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We are temporarily closed for renovations

We will come back by the end of July with lots of new services

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Pre Purchase Van, SUV & Ute Inspection

Van, SUV & Ute Inspection

Pre Purchase Inspection for Vans, SUV & Utes

350+ Point Check

Price: $289 & $339 Including GST

No Hidden Fees - Scroll Down to See the Details

Buying a used SUV, Van or Ute is not like purchasing normal cars. Whether it is a Normal SUV, Personal Van, People Mover, Commercial Van or a Ute, these Vehicles are made for work.

SUVs in particular, are getting more common every day and people buy them for various reasons. Pre Purchase SUV Inspection is our second Most Popular Car Inspection Service amongst the rest of the Vehicle Inspection types.

These types of Vehicles are also more vulnerable to abuse and misuse because of their built and usage type.

For example, carrying excessive loads or pulling excessive weight with SUVs, Utility Vehicles or Vans can affect the entire Powertrain including Engine, Gearbox, Clutch, Transfer Case and Differentials.

As a result, these vehicles typically have the greatest number of faults compared to the rest of Pre-Purchase Car Inspections. In many cases also something that is supposedly working fine can go bad without any notice just after the purchase.

van inspection before purchase
pre purchase SUV inspection sydney
pre purchase ute inspection sydney


To minimise the risk of the used vehicle purchase, we perform special tests on all Vans & People Movers. This test includes more points of check compared to the Normal Car Inspection focusing on the Powertrain, Chassis, Suspension& Onboard Computer.

Our Pre-Purchase Van Inspection gets to the bottom of the Van Condition and reveals both mechanical and structural problems of the vehicle.

Unlike Prepurchase Car Inspection, for Pre Purchase Van Inspection, we put the entire powertrain under force and read the performance in real-time using state of the art computers.

Under force Powertrain Inspection is a must for all commercial and personal vans and we do this without damaging the van in any way.

This enables us to check the van performance of all the mechanical parts before you load the vehicle and hit the highway. We generally find the most number of faults this way across all used vehicles.

The chassis also gets inspected by a specialist for any force-related problems which in most cases are not reversible or cost a fortune to repair.

Onboard Computer Diagnosis is also completely different in Prepurchase Van Inspection and comes with a whole lot of extra checkpoints.

If the Van is a 4WD or AWD and you are worried about the transfer case, differentials, AWD Transaxle, AWD Computer & the 4x4 gearbox, we have those covered as well.

Check out our 4WD Car Inspection Page for more details.

Police van pre purchase inspection in sydney
used van inspection before purchase in sydney
van suspension inspection before purchase


The number of mechanical faults in all SUV cars is much higher than in normal cars. This is because of the usage type which comes with carrying more load and the number of commuters using the car at the same time.

Since suspension, chassis and powertrain in SUVs are different from sedans and hatchbacks, a different level of Vehicle Inspection is required to include all the differences.

Many SUVs also come with adjustable airs suspension and lots of extras that sedans do not have, have complete peace of mind that all the impeccable components will be inspected.

Our Fully Qualified Vehicle Inspectors can get to the bottom of all SUVs and advise you of all the Mechanical Faults as well as the entire Structural Issues.

During the inspection, all visible parts of the SUV get fully inspected and no inspectable part is left behind.

If the SUV is a 4WD or AWD, we have you fully covered. Check out our 4WD Car Inspection Page for more details.

BMW-x3 suv inspection before purchase sydney
pre purchase suv inspection
citroen suv inspection in sydney before buying


Utility Car Inspection is also different from Normal Car Inspection. Chassis and suspension damage is most common amongst all Utes and we commonly detect them while performing the inspection.

Utes are workhorses and are made for work and carrying loads. At the same time, lots of drivers do not know much about the capacity in which the Ute can support and they often push them beyond their limits and damage cause many mechanical and structural issues. We see this commonly!

Heavy towing, heavy loads and lack of service are the main killers of the Utes and we are here to ensure this is not the case before you commit to the purchase.

Utes and Vans are the most problematic type of cars we inspect and the average number of detected faults are almost double as much as normal cars.

To Ensure the chassis and suspension have not been affected by oversized loads and excessive pulling, on Ute Inspection, Chassis and Underbody get specially inspected for any load-related imperfections, bends, twists or other structural & mechanical problems.

Prepurchase Ute Inspection is done by our Fully Qualified Ute Mechanics specialised in Utes and commercial vehicles. Never worry about losing money on a bad Ute with Last Check Ute Inspection.

If the Ute is a 4WD, we still have you fully covered. Check out our 4WD Car Inspection Page for more details.

ford falcon ute 2018 inspection
holden hsv ute inspection pre purchase
toyota hilux ute inspection before buying




Premium Original Van, SUV & Ute Inspection, as the name suggests is our Premium Pre Purchase Inspection Plan. Premium Original Inspection takes the inspection to a completely different level and offers things that only the manufacturer can diagnose.

This plan gives you an extra 150+ Points of check and is guaranteed to be exactly the same inspection as the manufacturer does with the same checklist and more.

