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We will come back by the end of July with lots of new services

We are temporarily closed for renovations

We will come back by the end of July with lots of new services

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Pre Purchase Car Inspection

Family 2WD Car Inspection

300 to 500+ Point Check

Price: $289, $349 & 369 Including GST

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This Prepurchase Car Inspection plan suits all makes and models of 2WD Family Cars including Sedan, Hatchback, Station wagon, Coupe & Convertibles. We provide 100% Specialised Vehicle Inspection and only appoint the right inspector to inspect each type of car.

If you have a 2WD Van, Ute or SUV, please refer to Van, Ute & SUV Inspection page since they include a few more tests that you cannot find on this page.

If you have a 4WD car, a Classic car, a Hybrid car or anything other than the ones mentioned above, please book your inspection on the relevant page.


We inspect all makes and models of 2WD cars in Australia without any exception. We have specialised inspectors available for all makes and models and each car gets inspected only by its own specialist.

From European to Asian cars and American to Australian cars, we have your back. Just find the car you want and leave the rest to us. To learn more about our pre purchase car inspections, please visit Vehicles We Inspect.

Pre Purchase Vehicle Inspection In Sydney NSW
Used Vehicle Inspection In Sydney
Inspecting a Used Car Before Purchase


At Last Check, we have gathered the Best Qualified Mechanics & Auto Engineers in town with a broad range of specialities to cover all kinds of Vehicle Inspections and give you absolute peace of mind before buying a used car.

We have European Car Mechanics, Asian Car Mechanics, Supercar Specialists, Specialised Classic Car Inspectors & Fully Qualified Diesel Mechanics.

We also have Senior Auto Engineers on board as well for all complex matters such as Vehicle Modifications Inspection, Repair Dispute & Legal Proceedings in case you intend to take legal action against the service you have received or the car you have already purchased.

All Our Qualified Vehicle Inspectors have years of experience in vehicle inspection and mechanical repairs and undergo regular technical training to enhance their knowledge as new technologies emerge.

We also train Australian & Overseas qualified mechanics to enhance their knowledge and become car inspectors. To learn more, please visit Last Check Vehicle Inspector Academy.

Whether the Used Vehicle you want to buy has a Service History or not and regardless of what the owner claims, just count on us to find all the mechanical and structural faults before you make any commitments.

Last Check Vehicle Inspector Doing a Pre Purchase Car Inspection
Last Check Vehicle Inspector Lifting a Car Up To Inspect
Last Check Vehicle Inspector Inspecting Chassis Of a Used Car


Our silver 300 Point pre-purchase inspection plan is a very good and comprehensive package with many inclusions that are unique in the market. At the same time, we have the technologies and resources to take the car inspection to a completely different level and give you more insight

We have two premium plans, Premium Car Inspection and Platinum Car Inspection 500+ Point that include all inclusions of the silver plan plus much more, including Original Computer Fault Diagnosis, Engine Live Data, SRS & ABS check, Engine Component Test and a lot more.

These plans are capable of finding the hidden faults of the vehicle even if they have been deliberately erased from the ECU by the seller before the sale.

Premium Car Inspection plans are all done by TWO inspectors instead of One Inspector in Normal Car Inspection. This makes a big difference and Last Check is the only vehicle inspection company in Australia that offers such a service. Only @ Last Check

Original Computer Diagnosis is also not comparable with the normal diagnostic scan. Our original diagnosis computer will be 100% Exclusive to each make and model so if you have for example a Mercedes Benz, it is 100% Like the diagnostic scan done by Mercedes Benz Australia itself.

Premium plans are slightly more expensive but what they give you in return is huge. Even if we find a single hidden Engine & Transmission problem, it can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars in repair costs depending on the nature of the fault.

Pre Purchase Vehicle Inspection In Sydney
Pre Purchase Vehicle Inspection
Underbody Inspection Of a Used Car Before Purchase


There is no Random Car Inspection at Last Check. We perform strict experience matches before each Vehicle Inspection to ensure they get done only by someone who knows the vehicle very well.

European vehicles get checked only by European Car Mechanics, and Asian, Australian & American cars get inspected only by the Right Qualified Car Inspector. Only @ Last Check

We also have senior auto engineers onboard supervising our team of inspectors and solving all the complex matters.

Be reassured that your Car Inspector knows your car very well and can answer all your mechanical questions after the inspection. The Inspector can also give you all Repair & Service advice and guide you in the best direction to save money on both the Vehicle Repairs & Maintenance.

Inspecting a Police Vehicle In Sydney
Inspecting a Used Police Car Before Purchase
European Used car Inspection Before Purchase
Interior and Electronics Inspection of a Used Mercedes Benz


Our main mission is to exceed our valuable clients’ expectations by providing a Vehicle Inspection unlike any other along with the best customer service.

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Our Fully Qualified Inspectors do not look at any client as a number, they look at each car as if they want to buy it for themselves.

Our premium inspection plans include more checks which makes a big difference however our basic packages are still very comprehensive.

For each inspection, our inspector will get a different checklist and the Vehicle Inspection does not end until the list is completed. The checklist intensity and inclusions are based on the inspection plan you have chosen and different plans have different inclusions.

After the inspection, your inspector will call you and give you a complete verbal report over the phone. You then have the chance to ask all mechanical questions from the same mechanic who has inspected your vehicle.

In less than 24 hours you will receive a 25 to 30+ page written report along with an exceptionally large picture album, Vehicle History Report (Official PPSR Report), your tax invoice and all other associated documents. To see what the report looks like, please visit the Sample Report page.

If your plan includes Urgent SMS Report or you have ordered one, you will get the report normally on the same day by SMS and you can decide faster especially if the seller has other offers and you want to make a quick decision. To learn more about us, please visit Why Last Check.






Second Hand BMW Inspection Before Purchase
Second Hand Mazda Inspection Before Purchase
Inspection Of a Used Honda Civic Before Purchase
Mobile Pre Purchase Vehicle Inspection In Sydney
Inspecting a ConvertibleVW Before Purchase




Choose Your Inspection Plan


One Inspector

Normal Car Inspection

300 Point Check

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Price: 289 Incl. GST


Two Inspectors

Premium Car Inspection

400 Point Check

View Benefits

Price: 349 Incl. GST


Two Inspectors

Platinum Car Inspection

500+ Point Check

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Price: 369 Incl. GST

Report Inclusions

  • Complete Vehicle Inspection
  • Instant Verbal Report
  • Large Picture Album
  • PPSR Vehicle History Report
  • Your Payment Receipt

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