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Why Last Check

Why Last Check

When someone engages an inspector to provide an opinion on a used vehicle before purchase which often can be a big investment, smoothness of the service, peace of mind and reliability of the report are the main factors.

Here at Last Check, we have made it in such a way that you can count on us from beginning to end. This is our guarantee to make this path extremely easy for you and make you aware of all the small and big issues of the vehicle so that you can decide with open eyes.

Our motto is a constant improvement in the service in which we have been highly successful after thousands of pre purchase vehicle inspections.



At Last Check, we take the inspection to a completely different level. We offer pre purchase vehicle inspections by TWO inspectors instead of one on all our premium packages. Only @ Last Check!

Our original vehicle inspection package and above give you the same sophisticated and original computer fault scanning data which needs two people to verify at the same time.

This is not a normal OBD2 scan. Instead, using state of the art computers belonging to each make and model car we can check absolutely each and every module of the vehicle without any exclusion.

This enables us to find the smallest defects of the car even if you do not have any engine warning light on or the previous owner has deleted the fault codes from the vehicle ECU for any reason.

One inspector physically inspects the vehicle and uploads the complex computer fault diagnosis data and another senior inspector will analyse the uploaded data in the office after the physical inspection.

With this method apart from the fault codes that we have captured at the time of inspection we can see if anything is about to go bad and can comment on the engine and gearbox health as well.

To learn more please visit Vehicle Inspection by TWO Qualified Inspectors



There is no random inspection at Last Check, this is our number one guarantee.

At last check, we have gathered the best senior mechanicsand auto engineers in town to carryout the inspections. Based on the vehicle type, make and model, the inspector appointed to do the job will always be different.

European cars will be inspected only by a European mechanic, Asian, Australian and American cars the same. As well, based on the vehicle type, the inspector will still be different.

All trucks are inspected by a fully qualified truck mechanic, buses, campervans and RVs the same, they are only done by an expert who can detect all the faults and leave nothing to guesswork.

This is our full responsibility to send you an inspector with the highest level of knowledge so that you have a solid source to rely on.


After years of experience and serving thousands of Australians with their pre purchase vehicle inspections, proudly Last Check is the most rated vehicle inspection company in Australia by public votes.

We pride ourselves on the best customer service and inspection satisfactionand as a result, sometimes the number of customer referrals and word of mouth exceeds the number of clients we get through advertisements.

We have achieved this title by years of hard work and commitment to our clients whether they are a member of the public or an organisation.

Last Check is trusted by many small and large organisations and vehicle manufacturers to perform their inspections. Check Us on Google


At Last Check, all of our vehicle inspection reports are fully independent. This means we never take into account anyone’s needs, recommendations or influence so that you can completely rely on us and have complete peace of mind.

No guesswork will ever be included in our reports and everything reported is 100% from our own personal observation and assessment.

This means even if we are inspecting your own vehicle and you are not purchasing from anyone, still our report will be completely based on our own assessment.

If anyone at anytime offers a bribe or wants to influence the inspection in anyway, we will terminate the inspection immediately and inform the client.

This is the reason that you can use our reports as an independent assessment for legal purposes in the courts and tribunals.



To ensure consistency & thoroughness of each Vehicle Inspection, Last Check’s Vehicle Inspectors do not choose what to inspect on each car.

For each car, they get a checklist of all inspectable items and the Vehicle Inspection does not end until the checklist is completed.

The checklist they receive will be different across the board even for two cars of the same make.

As an example, if you have a used Mercedes Benz C63 AMG to inspect, your inspection inclusions will be different to a Mercedes Benz E63 AMG although the vehicle is of a similar make.

We have different pre-purchase inspections plans tailored for different types of vehicles. Based on the inspection inclusions of the plan you have chosen, be reassured that everything from A to Z will be inspected and all faults will be written in your report.



Our main mission is to exceed our valuable clients’ expectations by providing a Vehicle Inspection unlike any other along with the best customer service.

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Our Qualified Vehicle Inspectors do not look at any client as just a number. They look at each car as if they want to buy it for themselves.

Just choose your car and leave the hard work to us. Last Check’s Inspectors are here to assist you with all Car Inspection purposes and can advise you of all pending repairs and services.

After each inspection, you alsohave the opportunity to ask all of your technical questions from the inspector who has inspected your car, so list down all your questions and ask us anything when your inspection os over.



Last Check is the only vehicle inspection company in Australia that offers vehicle inspection by TWO inspectors. This means even if the first inspector misses something, there will be another senior inspector to add that into the report.

We use state of the art computers to scan the ECU of the vehicle and apart from the normal tests that are instant, we offer Engine Performance Live Data & Powertrain Component Tests.

One inspector inspects the vehicle physically and the other will analyse tens of pages of computer data in the office which will take between 4 to 6 hours based on the vehicle type.

This way not only we can find all the faults, but we can also find all hidden problems of the vehicle even if they have been deliberately erased from the system.

As small as a spark plug for one of the cylinders or a single faulty oxygen sensor, count on us to inform you of all issues without opening the engine or disassembling any parts.

This service is uniqueand no other company offers such a level of service. Just choose any of our premium plans and leave the rest to us.



Whether you want to book a pre purchase inspection for your own reference or you want to use the inspection report for any other reason, you have come to the right place.

As an Australian Authorised Vehicle Inspection Company, you can use our reports for many different purposes. From warranty repairs, finance approval all the way to fair trading, court or tribunal in Australia, you can use our reports as an independent vehicle condition report.

For different purposes, we issue different types of reports. If you want to use the report for any legal purposes, you need to inform us beforehand so that we can issue you a report that will serve you and not waste your time.



For your peace of mind, all of our inspectors are fully insured when they get appointed to inspect your car.

We never open any parts of the vehicle or disassemble anything however in case an accident happens, we have you all covered.

You can give this confidence to the person that you are buying the vehicle from as well that the job will be done professionally and they will receive full compensation for any at-fault accidents.

No matter where we inspect the car, whether it is at your residence or a workshop, you will be always in safe hands.



Unlike every other vehicle inspection company out there, at Last Check, we take the inspection to a completely different level by providing hundreds of pictures of all parts of the vehicle we have inspected.

This enables you to see what we have seen remotely and see all the faults with your own eyes and leave nothing to guesswork.

We try our very best to show the vehicle inside out and emphasise the major mechanical and structural problems.

Although not all small cosmetics and wear and tear can not be seen, this gives you a good picture of what you are about to purchase if you are far away and can not attend the inspection. Check out our Sample Report




We know that people’s situation might change when it comes to buying used cars.

Sometimes the seller has made a promise that you have counted on and then things change, or the seller might sell the vehicle to someone else without your knowledge.

We understand all that and we do not want to make anyone uncomfortable when things are out of their hands therefore, we offer the most flexible cancellation policy to our valued clients.

When we take your booking either on the phone or online, we contact the seller first to ensure they are happy with everything and their situation has not changed.

If for any reason the seller does not want to see us, we contact the client and issue a full refund even if it is the day before the inspection.

On the day of inspection, the same, we contact the seller to ensure everything is good before we travelto their location so that you have peace of mind at all times when you make a booking with us.

For more info, please read the cancellation policy in our Terms & Conditions


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