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Driving School Car Inspection Sydney

Driving School Car Inspection Sydney

Last Check provides specialised inspections on all driving school and dual control cars in Sydney NSW. We inspect all types of driving instruction cars to ensure the vehicle will serve you well down the track and does not have any critical problems that you should be aware of.

We perform all types of inspections on driving school vehicles including pre purchase inspection, end of warranty inspection, finance inspection, etc.

We have specialised inspectors in dual control vehicles to inspect these cars and not a normal mechanic will ever be appointed to inspect these types of vehicles.


The inspector doing the inspection on dual control cars will have extensive knowledge of dual control mechanics, installations and inspections.

To inspect dual control cars we always need the assistance of either the seller or the buyer mainly for the test drive. After the mechanical inspection of the vehicle, we take the vehicle for a road test which is the main part of our inspection.

For this, the inspector normally swap sides with the driver to ensure everything is working accordingly. After the inspection, your inspector will tell you all problems of the dual control vehicle and will assist you in your decision making.

Just choose the car you intend to use for your driving school career and leave the technical side of it to our team of experts.

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Driving School Car Inspection In Sydney


Inspecting manual driving school cars and other dual control vehicles will be done by our manual car inspectors with extensive experience in the field. Manual driving school cars normally have a weaker clutch system due to excessive and unprofessional use of the clutch by the students and tend to go bad much easier.

The gearbox of manual dual control cars also sometimes is heavily worn and will be a nightmare for the new owners. We however have your back from A to Z and ensure the manual car will serve you well in your driving school career or is someone else’s problem.

We perform special extra tests on manual cars with the main focus on engine, gearbox and clutch system so that you leave nothing to guesswork and can decide with peace of mind.

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Pre purchase inspection is the most common inspection we perform on driving school cars in Sydney. Last Check is the only or amongst the very few vehicle inspection companies in Australia that provide specialised pre purchase inspection on dual control cars.

Whether you want to start a driving instruction career and need a vehicle or you already run a driving school company and need additional cars for your fleet, we are here to assist.

After the inspection, your inspector will call you and give you a verbal report over the phone. You will then receive a 20+ page vehicle inspection report along with hundreds of pictures and a vehicle history report so that you leave nothing to guesswork and can decide with complete peace of mind.

For any driving school car inspection, we recommend choosing only between our premium packages which have more inclusions as these vehicles go bad much easier than others and most have hidden faults that require extensive computer scanning to diagnose.

You can choose between our Premium Car Inspection or Performance Car Inspection .

We however still highly recommend performance car inspection which gives you an additional engine component test and 100 more points of check as the price difference is just a few dollars but what you get in return might reveal big issues costing hundreds or thousands to fix.


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Last Check is Australia’s Most Rated Vehicle Inspection Company.

As well, Last Check is the only vehicle inspection company in Australia that offers vehicle inspections by TWO inspectors!

We also do a complete experience match to ensure the appointed inspector knows the vehicle completely and can answer all your technical questions.

Having had thousands of happy clients in Sydney, you can count on us and know that your vehicle is in safe hands.

Our expert vehicle inspection reports have saved thousands of Australians from making hefty mistakes and have given many others all the confidence they needed to purchase their used vehicle.

To know more about Last Check Vehicle Inspection, please refer to our Why Last Check Page.

Ultimate Mechanical Inspection

Upto 400+ HD Pictures

Collision, Paint & Rust Assessment

Advanced Computer Diagnosis

25 Pages Written Report

Instant Phone Report

PPSR Vehicle History

Complete Test Drive


You can book a dual control car inspection online 24/7 or by calling us during business hours.

As mentioned above the recommended inspection plan for dual control car inspection is Performance Car Inspection however you can choose the Premium Car Inspection as well which is cheaper but has fewer inclusions.

We do not recommend any normal inspection plan for dual control cars as we normally find many more issues on these cars compared to normal cars. You can make a booking online by pressing the below button or visiting the recommended inspection plan pages directly.




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