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Korean Car Inspection Sydney

Specialised Korean Car Inspection Sydney

Last Check, provides Specialised Car Inspections on all Korean made cars in Sydney including Hyundai, Kia, SsangYong, Genesis, Daewoo and Korean Electric Cars. We perform the exact same inspection that the South Korean car manufacturers do on their cars and use the same state of the art computers to diagnose the faults of each vehicle.

We provide several types of inspections including pre purchase inspection, post purchase inspection, end of warranty inspections and much more and each inspection is only done by the right expert.

We have specialised Korean car mechanics onboard who know each and every car well and can find the slightest hidden problems.


Pre purchase inspection is the most common car inspection service we do on Korean cars in Sydney. We provide independent mobile car inspections and inspect the vehicle at your own preferred address.

After the inspection, your inspector will call you and give you a verbal report about the Korean car you intend to buy. Your inspector will be a Korean car mechanic and can assist you with any mechanical question you might have so, list down all of your questions and ask us after the inspection.

You then receive a 20+ page car inspection report as well as hundreds of pictures taken at the time of inspection. Your inspection report also contains a PPSR vehicle history report to ensure the car is legitimate and legal.

Hyundai Santafe Inspection In Sydney Nsw
Pre Purchase Inspection On Hyundai Santafe 2016


Hyundai is the most common Korean car that we inspect in Sydney NSW. Hyundai is also the most loved Korean car in Australia and people love it because of its reliability, comfort and high safety score.

Hyundai is also a great car because of its European like design and reasonably cheap price that many can afford. Whether you want a Pre Purchase Inspection or End of Warranty Inspection, we have you covered.

Just choose your next Hyundai and leave the hard work to us and be reassured that our Hyundai inspectors can get to the bottom of each and every car for you.

Hyundai I30 2012 Inspection In Sydney Nsw
Pre Purchase Hyundai Inspection In Sydney Nsw


Kia is the second most common South Korean car that we inspect in Sydney. Just like Hyundai, Kia is a very reliable car, has lots of cool features and is reasonably comfortable to drive.

When it comes to reliability, Kia and Hyundai are pretty much the same and they both have a very high score however Australians still prefer Hyundai more as they generally make better looking cars. To learn more, please visit the List of Reliable Car Brands in Australia.

We have Kia specialists on board who can assist you with any inspection type you are after

Kia Sportage 2021 Inspection Before Buying
Used Kia Suv Inspection Before Purchase


Genesis is the third most common Korean car that we inspect in Sydney. Genesis is the luxury version of Hyundai and it really ticks all the boxes.

Genesis is very reliable, is made with very high quality materials and is super luxury. In fact, the new versions of genesis from 2022 onwards, look much better than most luxury cars in the market including Lexus, Infiniti, Mercedes Benz & BMW.

Genesis is packed with options and technologies and we have specialist Genesis inspectors on board to help you with any inspection type you need.

When it comes to inspecting a Genesis, we recommend choosing between our premium inspection plans to ensure nothing is left behind to inspect. You can choose between Premium Car Inspection 500 Point and Performance Car Inspection 600 Point.

Genesis G70 Inspection In Sydney Nsw
Genesis Interior Inspection In Sydney
Genesis 2022 Interior Inspection


SsangYong is the fourth most common Korean made car that we inspect in Sydney. SsangYong is not as popular as Hyundai or Kia and in terms of reliability, it has a lower score than them.

At the same time, SsangYong generally is packed with more options than the rest and it is a comfortable car to drive. We have Korean car inspectors specialising in SsangYong inspections to assist you with any inspection needs you have.

Ssangyong Inspection In Sydney


Daewoo is the least favourite Korean car available in Australia and it is not that popular since the company stopped making cars a long time ago.

At the same time, there are still lots of old Daewoos in Sydney and if you decide to purchase one, you should make sure that you get a good one since the parts are not being made anymore and they can be challenging to repair.

Just find the next Daewoo you intend to purchase and leave the hard work to our experts.

Daewoo Inspection Before Purchase In Sydney Nsw


Korea has started manufacturing many EVs in recent years and Korean electric cars are becoming very popular in Australia. Both Kia and Hyundai have started their EV production and very soon they will take over the market since they carry the same reliable title and they are reasonably much cheaper than most electric cars in the Australian market.

The inspections we do on electric vehicles are completely different from the inspections on normal gas-powered cars. The inspectors inspecting electric cars are also different.

We have fully qualified electric car mechanics onboard to assist you with any EV inspection. For more information, please visit our EV Inspection page.

Kia E Soul Inspection


As we provide exclusive car inspections, not two Korean cars will have the same inspection inclusions. The inspection checkpoints vary between different cars as well as the inspectors who inspect them.

For each Korean car, we provide an exclusive checklist that the inspector needs to inspect and the inspection does not end until all the boxes are ticked.

The inspection details will be different depending on your car type as well as the plan you have chosen. Premium vehicle inspection packages have more inclusions than normal car inspections.

To see our premium car inspection packages, just visit our Premium Car Inspection 500 Point, Performance Car Inspection 600 Point & Supercar Inspection 700 Point Page. If you have a Korean EV, you can see the service inclusions on our EV Inspection page.


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Last Check is Australia’s Most Rated Vehicle Inspection Company. Last Check is also the only vehicle inspection company that offers Original Vehicle Inspections with hundreds of checkpoints. For more info, please visit our Premium Car Inspection page.

As well, Last Check is the only vehicle inspection company in Australia that offers vehicle inspections by TWO inspectors!

We also do a complete experience match to ensure the appointed inspector knows the vehicle completely and can answer all your technical questions.

Having had thousands of happy clients in Sydney, you can count on us and know that your vehicle is in safe hands.

Our expert vehicle inspection reports have saved thousands of Australians from making hefty mistakes and have given many others all the confidence they needed to purchase their used vehicle.

To know more about Last Check Vehicle Inspection, please refer to our Why Last Check Page. To see the services that are exclusive to us, please visit Only @ Last Check

Ultimate Mechanical Inspection

Upto 400+ HD Pictures

Collision, Paint & Rust Assessment

Advanced Computer Diagnosis

25 Pages Written Report

Instant Phone Report

PPSR Vehicle History

Complete Test Drive


You can make a booking for any type of Korean car inspection online 24/7 or by calling us during business hours.

As mentioned above, we provide exclusive inspections for each make and model car based on its shape and inclusions. Just choose the right plan based on the Korean car type and the report intensity you want, and leave the rest to us.

To know more about the vehicle inspection service inclusions and prices, please visit our Services page.




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