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We are temporarily closed for renovations

We will come back by the end of May with lots of new services

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Modified Car Inspection

Ultimate Modified Car Inspection

Most Complete Pre Purchase Inspection on Modified Vehicles –600+ Point Check.

Price: $389 Including GST

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Buying Modified Cars is not like buying a Normal Car. Modified cars generally come with much more risk than stock cars.

In a stock vehicle, everything is as it has been designed by the manufacturer but in Modified Vehicles, this is not the case. Whether the Modifications are Structural or Mechanical, as it sounds, the vehicle has been altered to the owner’s liking and the purpose of use.

Modified cars also have many more parts to check depending on the modification type. This is generally more common in 4WD cars and the cars especially modified for joy rides therefore it is not a job that any ordinary mechanic can do.

Inspecting these vehicles before purchase needs special expertise and knowledge and must be done by someone that has actually done the job and is familiar with all odds and cons.

Modified vehicle Inspection- Last Check Inspection

Modified Car Inspection_ Last Check Inspection Sydney

Modified Car Engine Inspection Prepurchase

Modified Car Dynotune Inspection


Engine Modifications such as Dyno Tune are done on cars to improve the performance and powertrain responsivity. Other mechanical modifications are done to improve other aspects of the vehicle, but it is not always the case.

A wrong Dyno Tune or an unprofessional engine modification can work against the vehicle performance and affect the ECU negatively.

This is the reason that normally the number of Computer Fault Codes in modified cars are significantly higher than stock cars. At the same time, a Professional Dyno Tune or Mechanical Modification can improve the powertrain responsivity.

This is a very meticulous job and requires special knowledge and sophisticated computers to see how is the powertrain internally after the modifications.

As a simple example, installing just a cold air intake inside the engine bay can boost the engine performance and at the same time, it can reduce the turbocharger or engine boost.

Our inspectors are able to find that out and give you the reassurance you need before the purchase.

Prepurchase Modified Car Inspection In Sydney

Modified Vehicle Suspension Inspection

Modified Car Shock Absorber Inspection


Structural Modifications can be exactly like Mechanical Modifications. In some cases, they improve the performance of the vehicle and in some cases, they work against it.

Whether it is a 4WD car with a suspension lift, a Disability Vehicle with disability equipment or is a low rider with lowered suspension, if the job has been done professionally, the performance will be improved to match the owner’s expectations.

At the same time especially on the Suspension Modifications, an unprofessional job can have permanent negative effects on the vehicle such as non-reversible misalignment, bushes tear, constant noise and big safety risks by affecting the brake and suspension performance.

Chassis however is the most important part, any wrong modification on the chassis can affect the safety of the car for good.

With our Pre Purchase Modified Vehicle Inspection, all areas of concern will be thoroughly inspected by our Specialised Modified Car Inspectors and give you all the information you need before purchasing a structurally modified vehicle.

Prepurchase Modified Vehicle Inspection Sydney

Modified Car Interior Inspection

Modified Car Chassis Inspection



We inspect all cars as they are and with the modifications that the previous owner has done on the vehicle. Pre Purchase Modified Car Inspection gives you a rundown of all visible faults that the car has before making your decision.

Modifications are countless and each car can be modified in hundreds of different ways. This is a fault-finding service and it will not give you a list of things they have done on the vehicle unless the previous owner discloses them all and have documents to prove them.

We never ask the seller personal questions such as how they have used the car, who has modified the vehicle or any other personal questions. Even if the seller makes a positive comment, we still only rely on our own findings at the time of inspection and do not take into account the comments they make.

It is best to ask all the legal and personal questions from the seller to ensure you want to go ahead with the purchase before anything.

We use the most sophisticated computers used especially to modify cars and tune the engine to find all faults caused by the mechanical modifications. We also use digital devices to find all previous accidents, paints, panel bog and rust under the paint.

At the same time, this job is done not by a normal mechanic but by Specialised Modified Car Inspectors with full knowledge in the field so that you leave nothing to guesswork before purchasing a modified car.

Modified Toyota Hilux Inspection Before Purchase
Pre Purchase Modified Car Computer Diagnosis
Modified Suspension Inspection Of Toyota Hilux


Our main mission is to exceed our valuable clients’ expectations by providing a Vehicle Inspection unlike any other along with the best customer service.

