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Due to high traffic, we do not take any new orders at this point.

We are Fully Booked

Due to high traffic, we do not take any new orders at this point.

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Last Check’s Terms & Conditions

Last Check’s Terms & Conditions

Last Check like other mobile vehicle inspection companies offers roadside vehicle inspection service at the client’s preferred location. We conduct the inspection at the seller’s location or elsewhere where road rules allow, and the area is safe to do so.

You must agree with our terms and conditions before making any booking both online and over the phone.

When performing the inspection, all road rules will be respected by our inspectors and we ensure that the vehicle never exceeds the limits at the time of the road test.

If the vehicle has any safety issues such as faulty brake system, steering issues and anything else that affect the public safety and legality of the vehicle on the road, it will be illegal to drive the vehicle even if the vehicle is insured. In cases like this, no test drive will be done against the law even for a short time.

If the vehicle is unregistered but the seller has a legal permit or trade plate, the test drive will be done in accordance with the law.

About Our Inspections

Our service is a visual roadside inspection, and no vehicle component will be removed or fixed on the third-party vehicle. This is our guarantee that the vehicle remains untouched after the inspection.

Our role is to assess the vehicle as it is presented and we cannot comment on the vehicle’s past in any way. The buyer’s role is to ask any specific questions about the vehicle from the seller directly and clear all concerns before booking an inspection with Last Check.

At the same time, we provide the PPSR report to the buyer along with the mechanical report and check the status of the registration which confirms the legality of the vehicle in Australia.

Any potential damages to the third-party vehicle caused by us at the time of inspection will be rectified by direct communication of Last Check and the vehicle owner.

The client does not need to pay any access fee or be involved in this process. Last Check is fully insured and will be responsible for all compensations if any is needed. Last Check will return the vehicle to the owner fully rectified with no hassle for the client named on the report.

We work on the roadside and light conditions, noise and weather conditions can affect the job quality and the picture album we produce. At the same time, we only have senior inspectors on board, use state of the art technologies and sophisticated computers exclusive to each make and model that can reveal the internal parts of the vehicle without any need to open parts.

All big issues such as engine, gearbox, electronics and powertrain will be revealed during the test, but some minor or cosmetic issues can be potentially undetected at the time of inspection.

If you need a more detailed inspection or parts disassembly, the vehicle needs to go to a service centre with a hoist facility and authority from the seller to disassemble components.

We check all vehicle plates and papers when possible and provide vehicle history report directly from the Australian government sources (PPSR.GOV.AU) however confirming the vehicle authenticity is solely the responsibility of the purchaser and can only be endorsed by the relevant authorities. Last Check’s report is limited to checking the performance and mechanical condition of the vehicle only.

Since our vehicle inspector is not authorized to work on the vehicle or open any parts, diagnosing the exact faults can only happen if the fault is visually obvious.

Last Check does not offer any mechanical repairs or panel beating service after the inspection therefore it is not in any position to give any repair quotes to the clients.

Our job is limited to bringing the issues to the clients’ attention and giving them the list of identified issues so that they can decide with complete knowledge of the vehicle condition. The client can choose to get a repair quote from their choice of authorized service providers with permission to work on the vehicle.

At the same time during the verbal report that the client will receive after the inspection, the inspector will warn them of any big repair costs, answer all technical questions about the vehicle and help the client in deciding what is best to do.

Our client compensation is limited to the amount paid for the inspection and nothing more. Minus the wear and tear and cosmetic issues, only if a severe mechanical problem is found within a maximum of a week of the inspection date and as long as the client has a letter endorsed by an independent party (not a beneficiary service centre) a refund can be requested and will be assessed by us.

The written vehicle inspection report will also contain a recommendation section made personally for the client which explains the issues and informs the client of the best options.

Last Check’s report can be used in Tribunals and Courts of Law in Australia Upon Direct Request but is only intended as advice for the person(s) named on the inspection report.

All visible parts of the vehicle get fully checked during the inspection where possible. Brake functionality and ABS get fully checked during the vehicle inspection, but the thickness of brake pads and discs cannot be checked since the wheels stay on the vehicle during the test.

