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Disability Vehicle Inspection Sydney

Specialised Disability Vehicle Inspection Sydney

Last Check provides specialised inspections on all types of Disability vehicles and Mobility vehicles. We have fully qualified inspectors with experience in disability vehicle inspections and repairs on board to assist you with any enquiries.

We provide all types of inspections on disability vehicles including pre purchase inspections, post purchase inspections, finance inspections and end of warranty inspections.

We inspect all types of mobility vehicles including disability cars, disability vans and disability buses. After the inspection, you will receive a written report along with hundreds of pictures taken from the disability vehicle showing you all reported issues so that you leave nothing to guesswork.

Just choose the disability vehicle and leave the rest to us.


We inspect all disability vans in Sydney NSW, guide you in the right direction, answer your technical questions and assist you with your decision making. We inspect all disability vans mechanically and structurally with the main focus on reliability and passenger safety.

This job is not done by a normal mechanic rather we have specialised mechanics familiar with disability vans to perform these delicate inspections.

All disability vans are different and have been customised for the commuters using the van therefore no two have the same inspection inclusions. We also inspect all disability modifications such as hoists, rails, automatic steps and every other disability modification the van might have.

After the inspection, you will know all the facts about the vehicle and can make the right decision with complete confidence.

Disability Vehicle Inspection Before Purchase
Disability Van Suspension Inspection
Disability Car Wheelchair Hoist Inspection
Disability Converted Van Inspection


We inspect all types of disability buses in Sydney NSW. We perform a similar inspection as we do on disability vans on disability buses however the inspector doing the inspection will be different.

All disability buses are inspected by our heavy vehicle mechanics with experience in mobility buses modifications and mechanics. Whether you are buying the disability bus for work or personal use, you can always count on us to provide you with the best possible service

Disability Bus Inspection IN Sydney Nsw
Disability Bus Inspection In Sydney


We inspect all types of mobility cars in Sydney NSW. Mobility cars have different modifications from disability vans and are customised to the need of the driver and passengers carried with the vehicle.

For example, mobility cars might have a different brake system or throttle and some are equipped with strengthened chassis and other safety measures such as bulbar, side rails, etc. Our inspectors are here to assist you with all that and take the doubt away before purchase.

Just pick the mobility car you want to purchase and leave the hard work to us. Be reassured that we know what you might not and will never let you lose money on a lemon car.

Mobility Car Inspection In Sydney


We inspect all wheelchair conversions right after the conversion is done or before the warranty ends. If you are buying a wheelchair accessible car from someone also, we can assist you and go over the vehicle and its modifications before purchase.

We assess the vehicle mechanically and structurally and then inspect the wheelchair modifications such as wheelchair stow, wheelchair lift & wheelchair hoist. After the inspection, you will know the true condition of the vehicle and can decide easily and with complete peace of mind.

Disabilirt Van Hoist Inspection
Disability Van Interior Inspection
Disability Vehicle Wheelchair Hoist Functionality Inspection
Disability Van Wheelchair Hoist Inspection


We inspect all engineering certificates if they are presented by you or the seller if you are just buying a disability converted vehicle. We check the engineering certificates for you however not every conversion needs an engineering certificate which you should check with the relevant authorities.

The legality of the conversion and all other legal matters are the buyer’s responsibility and we do not provide any legal service.

If we pass the vehicle and you decide to go ahead with the purchase, you need to check with the roads and maritime service of the state where the conversion has taken place to ensure it has been recorded correctly and the vehicle can be legally registered.

We have had cases that the vehicle has passed our inspection but the engineering certificate either has been incomplete or had not been registered with roads and maritime service so it is essential to check all that if you get positive feedback from us and want to go ahead with the purchase.

Inspecting Engineering Certificate Of Disability Car


Pre purchase inspection is the most common inspection we perform on disability vehicles in Sydney. We provide mobile pre purchase inspections in Sydney and come to your preferred location to inspect your vehicle.

After the inspection, your inspector will call you and give you a verbal report. Your inspector will answer all your technical questions over the phone and you have the chance to ask all technical questions from your inspector directly.

You will then receive a 20+ page comprehensive report along with hundreds of pictures taken from the car at the time of inspection so that you see all the faults with your own eyes and leave nothing to guesswork.

Just choose the disability car you want to purchase and leave the rest to us.

Disability Van Inspection In Sydney
Disability Toyota Hiace Van Inspection
Disability Vehicle inspection Before Purchase


All of our disability vehicle inspections have advisory value only and can not be used for the purpose of passing registration or any other thing of this nature. We can however assist you if you have a repair dispute case against a service you have received from someone and want to take legal action against them.

We can issue you letters for fair trading, court or tribunal but you need to advise us beforehand as the report you will need for these purposes will be completely different.

You can also use our services for any finance approval or end of warranty matters. As an Australian registered vehicle inspection company, our reports will be accepted everywhere in Australia and are not only limited to Sydney NSW.




If you need certified disability experts to inspect the vehicle especially for its disability modifications, we have them on board in Sydney and some other states.

Our disability experts have extensive working experience in the disability sector and hold a valid Australian disability certificate such as certificate 3 or certificate 4 in disability.

We have some inspectors with disability certificates and some disability experts who only specialise in disability modifications. They are not however always available and you need to put a special request through for us to be able to assist.

An extra charge will be applicable if you need to have a disability certified personnel checking the vehicle with your inspector or use an inspector who is already holding a disability certificate. Just get in touch with us to receive a quotation.


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Last Check is Australia’s Most Rated Vehicle Inspection Company.

As well, Last Check is the only vehicle inspection company in Australia that offers vehicle inspections by TWO inspectors!

We also do a complete experience match to ensure the appointed inspector knows the vehicle completely and can answer all your technical questions.

Having had thousands of happy clients in Sydney, you can count on us and know that your vehicle is in safe hands.

Our expert vehicle inspection reports have saved thousands of Australians from making hefty mistakes and have given many others all the confidence they needed to purchase their used vehicle.

To know more about Last Check Vehicle Inspection, please refer to our Why Last Check Page.

Ultimate Mechanical Inspection

Upto 400+ HD Pictures

Collision, Paint & Rust Assessment

Advanced Computer Diagnosis

25 Pages Written Report

Instant Phone Report

PPSR Vehicle History

Complete Test Drive


To book a disability vehicle inspection please call or email us to receive a quotation. The price, service inclusions and the inspector appointed to inspect your disability vehicle will be different based on the vehicle type and its disability modifications.

If you only need the inspection for the vehicle mechanics and structure, just make a booking online and choose the right plan based on your vehicle type.

If you need the disability modifications inspections as well, please fill in the form below to receive the quotation based on your individual needs.

Should I Get a Quote or Book Online?

Getting a quote is only for special service requests such as bulk inspection contracts, disability vehicles, ambulances, police cars, military vehicles, Etc where there are no set prices on our website and the cost will vary based on special requests.

If there is a set price for the service you want, you will receive the same price written on the website & getting a quote only delays your inspection.

Booking Online applies to over 99% of our cases where there is a set price for the inspection. Online bookings get the priority and will be done faster.

To learn more about when you should get a quote, please Click Here.


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