist intensity and inclusions are based on the inspection package you have chosen, and different plans have different inclusions.

After the inspection, your inspector will call you and give you a complete verbal report over the phone. You will then have the chance to ask all mechanical questions from the same mechanic who has inspected your vehicle.

Within 24 hours of the inspection, you will receive a 25 to 30+ Page Report along with Hundreds of Pictures, Vehicle History Report (Official PPSR Report), your payment receipt and all other associated documents. To see what the report looks like, please visit the Sample Report page.

If your plan includes Urgent SMS Report that can be added to your service before checkout, you will get the report normally on the same day via SMS. If you are making a phone booking, you can ask us to upgrade your report to urgent. To learn more about us, please visit Why Last Check & Only @ Last Check.






Pre Purchase Inspection Of Lexus Nx hybrid
Hybrid Honda Odyssey Inspection Sydney
Hybrid Toyota Chr Inspection
Used Lexus Rx 450h Hybrid Inspection
Inspection Of Toyota Camry Hybrid In Sydney Australia


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Choose Your Inspection Package

Standard Package

One Inspector

Standard Hybrid Car Inspection

330 Point Check

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Price: $269 Incl. GST

Premium Package

One Inspector

Premium Hybrid Car Inspection

400 Point Check

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Price: $289 Incl. GST

Platinum Package

Two Inspectors

Platinum Hybrid Car Inspection

500+ Point Check

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Price: $299 Incl. GST

Report Inclusions

  • Complete Vehicle Inspection
  • Instant Verbal Report
  • Large Picture Album
  • PPSR Vehicle History Report
  • Your Payment Receipt


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