Bluetooth connection, DVD player, Tv, steering buttons, aftermarket add-ons, automatic parking, cruise, phone chargers, will not be checked during the visual check as this can vary from model to model. At the same time, if they have any obvious issues or get picked up during the computer diagnosis, they will be reported.

Reverse and brake lights cannot be checked as the inspection is done by only one inspector but if the seller offers assistance, they all get checked.

Please note that we never ask the seller or anyone for assistance and it is our responsibility to inspect the vehicle as much as possible without any intervention.

Issues such as oil leaks are slow processes and old leaks will contaminate a much bigger surface area when the vehicle is in motion, therefore finding the exact source of the leak cannot be possible every time. However, all leaks from obvious sources will be diagnosed and will be reported.

Buyers’ Guarantee

The inspection report we provide is the property of the buyer or the person named on the report. We will never send the report to the seller or any other party under any circumstances.

If the buyer wishes, they can share the report directly to whom they wish but they can never ask Last Check to send the report to any third party.

To help the buyers with negotiation or fault rectification before purchase, we sometimes inform the seller of the faults found on the vehicle verbally, but the seller can never get the written report made for the buyer.

The buyers can ask for our opinion about the vehicle inspected but we never tell the buyer whether they should or should not buy the vehicle. The final decision is simply at the discretion of the buyer and Last Check’s report has only advisory value.

Sellers’ Guarantee

All Last Check’s inspections are purely visual and our strong guarantee is not to open any component of the vehicle even for diagnosis purposes even if we are asked to do so.

Not to affect the seller’s safety, we never take the wheels off the vehicle for any reason, never delete any computer fault codes and never push the vehicle for the sake of finding faults.

Test drive of the vehicle is always done in accordance with the law and within the legal speed limit. We will never exceed the limit under any circumstances even if it is asked by the seller.

we will return the vehicle to the sellers untouched and in the same condition unless the vehicle demonstrates a fault by itself during the inspection.

Last Check does not gather or publish any personal information about the sellers and our inspections are limited to checking the condition of the vehicle with the sellers’ prior consent.

No test drive will be done on any vehicle if the seller does not give consent. The seller also has the full right to terminate the test drive anytime they want.

Sellers can ask us to terminate the inspection at any time without any obligation.

We only publish the pictures taken at the time of inspection and information about the vehicle condition. We will gather the registration paper of the vehicle only if the seller is happy to do so or when the paper is left in the vehicle for us to check.

We will never ask legal or personal questions about the vehicle ownership, never ask for the sellers’ ID or any other legal documents.

Seller has the full right to keep the registration documents and the service history private and not share them with us. If the seller is not happy for us to see the documents, we will never ask twice.

We never ask the seller to disclose the past or current usage type of the vehicle unless they are happy to disclose the information.

Confirming the legality of the vehicle, its past modifications or usage type and all other legal matters will simply remain between both parties. Last Check’s report is limited to checking the condition of the vehicle as it is presented at the time of inspection.

Inspection at a Workshop

Roadside mobile inspection on the third-party vehicle is convenient and does not require too much coordination

No matter how much we try, without the permission to lift the car, open parts if needed and work on the vehicle, visual roadside inspection can never be like an inspection done at an equipped service centre. Please take this into consideration.

We can only jack one side of the car up and go under the vehicle to grab as much information as possible on the roadside inspection. We need to consider that the vehicle also belongs to someone else, and we are not allowed to do anything other than visually observing the vehicle.

The only tools we use for the roadside inspection will be a camera, a torch, some scanners and our eyes. We do not even use a screwdriver on the vehicle for any purpose.

Whilst most big issues can be detected at the time of inspection such as oil leaks, bodily damage etc, not all small issues can be detected in some cases, and it is inevitable. Most modern vehicles also all come with splash cover under the engine which limits our visibility and not all leaks could be seen without taking the plate off which is not possible on the roadside inspection.

There is always a chance that you take the vehicle for registration or service and the mechanic finds more things that need attention. The potential issues are mostly to do with the suspension and underbody of the vehicle however it is not limited to that.

We also look at the vehicles for what they are and give you our independent opinion about the condition. If something is working and is ok for the age, we do not consider it as a repairable item however your mechanic can advise you to change or recondition something and it happens normally when you take the vehicle for service or registration.