As an example, if you have a Toyota HiAce Van 2020 Model, you will receive the exact same inspection that Toyota itself does on the HiAce.

The benefits of this plan are huge. Our normal Inspection package is a full complete fault diagnosis of all Vans, Utes & SUVs, however, the Premium package is not limited to fault diagnosis.

It can also find the internal hidden faults with 100% Accuracy since we use the same computer that belongs to your car and not a normal scanner. It also gives you the engine performance live data which makes a huge difference and we can comment on the health of all internal parts of the engine.

Premium Car Inspection is done not by just a random mechanic but by someone specialised in the vehicle type to ensure we know all about the car before we start the inspection.

This plan also gets done by TWO Inspectors instead of one (Only at Last Check).

One inspector physically inspects the vehicle and another inspector analyses the super-advanced computer scanning data in the office which might take up to another 4 hours before releasing the results.

This way not only we can find the current faults, but if something is not performing well and is about to go bad, we can find it.

As small as a spark plug for one of the cylinders or a single gear inside the gearbox, this plan can detect the faults and pinpoint the exact affected part.

Done by TWO Inspectors

Finds All Hidden Faults

Determines Engine Health

100% Exclusive to Each Car   

Engine Performance Live Data   

Done Only by Your Car Specialist   


Our main mission is to exceed our valuable clients’ expectations by providing a Vehicle Inspection unlike any other along with the best customer service.

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Our Fully Qualified Inspectors do not look at any client as a number, they look at each car as if they want to buy it for themselves.

For each inspection, they get a different checklist of inspectable items and the Vehicle Inspection does not end until the list is completed.

Your inspector will then call you after the inspection and give you a complete verbal report over the phone. you then have the chance to ask any mechanical questions from the same mechanic who has inspected your vehicle.

In less than 24 hours you will receive 20+ pages of written report certificate along with an exceptionally large HD picture album, Vehicle history Check (Official PPSR report), your tax invoice and all other associated documents.


Normal Van, SUV & Ute Inspection:

350+ Point Check

  1. Full Engine & Powertrain (+Up to 50 More Points)
  2. Automatic transmission
  3. Complete Manual Gearbox
  4. Onboard Computer Diagnosis (+Up to 50 More Modules)
  5. Radiator & Cooling System
  6. Transaxle & All Axles
  7. Shock Absorbers
  8. Front Differential
  9. Rear Differential
  10. Drive Line & Its Components
  11. Diff Whine &Functionality
  12. Wheel Hubs
  13. Bushes & Rubbers
  14. DPF Assessment (On Diesel Engines)
  15. Clutch Health & Clutch Disc Remaining (Avoid Unwanted Costs)
  16. Clutch Performance
  17. Heavy-Duty Clutch Assessment
  18. Turbocharger Assessment
  19. Intercooler Assessment
  20. Super Charger Assessment
  21. All Electronics & Their Functionalities
  22. Suspension & Underbody
  23. Major Cosmetics Minus Wear & Tear
  24. Electronic Paint Assessment (100% Accurate)
  25. Past Accident Assessment (Detects if the Car is Accidental)
  26. Specialized Rust Assessment (Revealing the Rust Severity & Depth)
  27. All Electrical Wirings
  28. Hoses & Connections
  29. Interior & All Options
  30. Cargo & Load Area
  31. All Hydraulics & Pumps
  32. Full Safety Check
  33. Steering & Cornering
  34. All Fluids Conditions
  35. Service Requirements (Know the Required Service Costs)
  36. Complete Test Drive
  37. Service Logbook
  38. Registration Paper (If Presented)
  39. Vehicle History Check (Official PPSR Report)
  40. Extra-large Picture Album (200 to 400 HD Pictures)

  41. Premium Original 4WD & AWD Inspection Extras:

    500+ Point Check

  42. All Above 400+ Point Inclusions
  43. Extra 100+ Point (All Mechanical & Electrical)
  44. Done by TWO Inspectors (One Inspector Inspects, The Other Analyses High Volume Computer Data in the Office)
  45. 100% Exclusive to Each Make & Model (No Generic Check)
  46. 100% Original Computer Diagnosis (Not a Normal Scanner)
  47. Engine Live Data (Warns if Anything is About to Fail as Small as a Spark Plug!) – No Anticipation, only by the Data Received
  48. More Than 10 Pages of Computer Data (Versus One, in Normal Inspection)
  49. Not Only Fault Diagnosis, Determines Engine & Gearbox Internal Health
  50. Finds Hidden Problems (Even if Deliberately Erased by the Seller)
  51. Checks ABS & SRS Safety Internally (100% Exclusive to Each Model)





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Normal Van/SUV/Ute Inspection
350+ Point Check
Fault Diagnosis
Price: 289 Incl. GST
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Premium Original Van/SUV/Ute Inspection
500+ Point Check
Done by 2 Inspectors!!
Fault Diagnosis + Finds Hidden Problems & Reveals Engine Internal Health

Price: 339 Incl. GST
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Report Inclusions

  • Complete Vehicle Inspection
  • Instant Verbal Report
  • Large Picture Album
  • PPSR Vehicle History Report
  • Your Tax Invoice

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