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We are temporarily closed for renovations

We will come back by the end of August with lots of new services

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Supercar Inspection


Ultimate Supercar Inspection

Our Most Comprehensive Car Inspection

Most Complete Inspection on all Supercars & Hyperarcs–600+ to 700+ Point Check Plus the Most Sophisticated Computer Diagnosis.

Price: $449 &   $499 Including GST

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Supercars and Hyper Cars have completely different systems and powertrain setups especially the ones without the common engine oil sumps. As most of these vehicles come with dry sump technology, there are so many internal parts that are completely different inside the engine.

The transmission and manual gearbox also are completely different from normal cars and only the right supercar mechanics with the highest level of expertise can understand them and pick up abnormalities.

The chassis of the Supercars is also completely different. It is reinforced and has additional supportive parts. A normal car chassis will easily bend under the G-force of a Supercar Engine.

Fixing or replacing any parts in Supercars and high-end Luxury Cars can cost a fortune and often must be done by the manufacturer itself as others cannot understand them well.

As well sourcing spare parts are often very difficult and commonly must be imported in which can take a long time and end up being more costly.



Supercar inspection gives you 600+ Point Inspection and it is our second most sophisticated car inspection plan.

Pre purchase Supercar inspection can be done on all high-end vehicles with over 6 cylinders. It simply has more points of check which are all done using our sophisticated computers.

Supercar Inspection gets done by TWO highly specialised Inspectors. One Inspector physically inspects the vehicle and the other will analyse the computer diagnosis data in the office which generally takes up to another 4 hours after the inspection for the results to come up.

With this plan not only we can comment on whatever has gone wrong, but we can also find the smallest imperfections, hidden faults and warnings with 100 percent accuracy and inform you if something is about to go bad in near future.

It is not a prediction, but it is purely based on the diagnosis data we receive therefore there is no room for error however we should know that things can also happen in future which we cannotpredict or stop.

The point of this inspection is to gather as much data before purchase to ensure we know how the car presents at the time of purchase.



Hypercar Inspection gives you 700+ Point Inspection and it is literally our most sophisticated car inspection.All the extra points are done using special computers and get done by TWO Hypercar Specialists.

No random inspector can do these types of inspections and the wait time might be higher than normal.

There is a little difference between Supercars and Hypercars. Hypercars however come with a stronger powertrain with 8 or higher Cylinder engines.

Not only the power train is more responsive in Hypercars, but the structure of the vehicle also including the chassis is much stronger than normal supercars.

If the structure is not reinforced in Hypercars, the car can become destroyed under its own G-force therefore pretty much all parts of the suspension and the chassis are completely different and are all reinforced.

Pre Purchase Hypercar Inspection also gets done by TWO highly specialised inspectors but the inclusions of the computer diagnosis are more by up to 100 Point which means more information about the internal parts of the engine.

You can choose both Supercar Inspection and Hypercar Inspection for all suitable vehicles interchangeably however as it sounds, Hypercar Inspection is more sophisticated in terms of fault diagnosis.

Hypercar Inspection is however necessary when it comes to certain types of cars as not only the inspectors are different and more senior, but the computer diagnosis also leaves no room for error.

Example of Hypercars & Supercars: Lamborghini, Ferrari, McLaren, Aston Martin, Porsche Sport, Maserati, Bentley, Rolls Roys, Nissan GTR, Range Rover, Mercedes Benz S Class, Audi R8 and all other similar Makes and models.



Supercar & Hyper Car Inspection are our highest level of service. They give you all the inclusions of the Performance Car Inspection plus Pressurised Powertrain Test, Component Test, and lots more.

This inspection gets done by 2 of our supercar specialists. One physically inspects the vehicle and the other person analyses the super advanced computer data in the office so that you get a report that you can rely on.

All mechanical and structural parts of the vehicle get fully inspected minus the small cosmetics that are considered wear and tear. Leave all the mechanical and structural aspects of the car to us but if you are picky about small cosmetics, you must see the car in person to ensure you are ok.

Last check reports are unique in the market and are unlike any other service provider. The inspection report includes several hundred pictures of the vehicle to make things easy for you however seeing the pictures can never be like seeing the vehicle in real life. Check our sample report below or from the website header.