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Our Fully Qualified Inspectors do not look at any client as a number, they look at each car as if they want to buy it for themselves.

For each inspection, they get a different checklist of inspectable items and the Vehicle Inspection does not end until the list is completed.

Your inspector will then call you after the inspection and give you a complete verbal report over the phone. you then have the chance to ask any mechanical questions from the same mechanic who has inspected your vehicle.

In less than 24 hours you will receive 20+ pages of written report certificate along with an exceptionally large HD picture album, Vehicle history Check (Official PPSR report), your tax invoice and all other associated documents.


  1. Complete Engine & Powertrain
  2. Modified Engine Parts
  3. Full Dyno Tune Inspection
  4. Transmission & Manual Gearbox
  5. Modified Car Computer Diagnosis
  6. Complete 4WD Gearbox (If Equipped)
  7. Radiator & Cooling System
  8. 4WD Road Test (If Equipped)
  9. Transaxle & All Axles
  10. Transfer Case Full Assessment (If Equipped)
  11. Front Differential
  12. Rear Differential
  13. Drive Line & Its Components
  14. Differential Lock & Diff Functionality
  15. Wheel Hubs
  16. Heavy Duty Bushes & Rubbers
  17. DPF Assessment (On Diesel Engines)
  18. All Emissions & Their Legality
  19. Engine Sound Legality
  20. Clutch Health & Clutch Disc Remaining (Avoid Unwanted Costs)
  21. Clutch Performance
  22. Clutch Pedal Performance
  23. Heavy Duty Clutch Assessment
  24. Turbocharger Assessment
  25. Intercooler Assessment
  26. Supercharger Assessment
  27. All Electronics & Their Functionalities
  28. Suspension & Underbody
  29. Modified Suspension Parts
  30. Modified Chassis Add Ones
  31. Bull Bar & Towbar
  32. Heavy-Duty Chassis Assessment (Avoid Big Costs)
  33. Electronic Paint Assessment (100% Accurate)
  34. Past Accident Assessment (100% Accurate)
  35. Specialised Rust Assessment (Revealing the Rust Severity & Depth)
  36. Major Cosmetics Minus Wear & Tear
  37. All Electrical Wirings
  38. Hoses & Connections
  39. Interior & All Options
  40. Cargo Area Modification
  41. All Hydraulics & Pumps
  42. Fluid Conditions
  43. Full Safety Check
  44. Complete Road Test
  45. Service Requirements (Know the Required Services)
  46. Service Logbook
  47. Engineering Certificates (If Presented)
  48. Registration Paper (If Presented)
  49. Vehicle History Check (Official PPSR Report)
  50. Extra-large Picture Album (200 to 400 HD Pictures)





Modified BMW Inspection In Sydney

Pre Purchase Inspection Of Modified Lexus Rc

Modified Holden Hsv Inspection Pre Purchase

Modified Mercedes Benz Inspection Before Purchase

Pre Purchase Inspection Of Modified Jeep Grand Cherokee





Ultimate Modified Car Inspection
600+ Point Check
Price: 389 Incl. GST
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  • Instant Verbal Report
  • Large Picture Album
  • PPSR Vehicle History Report
  • Your Tax Invoice


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MOST RATED Vehicle Inspection in Australia
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  • Full Engine & Transmission
  • Super Advanced Computer Diagnosis
  • Interior
  • Exterior
  • Full 4W4 Gearbox
  • Under Body & Chassis
  • Tyres, Wheels & Brakes
  • Previous Accident Assessment
  • Paint Assessment
  • Rust Assessment
  • Logbook & Services
  • Safety Check
  • Full Road Test
  • Largest Photo Album – 200 to 400 Pics
  • Vehicle History - Original PPSR Report

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  • Full Engine
  • Computer Diagnosis
  • Interior
  • Exterior
  • Full 4x4 Gearbox
  • Under Body & Chassis
  • Tyres, Wheels & Brakes
  • Accident Assessment
  • Paint Recognition
  • Rust Assessment
  • Log Book & Services
  • Safety Check
  • Full Road Test
  • Large Photo Album
  • History Check/PPSR Check

MOST RATED Vehicle Inspection in Australia
Based on 400+ Reviews

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