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Vehicle Finance Inspection Sydney

Vehicle Finance Inspection Sydney

Last Check provides finance approval inspections on all make and model vehicles in Sydney NSW. Whether you have a car, a truck or a bus and want to apply for finance, we are here to assist.

We provide mobile vehicle inspections in Sydney and visit you at your own preferred address. After the inspection, you will receive a valid certificate from us that you can take anywhere in Australia for your vehicle finance approval.

Last Check is an Australian registered vehicle inspection company and our reports can be used anywhere in Australia so if you want to take the vehicle interstate after purchase, our certificate can make things easy for you.


Car finance inspection is the most common finance approval inspection we perform on vehicles in Sydney NSW. We perform specialised car inspections and each inspection is done only by the right mechanic with complete experience in the make and model.

Whether you have a European car, an American car, an Australian or Asian car, they all get inspected only by the right inspector.

Car finance inspection is not only limited to getting the finance approved. It is a true condition report of the car revealing all problems so that you do not get finance on a lemon.

So, choose the car you want to apply finance on and leave the rest to us. To learn more, please visit our Finance Approval Car Inspection Page.

Inspection Of Holden Hsv For Finance Approval
Inspecting Rangerover Under Finance In Sydney


Truck finance inspection is our second most popular vehicle finance inspection in Sydney. We inspect all types of trucks including light trucks, heavy trucks and prime movers and they are all inspected by our fully qualified diesel mechanics.

Just like cars, truck finance inspection is not just limited to facilitating the finance. It is rather a complete condition report of the truck and has saved many people to avoid hefty mistakes.

You can book your truck finance inspection on our website or by just calling us. For more info about our truck inspection prices and inclusions, please visit our Truck Inspection Page.

Hyundai Xcient Prime Mover Inspection
Fridge Truck Inspection For Finance


Bus finance inspection is our third most popular finance approval inspection in Sydney. We inspect all makes and models of buses and the inspection is done only by a qualified bus mechanic so that you receive a report that you can rely on.

We inspect the bus in full and send you a condition report which will serve two purposes. First, you will know the true condition of the bus and can decide whether to proceed with the finance or just look for something else.

Second, you will receive a certificate to facilitate your finance application so just choose the bus you want and leave the rest to us.

For more information about our bus inspection inclusions and pricing, please visit our Bus Inspection Page.

Small Bus Inspection
Bus Inspection For Finance Approval


We inspect all types of RVs for finance approval including motorhomes, caravans, trailers and all other RV types in Sydney. Just like cars and heavy vehicles, motorhomes are inspected by our qualified RV inspectors who are familiar with all the odds and cons of RV inspection and repair.

Our inspectors not only will assist you to get your finance approved but they can inform you of all problems of the motorhome since there are many components to be inspected and no one wants to lose money on a lemon RV after all.

To learn more about our motorhome finance inspection, please visit our RV Inspection Page.

Fiat Motorhome Inspection
Motorhome Inspection in Sydney


After the finance inspection, we issue you a certificate that you can take to your finance company to apply for finance on the vehicle. Before making any order you can check our sample report which is available everywhere on our website and ask your finance company if they accept our report.

Some finance companies have their own form to fill in instead of the report we provide which should be all good.

In this case, please send their form to us and see whether we can fill in their form or not. We can fill in all finance condition report forms and we have never had any cases which we have declined but we should be informed beforehand so that we do not waste your money.

If the finance company wants their form filled in, we will do it in addition to the report that you will receive from us at a small additional charge.

All finance application forms will be endorsed by Last Check Pty Ltd and not an individual inspector so that you can use them everywhere in Australia for your finance application.

To learn more, please visit our Finance Approval Car Inspection Page.


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Last Check is Australia’s Most Rated Vehicle Inspection Company.

Last Check is also the only vehicle inspection company that offers Original Vehicle Inspections with hundreds of checkpoints.For more info, please visit our Premium Car Inspection Page.

As well, Last Check is the only vehicle inspection company in Australia that offers vehicle inspections by TWO inspectors!

We also do a complete experience match to ensure the appointed inspector knows the vehicle completely and can answer all your technical questions.

Having had thousands of happy clients in Sydney, you can count on us and know that your vehicle is in safe hands.

Our expert vehicle inspection reports have saved thousands of Australians from making hefty mistakes and have given many others all the confidence they needed to purchase their used vehicle.

To know more about Last Check Vehicle Inspection, please visit our Why Last Check Page.

Ultimate Mechanical Inspection

Upto 400+ HD Pictures

Collision, Paint & Rust Assessment

Advanced Computer Diagnosis

25 Pages Written Report

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PPSR Vehicle History

Complete Test Drive


You can make a booking for any type of vehicle finance inspection online 24/7 or by calling us during business hours.

If you want to book a car finance inspection, please visit our Finance Approval Car Inspection Page.

If you are intending to purchase a motorhome and want to book a finance inspection, please visit our RV Inspection Page.

For booking any truck finance inspection, please visit our Truck Inspection Page  and for buses, please visit our Bus Inspection Page.




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