Apart from the inspector who will be our highest grade inspector specialised in supercars and Hypercars, most of the job get done by the special computers that we use and the extra elements we check.

The computer diagnosis of Pre Purchase Supercar Inspection and Hypercar Inspection is significantly more advanced than the performance cars and it can take up to another 6 to 8 hours in the office for the results to be revealed.

Computer diagnosis of supercars can give you around 100 more points and for the Hypercars 200 and more until each and every internal element is checked.

yellow racing car inspection before purchase
ferrari racing car inspection
Racing Car Body Inspection Before Purchase


Our main mission is to exceed our valuable clients’ expectations by providing a Vehicle Inspection unlike any other along with the best customer service.

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Our Fully Qualified Inspectors do not look at any client as a number, they look at each car as if they want to buy it for themselves.

For each inspection, they get a different checklist of inspectable items and the Vehicle Inspection does not end until the list is completed.

Your inspector will then call you after the inspection and give you a complete verbal report over the phone. you then have the chance to ask any mechanical questions from the same mechanic who has inspected your vehicle.

In less than 24 hours you will receive 20+ pages of written report certificate along with an exceptionally large HD picture album, Vehicle history Check (Official PPSR report), your tax invoice and all other associated documents.


  1. Engine & Full Powertrain (Exclusive to Each Vehicle)
  2. Pressurised Engine Test (Exclusive to Each Vehicle)
  3. Transmission + Manual Gearbox (Exclusive to Each Vehicle)
  4. Most Advanced Computer Fault Diagnosis (Exclusive to Each Vehicle)
  5. Engine Live Data Scan (Exclusive to Each Vehicle)
  6. Internal Component Computer Scan (All Internal Components)
  7. Complete Interior (Exclusive to Each Vehicle)
  8. Engine Live Data Scan (Exclusive to Each Vehicle)
  9. ABS & SRS Test (Exclusive to Each Vehicle)
  10. Dry Sump Performance
  11. Vehicle Dashboard Computer (Exclusive to Each Vehicle)
  12. Radiator & Cooling System
  13. Heavy-Duty Clutch Performance
  14. DPF on all Diesel Cars (Prevents Big Costs)
  15. Head Gasket Health Assessment
  16. Dyno Tune Assessment (Exclusive to Each Vehicle)
  17. Mechanical Modifications
  18. Turbocharger Assessment (Exclusive to Each Vehicle)
  19. Intercooler Assessment (Exclusive to Each Vehicle)
  20. Supercharger Assessment (Exclusive to Each Vehicle)
  21. Timing Belt & Timing Chain Assessment
  22. All Electronics & Functionalities
  23. Major Cosmetics Minus Wear & Tear
  24. Complete Interior (Exclusive to Each Vehicle)
  25. Chassis & Underbody
  26. Special Rust Assessment (100% Accuracy)
  27. Past Accident Assessment (Detects if the Car is Accidental)
  28. Electronic Paint Assessment (100% Accuracy)
  29. Suspension & All Parts
  30. All Heavy Duty Hoses
  31. All Heavy-Duty Connections
  32. Heavy Duty Bushes
  33. Heavy Duty Exhaust
  34. Tyres & Brakes
  35. Brake Assist
  36. Stop-Start
  37. Auto Hold
  38. Front & Rear Differentials
  39. Transaxle
  40. Road Safety Check
  41. Steering Handling
  42. All Fluids Conditions
  43. Service Requirements
  44. All Other Specifics (Exclusive to Each Vehicle)
  45. Complete Test Drive
  46. Service Logbook
  47. Engineering Certificates (If Presented)
  48. Registration Paper (If Presented)
  49. The Largest Picture Album (200 to 500 HD Pictures)
  50. Vehicle History Check (Original PPSR Report)










Ultimate Supercar Inspection
600+ Point Check
Price: 449 Incl. GST
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Ultimate Hyper car Inspection
700+ Point Check
Price: 499 Incl. GST
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Report Inclusions

  • Complete Vehicle Inspection
  • Instant Verbal Report
  • Large Picture Album
  • PPSR Vehicle History Report
  • Your Tax Invoice

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