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Last Check's Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We take the privacy of our clients very seriously and no one except for the client is entitled to ask any sensitive questions about the service and the outcome.

Personal information about visitors to this website is primarily collected when knowingly and voluntarily submitted. Personal information can include your name, address, Email address and phone number.

This data is collected for the primary purpose of providing our products and services, or information relating to those products and services to the client.

Financial Information

Financial details most commonly include credit card, debit card details or other means of electronic funds transfer. All financial data have one-time use only and we do not keep any of this information in our system.

We use third-party secure payment system providers such as PayPal and Square and all the credit card details will be encrypted by the providers when making a booking online.

No one, even us has access to that information.

For phone bookings similarly, the card details have only one-time use, and we will never keep any of the card information in our system for maximum security.

If any client who has paid with a credit card needs a refund, we bounce the funds back into the same card they have paid from without knowing any details.

If the client has paid by money transfer, we do not have access to the BSB and Account number they have paid from unless it is mentioned on the receipt.

We never keep that information in our system and in case the client needs a refund, we need their account details again for the refund to be processed.

Reports Privacy

Both written and verbal reports will be provided to the client named on the report only. To protect the clients’ privacy, we will never share the report with anyone unless with the consent of the client.

To authenticate the client over the phone, we might ask some questions regarding the information shared with us. If we can not authenticate the client, we only send the written report to the email address provided to us at the time of booking.

For the verbal reports, similarly, we only contact the phone number given to us by the client. The client can request us to speak to anyone else on their behalf over the phone but again if we can not authenticate the client completely, this will never happen.

If the client can choose for their report to be shared with the seller or any other party by informing us beforehand or participate in programs in which the seller automatically receives the report sent to the buyer.

Pictures Privacy

The inspector takes pictures of the vehicle where it has been inspected which can be on the road, inside a workshop or a private residence where the seller has given access.

The pictures might include people, animals or objects who have been around the vehicle at the time of inspection. If the seller or the buyer do not want to be in the pictures, they can ask our inspector to take the pictures in a way that they won’t be included.

The pictures taken at the time of inspection will be the property of Last Check and will be used for further analysis and future references. These pictures will be shared with the seller as well and will be posted online on some occasions.

The pictures posted online will be limited to the vehicle itself and will not contain any personal information of the seller or the buyer such as home address, driver’s licence or anything of that nature. At the same time, it might include people who have been present around the vehicle at the time of inspection.

The seller can choose to share the legal documents of the vehicle with us such as registration paper or other legal papers, however, those pictures will only go to the buyer and will never be posted online.

VIN and engine number are the identification number of the vehicle itself and on some occasions can be included in the pictures posted online.


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