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Post Purchase Car Inspection

Post Purchase Car Inspection

For all Post Purchase Matters, Repair Dispute, Tribunal & Court Proceedings

Price: $529 & $729 Plus GST

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Post Purchase Car Inspection is one of our Most Common Car Inspection Services. In a lot of cases, the buyer has not done any Pre Purchase Inspection before they purchased the car and soon after they notice they have bought a lemon.

Service disputes are very common in Australia, and we perform lots of Post Purchase Services.

As an average one in every ten customers in Australia is not happy with the way the insurances company has handled their repairs or they are just unhappy with the normal repair job that their mechanic has provided.

This is when Last Check Post Purchase Car Inspection comes in handy.

If you are not satisfied with the service you have received or if you come to a disagreement with your service provider whether it is a mechanic, panel beater or an insurance company, we can surely help.

We have specially trained technicians for this purpose. Our experienced technicians will patiently listen to your concerns and perform a whole assessment of the service you have received.

You can count on us from A to Z with this journey and we will try to simplify things for you from the beginning.

Maserati Post Purchase Inspection In Sysdney
Maserati Computer Fault Diagnosis
Chassis Inspection Of A Maserati After Purchase


If You have purchased a used car from a private seller or dealer and the condition was not as described, you can challenge the purchase legally.

If you have purchased the car from a private seller, the matter will be a bit more time consuming however if you have bought the car from a dealer, it can be solved much quicker.

By law in Australia, you will receive a limited time warranty if you have purchased a used car from a dealer. This is called statutory warranty and covers you for anything that has mechanically gone bad after you have purchased the vehicle.

The term of statutory warranty is normally 3 months or 5K Travel after purchase whichever comes first but not all cars are eligible.

This law is pretty much the same across Australia however different states might have different eligibility requirements that must be met before any claim can be made.

At the same time, by law, dealers cannot sell a car that is not road worthy or have any safety issues and this normally has nothing to do with the statutory warranty and can be easily challenged legally.

Last Check Car Inspector Inspectin An American Car
Last Check Car Inspector At Work
Last Check Mechanic Inspecting Front Suspension


As the name suggests Repair Dispute Car Inspection comes in handy when you have received a repair service from someone, and you were not happy with the status of the repair.

It commonly happens when the job is handled by an insurer and they can not keep their promises to deliver the vehicle within the expected condition.

The issue can be cosmetic, structural, or mechanical. If you are experiencing such difficulty and you cannot come to an agreement with the service provider, Last Check’s Repair Dispute Inspection can assist.

As an Independent Vehicle Inspection Provider, we can assess the vehicle for you and give you our expert assessment report.

The report can be used for Fair Trading, Tribunal & Courts of law in Australia upon request.

Post Purchase Inspection Of A BMW 3 Series
BMW Computer Fault Diagnosis After Purchase
BMW Chassis Inspection After Purchase


Our Post Purchase & Repair Dispute Inspection is unlike our Pre Purchase Car Inspection services.

For Prepurchase Vehicle Inspection, we do not have any specific objectives and we check the vehicle as we normally do with no special attention to anything in particular.

This is however different for Post Purchase Car Inspection and Repair Dispute Inspections.

For Post Purchase Inspection you need to pinpoint the issues one by one, and our fully qualified inspector will inspect each concern specifically.

We give you an Independent Assessment Report and endorse it so that it can be used in legal proceedings.

Not two service providers do the same job and not two experts think the same. Our Inspection Report might be different from others, and it is inevitable however as this service is only done by a fully qualified expert specialized in the vehicle type, you can count on us to give you a solid assessment report.

Last Check Vehicle Inspector working on a Holden HSV.webp
Last Check mechanic working on a Holden HSV in Sydney NSW
Last Check Vehicle Inspector lifting a car up to inspect


At Last Check, we have a team of fully qualified and highly trained vehicle inspectors on board to assist you with your journey.

Our Post Purchase Car Inspection is a highly specialised service and only the right inspector is appointed to do perform the check.

We also use state of the art technologies and computers to find all potential hidden faults of the vehicle.

As an example, even if your car has been in an accident 30 years back, we can tell you how the paint job is, whether you have bogs or rust under the paint, how thick or premium the paint is etc. Same thing for all structural and mechanical issues.

All European cars are done only by European Car Mechanics, Asian, American & Australian cars, exactly the same.

The qualified inspector appointed to inspect the car for you will have the full knowledge of the vehicle and can fully assist you with your concern.

Sometimes, something is normal for a type of vehicle such as Engine sounds, Turbo lag, Suspension noise Etc. Since the service is done by a specialist, you can count on us to give you valid feedback about your particular concerns.

Tesla EV Inspection After Purchase In Sydney
Inspection Of A Mercedes Benz After Purchase Sydney NSW
Mini Cooper Inspection Post Purchase


As a vehicle inspection company doing post purchase car inspections on regular basis and with our extensive experience after years of court and tribunal attendance advocating for different clients, you can count on us to take up this service even further.

Here are some benefits of Last Check Post Purchase Inspection & Repair Dispute Inspection:

  • Your report is certified, independent. We do not take any sides and that makes the assessment valid in legal proceedings.
  • If something is normal but you think it is an issue, our fully specialised Inspectors can inform you not to waste your time and have peace of mind.
  • If your chance is slim in Tribunal or Court, we can advise you not to waste your money by lodging an application.
  • If your case is solid, we will tell you what is best for you and where to start based on your case.
Last Check Vehicle Inspection Work Car
Last Check Inspector Working On A Ferrari GTB Sydney NSW
Last Check Inspector Inspecting A Ferrari GTB In Sydney NSW


  • The report is endorsed by the company under the registered Australian Company Number of 623340214, not the inspector or any other person.
  • The report will not target any specific person or organisation. It will be an endorsed independent condition report usable in courts and tribunals.
  • Our report is 100% Specialised and not always we agree with your concerns. If the issue is obvious such as an engine leak or noise and can be shown to the inspector, it is all covered however if the issue is something that is considered normal or is intermittent and cannot be seen at the time of inspection, we only report on our own findings.
  • The Inspection Report we produce is different for both court and tribunal. The court report can be used in tribunals, but the tribunal report is only valid for tribunals and cannot be changed later on.
  • You need to accept our terms and conditions regarding Post Purchase Inspection before we can do the inspection.
  • You will receive a phone call after making your booking for a free consultation and you can share your concerns and ask questions.
  • Not to waste your money, if we cannot help you with your case, or if your case is something that is outside our jurisdiction, we will issue you a full refund or advise you on the phone not to make any booking.





Post Purchase Car Inspection In Sydney
Post Purchase Inspection Of A Bentley In Sydney
Post Purchase Inspection Of A Chevrolet In Sydney
Post Purchase Inspection Of A Ferrari In Sydney


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Independent Assessment for Court:   $729 Plus GST

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