For example, if one of the CVs is worn and a bit noisy but it is still good to use, to us it will be a pass as it is in line with the age and is not critical enough that needs repairing but the mechanic might ask you to change it in order to register the vehicle. This happens a lot especially if you do not have any technical knowledge or you want to register the vehicle in another state.

If you need a more detailed inspection, you need to get consent from the buyer and take the vehicle to an equipped service centre with permission to work on the vehicle and open parts.

We also encourage you to choose your mechanic carefully as unfortunately many just put faults on the vehicle and scare the client.

If we are buying a used vehicle, we need to know all parts are used and can never be like a new car having said that it is not wise enough to purchase a used car and recondition all parts for just minor issues. Most used cars have small issues such minor leaks etc. but they are still usable and do not need to be repaired. It is always financially cheaper to buy a new vehicle if you want to spend money and recondition a used car

Please take this very seriously before making any booking for the roadside visual inspection as Last Check does not take any responsibility for the matters found at a workshop. We also give you our own expert opinion about the vehicle, but your mechanic might have a different view.

Fully Insured Vehicle Inspection Company

Have no worries when you involve Last Check Vehicle Inspection to inspect your used vehicle. Last Check is fully insured at all times to ensure the vehicle is always in safe hands.

This is our full guarantee that our client never needs to worry or pay for any vehicle damages caused by us during the Vehicle Inspection.

Although damaging the third-party vehicle during the Vehicle Inspection is very rare and next to none, be reassured that we have the vehicle fully insured during the inspection.

This includes the Test Drive of the vehicle as well which means even if the vehicle is not insured by the owner, we will cover all the costs in case of an at- fault accident.

To ensure that the claim process will be as smooth as possible, all our Qualified Vehicle Inspectors will have individual public liability and insurance policies and will act upon all claim steps without a middle person.

Australian Registered Vehicle Inspection Company

Last Check Pty Ltd is an Australian registered vehicle inspection company.

All Last Check’s inspection reports are issued under the registered company number 623340214 and not the inspectors themselves.

Other than the inspectors’ first name and public company information, our vehicle inspectors are not authorised to provide any other information such as their address, mechanical licence number, driver licence number, phone number, email address or their secondary workplace if applicable.

Other than the information on the sample report which can be found on the website or by contacting Last Check directly, no personal or other information about the company or the inspector can be asked nor will be provided.

All our vehicle inspections are completely independent, and our inspectors cannot take any sides or accept any bribes or gifts from either party.

The vehicle inspection report provided by Last Check is just our opinion about the vehicle and others might have a different view which is inevitable.

The above terms will stay untouched and before having any affiliation with Last Check or ordering the inspection, all clients must comply with these terms.

State Laws

Every state has its own transport rules and Last Check is not in the position to give the clients any advice on them.

Not all states are as strict as each other, for example, a vehicle that is registered in NSW might need some alteration in other states before registering.

It will also depend on the chosen service provider in the target state, some service providers are pickier than others and this is inevitable.

Some mechanical modifications can be a problem while changing the registration between states. It is something that needs to be checked with the relevant authorities of the client’s state before making the final decision or by asking the service provider that the client intends to use to change the registration.

In many cases the interstate mechanics don not pass the vehicle registration without some repairs that are normal to us. If you want to reregister the vehicle, please leave a safe margin for yourself in case the mechanic picks on something. Not all mechanics have the same idea, and it is inevitable, in many cases the first mechanic picks on something but the second one gives you a pass with no issues. Suspension and underbody of the vehicle are the most common parts the mechanics pick on.

As an example, a minor wetness of the shock which is inline with the age and the shock is still usable, to us will be a pass but the interstate mechanic might not pass it so be prepared for that if it applies to you.

Last Check only checks the mechanical aspects of the vehicle and reports on the faults. It is the buyer’s responsibility to check things with relevant authorities and ensure the modifications etc. causes no issues while transferring the registration.

Vehicle History Report

Last Check will provide you with all the information that has been stored in the PPSR database (Australian Government’s Website) up to the time of inspection.

