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EV Inspection Sydney

EV Inspection Sydney

Last Check provides the most comprehensive EV inspections in Sydney NSW. Last Check is the first or amongst the first vehicle inspection companies in Australia that introduced specialised electric vehicle inspection and we have come a long way ever since.

We inspect all types of electric cars in Sydney NSW and the inspection is done by our senior qualified EV mechanics with extensive experience in electric car inspections and technologies.

We provide all types of inspections on electric vehicles including pre purchase EV inspection, post purchase EV inspection and end of warranty inspections. Whether you are planning to buy an electric vehicle or you need the inspection for any other reason including legal matters we are here to assist.


We inspect all types of electric vehicles in Sydney NSW. Whether you have a family sedan EV such as Tesla Model 3, an Electric SUV such as tesla model X, a performance EV such as Tesla Model S or an Electric supercar such as Tesla Roadster, we are here to assist.

Electric cars are only getting more popular in Australia day by day and will shortly dominate the entire vehicle market. We evolve by these changes and update our services constantly to provide you with a service you can rely upon.

We inspect all types of electric buses and trucks as well and they will be done by a different grade mechanic with extensive experience in heavy vehicle mechanics and structure.

Prepurchase Electric Vehicle Inspection In Sydney
Pre Purchase Inspection Of Tesla Ev In Sydney
Bmw Ev Car Inspection In Sydney


Pre purchase inspection is the most common inspection we do on electric vehicles in Sydney. We provide mobile EV inspections and visit you at your preferred address.

Whether you are buying a used electric car from a private seller, an EV dealer or an auction yard, we are here to assist. If the EV is collated at a private residence, we get in touch with the seller on your behalf and pay them a visit at their convenience to inspect the EV.

If the vehicle is at a commercial place such as a dealership or an auction yard, similarly we make all arrangements with the seller on your behalf and inspect the EV at their location.

To know more about EV inspection inclusions and pricing, please visit our EV Inspection Page.

Pre Purchase Electric Car Inspection In Tesla Model 3 In Sydney
Pre Purchase Electric Car Inspection In Sydney Nsw


End of warranty inspection is the second most common EV inspection type we provide in Sydney. As long as you are in Sydney metro area, we come to you and inspect your EV at your own address.

We provide exclusive inspections on different types of EVs. The inclusions of each inspection will be different based on the EV make and model you have. The Inspector doing the inspection will also be different based on the type of electric vehicle.

After the inspection, we will give you a certificate pinpointing all problems found at the time of check. You can then take your written report to your EV manufacturer and repair them for free as long as they are covered by your warranty terms.

Last Check is an Australian registered vehicle inspection company and our car inspection reports will be accepted everywhere in Australia so it is not only limited to Sydney NSW. To learn more about our EV inspections and inclusions, please visit our EV Inspection Page.

Tesla Model S End Of Warranty Inspection In Sydney
Tesla Model S Interior Inspection Before Warranty Ends


Tesla is by far the number one electric car that we inspect in Sydney NSW. We inspect all models of Tesla in Sydney including Tesla Model 3, Tesla Model S, Tesla Model X, Tesla Roadster, Etc.

During the inspection, all inspectable parts of the Tesla will be inspected including electric motor, EV battery performance, underbody, interior and all electronics as well as our specialised previous collision and paint recognition.

Tesla is a true computer on wheels and some tests must be done only by Tesla itself using their own interface. Unlike normal gas-powered cars, where we hook up our OBD2 compatible computer to the vehicle and read the ECU to find the hidden issues, such a thing is not possible on electric cars.

If we give you a positive report and before you want to go ahead with your Tesla purchase, we recommend performing a remote or onsite inspection with Tesla Australia to log into your vehicle’s system for checking your battery life and find other hidden issues which need their own technology to find.

If we fail the test or if your Tesla turns out to be accidental or things of this nature, you will be informed not to take any more actions and save your money as the EV will not serve you well regardless.

To learn more about Tesla Inspection, please visit our Tesla Inspection Sydney Page or our main EV Inspection Page.

Inspection Of A Tesla Model 3 In Sydney
Tesla Used Ev Inspection In Sydney


We provide specialised inspections on different EVs and not two inspections have similar inclusions. For each electric car, the inspector will receive a different inspection checklist that must be completed before the inspection ends.

For example, if you have a BMW iX3, the checklist will be different from a Nissan Leaf. They are still both different from the checklist that we have for a Tesla Model X and this is the whole reason why our reports are as accurate as they can be. Just choose the EV you want to purchase and leave the hard work to us.

The sample report FORM we have on our website is for a gas powered car and the report you receive for EV inspection will be different although they serve the same purpose and both pinpoint all the faults found on the vehicle.

Except for having a different report form, everything else will be like the sample report including the pictures and car history report.

Tesla Car Inspection Pre Purchase Inspection In Sydney
Eelectric Car Interior Inspection In Sydney
Electric Car Road Test In Sydney Nsw
Tesla Model 3 Functionality Test In Sydney
Electric Car Suspension Inspection In Sydney
Electric Car Underbody Inspection In Sydney


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Last Check is Australia’s Most Rated Vehicle Inspection Company.

As well, Last Check is the only vehicle inspection company in Australia that offers vehicle inspections by TWO inspectors!

We also do a complete experience match to ensure the appointed inspector knows the vehicle completely and can answer all your technical questions.

Having had thousands of happy clients in Sydney, you can count on us and know that your vehicle is in safe hands.

Our expert vehicle inspection reports have saved thousands of Australians from making hefty mistakes and have given many others all the confidence they needed to purchase their used vehicle.

To know more about Last Check Vehicle Inspection, please refer to our Why Last Check Page.

Ultimate Mechanical Inspection

Upto 400+ HD Pictures

Collision, Paint & Rust Assessment

Advanced Computer Diagnosis

25 Pages Written Report

Instant Phone Report

PPSR Vehicle History

Complete Test Drive


You can make a booking for any type of electric car inspection online 24/7 or by calling us during business hours.

Based on the make and model EV you have, we will appoint the right inspector for your inspection. After the inspection, just list down any questions you have and ask your inspector directly.

You can also seek advice from your inspector to assist you with your decision making. To learn more about EV inspection inclusions and pricing, please visit our EV Inspection Page.




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