Please keep in mind that some information might have not been noted in PPSR report or need further updating by the government. Last Check cannot be held accountable for any out-of-date information provided by PPSR.

In some cases, the history of the vehicle does not exist in the government database which means the VIN is not recognizable.

If this is the case, Last Check will provide you with the original copy of the notification. It is the responsibility of the buyer to contact PPSR or other authorities for more information.

Repair Dispute & Post Purchase Inspections

If you wish to order a Post Purchase vehicle inspection or Repair Dispute Inspection, the following terms must be read and agreed upon before you submit the order.

At Last Check, we take this type of inspection very seriously and we ensure to be completely fair and independent within the whole process.

Last Check will not take any sides if the matter results in a tribunal or court, our job is limited to finding the raised concerns and comment on them with complete fairness regarding both sides.

Last Check’s vehicle inspection is a completely independent assessment of the nominated vehicle as per the client’s request.

All of the client’s concerns will be addressed and investigated completely however if the inspector cannot detect them at the time of inspection or the client fails to show the extent of damage when the inspection is taking place, no comments will be made on the problem or based on the client’s past experience.

Last Check does not have any special affiliation with any client, dealership or service provider and the inspection report should not be considered as a personal matter.

Last Check’s role is to investigate the client’s concerns fairly and comment on the issues found only at the time of inspection.

No guesswork or prediction will be involved in the inspection process and nothing undetected will be included in the final written report even if the client says so or has any pictures, video or documents to prove their existence in the past.

This inspection should not be taken personally against anyone including the other party, Last Check or the inspector himself.

The vehicle inspector will report all the findings directly to Last Check to make the report.

The final report will be issued and endorsed by Last Check Pty Ltd under the Company Number of 623340214 and not the inspector himself.

Issues such as a blown head gasket or a faulty timing belt, happen inside the engine and cannot be visually inspected without taking the engine apart. This is the same for the gearbox and clutch and every internal part of the vehicle.

In cases like this, Last Check looks at other factors and indicators to make comments on the case. Under no circumstances our vehicle inspector will perform any mechanical work on the vehicle or open any parts even with the client’s consent.

This assessment is completely visual and no vehicle part or component will be opened as a result.

This is Last Check’s guarantee to inspect the vehicle as presented and leave it untouched in its original condition after the inspection.

If the client has a concern about a specific area, the vehicle needs to go to a service centre with permission to work on the vehicle and open parts.

Last Check will produce several pictures or videos of the issues, at the time of inspection to prove the existence of the problems.

These pictures will be produced at the time of inspection and no pictures made by the client or anyone else before the time of inspection will be included in the report to be fair to both parties.

To avoid any unwanted disputes, apart from what is on the report, Last Check will not add any more fields to the report based on any party’s request such as the inspector’s name, licence number, contact details or address.

The final report of the repair dispute or post-purchase inspection will be valid only if all the above terms have been agreed upon in full by the client.

Please note that the vehicle inspection report will be only Last Check’s opinion based on the facts and finding at the time of inspection. Other companies might have a different view and it is inevitable.

Buying the Vehicle Remotely

Last Check’s role is to check the mechanical and structural problems of the vehicle or anything that needs repairing. At the same time, 99 percent of the vehicles have small bodily scratches and wear and tear and no matter how much we try, we can not capture all of them.

To ensure maximum efficiency, each client will receive a large picture album of the vehicle showing all panels and all reported faults to help them better understand the issues.

This picture album is an important part of the report and some minor age- related and cosmetic issues which are not noted in the report can be seen in the pictures such as wheel kerb rashes, small scratches and dings.

Some poor-quality and unclear pictures will also be deleted by our report producers which means the picture album might not include some of the pictures.

At the same time, we try to take several pictures of all mechanical or structural faults or anything needing attention so that the buyer can have an idea of what they look like.

In order to get a repair quotation, the vehicle must go to a service centre or panel shop so that the service provider can investigate the matter closely. Using the pictures in order to get a quotation is not suggested under any circumstances as the final price of the fixtures will most probably be more after the technician inspects the vehicle directly.

If the client is concerned about minor cosmetics or in case the weather and lighting condition has affected the quality of pictures, we highly advise seeing the vehicle in person before making the final decision.

At the same time, the vehicle will be left with the seller after the inspection and things can change both mechanically and cosmetically and this is inevitable especially if the client is picking up the vehicle after a few days.

It is the buyer’s responsibility to view the vehicle before the settlement to ensure everything has remained as reported and they are happy with the vehicle’s paint and cosmetic condition.

Please note that no matter how much we try, viewing the pictures can never be like seeing the vehicle in person.

If you are interstate and cannot attend the vehicle inspection, ensure that you do a video call with the seller before settlement especially if you are concerned about minor cosmetic wear and tear of the vehicle.

Not doing so, always comes with a risk and it is not avoidable. Last Check does not recommend and takes no responsibility if the client chooses to purchase the vehicle only based on the inspection report and without the final physical sighting even if the client is interstate or can not attend the inspection for any reason.

If the buyer is not happy with the terms above, they should not make any booking online or over the phone. if the buyer has already booked an inspection and did not pay attention to this term, they should call Last Check immediately by the latest one day before the inspection to cancel the booking to receive a full refund. We will issue you a full refund immediately on the same day you call with no questions asked.

No Hidden Fees & Secure Payment

Last Check is committed to providing the best customer service to all clients. An experience that reassures all the clients that their jobs are being done by the best experts in the trade and fully specialized in the vehicle type they check. All our prices include GST and there are no hidden fees so that you can book with total confidence 24/7.

To ensure maximum security, we never save your card or account details and our online payment system runs on PayPal for card payments as well.Whether you want to use your credit card or pay directly from your PayPal account, your information remains private.

Some cities such as Sydney are very large in area. Although we cover 95 percent of the whole area at no extra charge, some places require long travel or heavy toll fees. If the chosen service area requires an additional fee for travel or is outside our coverage area, you will be informed upfront to decide.

For phone bookings, we will inform you right away or call you shortly after you make the booking.

For after-hours or online bookings also, we will contact you and inform you on the next day or before we conduct the service. We are committed to 100% service transparency and we will never send you a surprise bill after conducting the service.

Most Flexible Refunds Policy & Mutual Agreement

Last Check’s Refund Policy

At Last Check, our valued customers always come first which means if you have booked an inspection for a certain date and you no longer want the service, you are entitled to a refund of your payment.

Customer service comes first at Last Check which means you do not need to provide any reasons for your change of date or cancellation. We have made it easy and safe for all clients to make their booking online with complete peace of mind and not worrying about anything or receiving a refund.

Last Check makes every effort to ensure no mistakes happen in time arrangement. The seller will be contacted before the inspection and again on the inspection day before the service to ensure their plan has remained unchanged and we are good to go.

To ensure we do not waste your money, we never make any travel without the vehicle owner’s final confirmation at least a day before the inspection.

It means they need to confirm that they are happy to meet us before we travel.

If the seller does not agree to meet us over the initial conversation, we will inform you right away to make a decision or cancel your service.

Mutual Agreement with The Buyer

The client's job starts as soon as the booking has been made. We will assign the right vehicle inspector to do the job, prepare the draft report with the inspection checkpoints which is different for each inspection, set a time for the inspection and make phone calls to the seller on the client’s behalf.

We will liaise with the sellers directly and make sure that they are completely happy to go ahead with the inspection on the requested date and give them an approximate time based on mutual agreement.

After receiving the final go-ahead from the seller, we will commit to performing the vehicle inspection on the agreed date and time.

It means we will never change the inspection date or take any more clients even if we receive many booking requests for the same day.

This is our commitment to both parties that their service gets done on the agreed date and time window. This is a guaranteed system and ensures that both parties are aware of the full process and no changes will happen by Last Check on the agreed terms.

At the same time, the client must agree to stick to the terms and commit to the vehicle inspection once it has been confirmed with the seller.

Refunds You Receive

If you want to secure your vehicle inspection spot but did not get the chance to check with the seller for any reason, we recommend selecting a date within a minimum of two days to ensure you will receive a full refund in case the seller does not agree.

Since we make several phone calls to the sellers including on the same day of inspection before travelling to their location, the below cancellation cases are extremely rare.

All clients must agree to the following terms and conditions before making a phone or online booking.

You require to read the terms and conditions and tick the terms and conditions policy at the bottom of the booking form before you can proceed with your booking and making the payment.

At the time of the phone booking, the same thing will apply and we will never charge the applicant before speaking to the seller and receive a full confirmation from them.

If the seller does not pick up the phone and agrees to see us, we will never confirm the inspection or charge the client even if the client insists.

Here is the list of refunds that the client is eligible to receive:

1. A full cancellation refund will be issued if Last Check is notified on the same day that the booking has been made if the inspection is not to take place on the same day of the booking. If the inspection is set for the same day and is confirmed with the seller, no refund will be issued as Last Check will reject all other applicants for the day. Last Check will be committed to doing the inspection.

2. A full refund will be issued if you cancel your inspection within two days or more before the selected vehicle inspection date for any reason.

3. A full refund minus 30 dollars service fee will be issued if Last Check is notified by the latest 5 pm of the day before the service. This does not have any expiry date and can happen even if the client has booked the service weeks ahead. The client can choose to put the funds on hold and nominate another similar vehicle to be inspected with no additional charges as long as the vehicle is within last Check’s covered area.

4. For any cancellations that happen after 5 pm of the day before the service, half of the amount paid will be refunded or the client can choose another vehicle for an extra charge of 30 dollars. The second vehicle should be within Last Check’s coverage area. If Last Check does not service the new area or if it incurs additional charges for the travel, the client will be informed to decide before the inspection.

5. On the day of inspection, we have entered a mutual contract with the buyer and the inspection time has been sold to the buyer as per their request.
It means no matter how many booking requests we receive, we will never resell the time to another applicant and the inspection will definitely take place.
It is the full responsibility of the buyer to liaise with the seller and ensure they will never change their mind or cancel the inspection.
No refund is payable on the day of inspection as we have been committed to doing the client’s inspection and have not taken any other bookings.
This is the only way we can be fully committed to doing the inspection on time with full respect for both the seller and buyer not to delay the job.

6. The seller will receive a final phone call on the inspection date to ensure their condition has not changed and they are still happy with the inspection. Sometimes the seller is busy at work and cannot pick up the phone but he has given us his prior consent to come for the inspection.
If the inspector has already started travelling to the seller’s location base on the final go-ahead of the seller, no refunds will be issued since the job starts when we begin travelling to the location.

7. If the seller does not show up, changes his mind or interrupts the inspection for any reason, offers a bribe or abuses the inspector verbally or physically, no refunds will be issued.
If the matter is abuse-related, Police will be called immediately.

8. It is the full responsibility of the buyer to give us the address for the inspection and makes sure that the seller does not change the address. If the seller changes the confirmed address, and only if the vehicle is further than 5 km from the initial address, an additional charge of 99 dollars is applicable before the inspection can be done.

Last Check’s Guarantee

All our Vehicle Inspectors are professional and have been in the industry for a while. They will produce their ID cards to the seller upon request and never breach the contract term or open any parts of the vehicle.

They directly liaise with the sellers and in case of any emergencies that the seller might experience, they will try their best to work with the seller and find an appropriate solution.

During the vehicle inspection, no parts of the vehicle will be opened even with the consent of both parties. It is our full commitment to ensure the vehicle stays untouched during the inspection.

All road rules will be respected and our vehicle inspectors will not exceed the road limit during the test drive.

If the vehicle is not registered, no test drive will be conducted unless the seller is happy to provide a trade plate which only the dealerships do.

A minor test drive can be conducted inside the seller’s vicinity as long as the vehicle does not come on the road.

At the time of vehicle inspection, nothing against the law can be done such as burnouts, parking in no-stopping zones, unsafe areas or blocking the way. It is the responsibility of both parties to ensure the roadside vehicle inspection can be done somewhere safe and legal before making any booking.

For each inspection, we have to consider both parties. We have to respect the seller’s property and never do anything against our contract or we can be sued by the seller if otherwise. No other service except for what is written above will be performed by Last Check. All clients must agree to the full terms above with no exclusions before booking an inspection. If you do not agree with the terms above, please do not make any booking or Last Check does not take any responsibility for the expectations we could not meet.

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